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Download: 1000 Names "Caravan (Coco Bryce's Southern Edit)"

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Label: DRUT

1000 Names (pictured above) is a production pair who hails from Sofia, Bulgaria. Having landed tracks on labels such as Black Acre, Project: Mooncircle, and others over the years, the outfit will next land of Kelpe's DRUT imprint with the Migration Pads LP (out October 27), from which the original version of the duo's "Caravan" production comes. On his rework of the track, enterprising beatmaker Coco Bryce maintains the original track's warm, swaying pads while he focuses his efforts on reshaping the tune's rhythmic structure. Tucked beneath the beat's sunlit textures, Bryce fits deeps kicks, stuttering hats, and sharp snares; where 1000 Names' original washed the listener beneath its momentum, Bryce's version is more fit to snap one's neck.  

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Doc Daneeka Announces EP with Seven Davis Jr.; Hear a Track Now

Doc Daneeka has shared details of an upcoming EP which finds him teaming up with ascendant LA-based vocalist and producer Seven Davis Jr. Read more » 

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  • 10/09/2014

Review: Hieroglyphic Being and The Configurative or Modular Me Trio The Seer of Cosmic Visions

Label: Planet Mu

Chicago's Jamal Moss, who operates as Hieroglyphic Being and under a host of other aliases, has lately enjoyed a peak in popularity. For years, Moss worked in relative obscurity, turning out low-key releases while simultaneously weirding out a lot of people with his intense, and at that time high-pitched, sound (some of those gnarly pitches are easily evened out with a mixer, by the way). He incorporates a slightly slicker, more bass-heavy approach now, which is evidenced in places on The Seer of Cosmic Visions, a new compilation of his work (with "The Configurative or Modular Me Trio") from UK label Planet Mu. Moss' records aren't especially tough to get ahold of, but there are a lot of them, so this attempt to organize the artist's output is welcome. Read more » 

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  • 10/09/2014

Gear: In the Studio: Chancha Via Circuito

Back in 2007, those looking to find Pedro Canale, the musician who records as Chancha Via Circuito, could most easily find him sitting in the back at Zizek, a weekly club night in his hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina. (The night would eventually spawn a label and is known these days as ZZK.) There was a party goin' on, but underneath the noise and flash sat Chancha, patiently manning the merch table and selling a handful of releases from local producers and DJs. The best thing on offer happened to be the smallest item on the table: his own debut EP, which was only available as a 3" mini CD-R. Those five exquisite songs shaped fragments of South American folk into lucid-dream beat loops, the music aware of contemporary electronic production trends and a dubwise approach to space, but not beholden to either. While many of his peers in the emergent Buenos Aires scene were making mashups or cumbia dancefloor edits, Canale was crafting subtler tunes, unhurried combinations of bass, drums, and melody that seemed simple but always left the room's air charged with energy. Read more » 

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  • 10/09/2014

Download: David Dougals "White Heat Blood (Kyson Remix)"

Label: Atomnation

Earlier this year, Dutch producer David Douglas issued his Moon Observations LP via the growing Atomnation imprint. Now, a handful of LP cuts have been selected to be remixed for an upcoming EP which will include contributions from Henry Saiz, Eskmo, and Berlin-by-way-of-Australia producer Kyson, whose effort is feature here. Taking on Douglas' "White Heat Blood" production (which featured the vocals of one Blaudzun in its original form), the Friends of Friends affiliate has no problem adding his nuanced touch to the proceedings, lacing the track with layers of hyper-detailed percussion, grainy textures, and a series of low-swelling pads. Kyson's rework can be grabbed below while the full Moon Observations - The Remixes EP is slated to see its official release on October 23. 

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MOS Announce Debut Solo Album from Ike Release

Dutch imprint MOS has announced plans to release the debut solo album from Ike Release next month. Read more » 

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  • 10/09/2014

Marcel Dettmann to Remix Untold on Upcoming Bleep 12"

Independent online music retailer Bleep has announced its intention to continue 10th anniversary celebrations this month with a 12" release featuring Untold's That Horn Track. Read more » 

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  • 10/09/2014

Tuff City Kids Readies EP for Internasjonal

Tuff City Kids—the duo of Running Back label head Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer—have shared details of an upcoming EP, Parallel Forest. Read more » 

  • Filed under: news
  • 10/09/2014

P. Morris Details Upcoming 'Beloved' EP

Having previously operated under the moniker Morri$, the now LA-based producer Philesciono Canty reemerged as P. Morris earlier this year, issuing his Debut mixtape under the new alias in February. Now, Canty plans to follow up that release with a new EP, Beloved, which will arrive later this month. Read more » 

  • Filed under: news
  • 10/08/2014

Check Out New Mixes from Objekt, Deadboy, Palms Trax, and Teki Latex

A flurry of impressive new mixes have surfaced online from Berlin producers Objekt (pictured above) and Palms Trax, as well as Numbers affiliate Deadboy and Sound Pellegrino label co-head Teki Latex. Read more » 

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  • 10/08/2014

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