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Review: The M.E.B. "Il Principal"

New York has long maintained a healthy tendency towards house revivalism. You might say that the Big Apple has, since the early '00s, assumed the mantle of a Stateside center for a style of dance music that blends a retro-minded sensibility with new-school sonic aesthetics. Though the city houses many DJs and labels, only a few regular parties specialize in this sound, one of which is Let's Play House, the roving event put on by edit maestro Jacques Renault and journalist Nik Mercer. Last year, the party capitalized on its successes and evolved into a label with the release of Runaway's "Indoor Pool," an ode to Le Bain's infamous jacuzzi. Now, the party-cum-label has spread itself further with the release of The M.E.B.'s "Il Principal" Read more » 

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  • 02/20/2012

Download: Kiasmos "Thrown"

Icelandic artists Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rassmussen (of electronic outfit Bloodgroup) have reinstated their techno partnership as Kiasmos, an outfit which hasn't released any material since 2009's "65" b/w "Milo." "Thrown" is the first preview of the pair's forthcoming album for Erased Tapes, and it proves to be a rich production of deep, subdued techno. The sequenced groove which begins the selection stays around for the track's entire eight-minute run, its filtered movements serving as the bed for layers of detailed percussion, swelling pads, and touches of reverb-washed strings. But the real treat here is the simple melody, which consists of little more than a few notes on a bell-like instrument placed atop the lush tune, but are nevertheless sure to stick in your head long after the track is through. No exact date has been set yet for the eventual Kiasmos LP, but those especially interested in moody, melodically-inclined techno are encouraged to keep an eye out. 

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Daedelus Shares Tracks From Incubate Residency

The Netherlands' Incubate Festival gathered an impressive lineup of forward-thinking artists and producers for its seven-day event last fall, which included three nights of parties curated by XLR8R. As part of the festivities, Los Angeles sample-maestro Daedelus was featured as an "artist in residence," working with and sampling students at Fontys Rock Academy and the Conservatory in Tilburg in order to create a new piece of original music every day for four days. Now, the resulting compositions have been made available to download for free. Read more » 

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  • 02/17/2012

Video: Chromatics "Lady"

Bits and pieces have been trickling in from the forthcoming sophomore LP by Portland Italo-ists Chromatics, the latest of which is this great video for smoky slow-jam "Lady." Read more » 

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  • 02/17/2012

Download: Jamie Grind "A Night in Detroit"

The electronic-music world's ongoing love affair with Detroit seems nowhere near burning out (then again, why would it?), and London producer Jamie Grind takes an opportunity on his new EP, Rum n Raisin (artwork above), to show his own admiration via "A Night in Detroit." The whole effort oozes late-night basement party vibes, and its nods to the Motor City are pretty obvious—there's the bouncing electric piano, the single-chord, string-like drones, and a deep, rolling bassline. But this isn't just a simple homage, as Grind also showcases his craftsmanship here, folding a garage-indebted beat and some unquestionably UK-style vocal chops into the soulful outing. You can hear a streaming preview of the Rum n Raisin EP, which is out now and includes remixes from Hackman and Throwing Snow, after the jump.  Read more » 

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Ninja Tune Preps Bonobo Remix Album and Yppah LP

As always, there's a lot in the works over at the office of London's Ninja Tune imprint, which has just made the dual announcement of Bonobo's (pictured above) Black Sands Remixed LP and a new full-length from former Texan producer Yppah, who's now based in California. Read more » 

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  • 02/17/2012

Download: SP-33 "A Dream Catcher"

Chicago producer SP-33 (a.k.a. Ezra Funkhouser), who caught our attention early last year with his intriguing juxtaposition of Lil Wayne's Tha Carter and John Carpenter's Escape From New York score, has self-released another EP that features some unique vocal elements. "A Dream Catcher" is taken from the These Moments EP, which has the same murkiness as Escape from the Carter, but with a steadier drive that pushes it into the realm of slow, swirling house. The emphasis of the track is on the manipulation of vocal samples, which Funkhouser found by reaching back to his early interest in folk music. Check out the artwork for the EP above, and head over to Funkhouser's Bandcamp, where you can download all of These Moments at no cost.  

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Stream a New Addison Groove Track


After dropping a strong series of juke-influenced, 808-laden singles in recent years, UK producer Addison Groove recently announced the imminent release of a proper full-length album. Entitled Transistor Rhythm and slated to drop via the 50 Weapons label, the LP won't officially see the light of day until April 3. Nevertheless, the Bristol-based producer has let slip a stream of one of the record's 13 tracks. Read more » 

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  • 02/17/2012

WhoMadeWho Drummer Tomas Barfod Readies EP for Friends of Friends

Los Angeles' Friends of Friends has announced plans to add yet another talented to producer to its ranks with the release of a new EP from Denmark's Tomas Barfod. Read more » 

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  • 02/17/2012

Download: Shortcircles "Star Party"

Oakland producer Shortcircles (a.k.a. Matt Tammariello) is the most recent signing to LA's Plug Research, and to celebrate entering the label's fold, he has dropped his first release for the imprint, a five-song, self-titled EP. Tammariello calls his musical stylings "bliss-hop," an adequate descriptor for his mellow beats and atmospheric productions. "Star Party" clocks in at a cool 80 beats per minute, with a simple hip-hop rhythm and a dreamy wash of synthesizers setting the tone until a noodling guitar solo takes over for the finale. The artwork for Shortcircles can be found above, while the EP can be streamed in full after the jump.  Read more » 

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