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Bubblin' Up: Baio

Chris Baio was already two albums deep into an incredibly successful career as the bass player for Vampire Weekend when he began his first serious ventures into production. That was towards the end of 2010, and after a year of extensive touring with his band, Baio had just returned to Brooklyn with some downtime at hand and a clear goal in mind: to produce tracks. Now, after the better part of a year's worth of stumbling, experimenting, and some old-fashioned trial and error, Baio has come up with a trio of summer-tinged house tunes to mark his debut into the production world, the Sunburn EP. Read more » 

Download: Saint Saviour "Reasons (Maribou State Remix)"

At this point, Saint Saviour's biggest claim to fame is handling vocal duties on Groove Armada's 2009 single "I Won't Kneel." However, things might be changing rather dramatically in the months ahead, as the UK chanteuse born Becky Jones is about to unveil her debut album, Union. As customarily happens with these kinds of pop-leaning efforts, a slew of remixes has been commissioned, including this dreamy rework from London duo Maribou State. The pair transforms "Reasons" into a swirling, melody-driven number, one in which manipulated bits of Jones' vocals flutter and dance above a chunky, Crosstown Rebels-style bassline and a subtle house rhythm. The track will be released as a digital bonus cut alongside remixes from Ginz, Maxxi Soundsystem, Kissy Sell Out, and others when Union drops on June 25 in Europe and July 24 in the US. 

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Review: San Gabriel VOLFE

It's not a new complaint, but a particularly frustrating aspect of the always-evolving electronic-music spectrum is how quickly trends can be started, initially used for good, repeated across the board by legions of copycats, and eventually become hopelessly overworked. The pace of this disheartening process has only quickened over the years, but, alas, there are always names ready to carry the torch and push the envelope just enough to find fresh, new ground. San Gabriel, the solo project of Pit Er Pat co-founder Butchy Fuego (who has also served as a notable drummer/studio man for the likes of Nite Jewel, Rainbow Arabia, Nguzunguzu, and Julia Holter), appears poised to be one of those figures, offering a debut LP that is rewardingly unexpected and consistently inventive. Read more » 

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  • 05/23/2012

Rinse FM's Monki Launches Record Label

Lucy Monkman, better known as Rinse FM regular Monki, has announced the inception of her own imprint, Zoo Music. Read more » 

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  • 05/23/2012

Download: Oceania "Stop feat. N"

First Listen
Label: 7even

To whet listeners' appetites for the upcoming Postable EP, Russian producer Oceania has offered up one of its five tracks, "Stop," a song which finds syncopated rhythms shifting restlessly under breathy vocals and breezes of white noise. It's a quality glimpse into the Postable EP, which will be released digitally next week on 7even. For those who prefer wax, a limited run of 300 vinyl copies will also be available later this month. In the meantime, scope out the EP's artwork and tracklist after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: XI "Glythe"

First Listen
Label: New Kanada

Canadian-born, Berlin-based producer XI just released a new EP, NK34. "Glythe" may not appear on the tracklist, but this exclusive cut does convey the sense that XI's bright synth sounds are coasting away from the anchors of dense percussion. Marked by its crackling ambient chatter and the warmth emanating from both its bass tones and tinkling melodies, the song makes for a comforting post-EP palette cleanser, or maybe a lullaby. As for the three-track NK34 EP, it's available on Beatport. New Kanada has also put up previews of each track, which have been posted after the jump along with the EP artwork.  Read more » 

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Throwing Snow, Damu, Raffertie, and More Appear on New Py Mixtape

The husky vocals of London's Py go well with a healthy dose of bass. Last month, she passed along "Lungs," a tune produced by George FitzGerald. Now, after months of working with artists like Lapalux, Throwing Snow, Damu, and Raffertie, she's compiled a mixtape to bring a taste of her many collaborations into one waveform. Read more » 

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  • 05/22/2012

Download: How to Dress Well "Ocean Floor for Everything"

Label: Acéphale

It's over halfway into "Ocean Floor for Everything," the first tune to surface from How to Dress Well's forthcoming sophomore LP, Total Loss, before the beat drops. That moment is preceded by a swirl of soft Rhodes melodies and singer/producer Tom Krell's evocative falsetto, all of which sounds decidedly more upfront and hi-fi than the beautifully tattered productions on 2010's Love Remains. But when that smash of a slo-mo hip-hop beat hits, that's the moment when it feels like How to Dress Well officially arrives as the tender troubadour we've been waiting to hear from for years. The loop barely lasts a minute, but could be easily replayed time and time again, at least until Acéphale drops Total Loss this fall. 

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Hotflush to Release Locked Groove EP Next Month

Not long after we found out that Belgian DJ/producer Locked Groove will drop a 12" via Tiga's Turbo imprint, we get word that he'll do the same thing for Hotflush in June. Read more » 

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  • 05/22/2012

Download: Darko Kustura "Hazard"

First Listen

Released yesterday, Darko Kustura's new 12" for Berlin label Cambrian Line is a slab of solid house music fit for late nights and early mornings. "Hazard," which isn't on that record, could be aptly described in the same way, as its soft synth pads and rolling bassline work with the skeletal percussion to create quite a warm and nocturnal vibe. You can compare this exclusive tune with the Croatian producer's latest release once you take a listen to a preview of "The Sky Turned Away" b/w "Fading Story" (artwork above) after the jump.  Read more » 

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