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Zombie Disco Squad to Drop New Single, LP via Made to Play

Hitting shelves on March 19, "Righteous Sound (feat. Omar)" is the first single to drop ahead of Brains, the forthcoming debut album by London's Zombie Disco Squad. Read more » 

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  • 03/13/2012

Download: Yoshiba 87 "You're the Best Thing Ever (feat. Pien Feith)"

This deep, slow-grooving tune arrives courtesy of Yoshiba 87, the new moniker belonging to Amsterdam producer Pascal Terstappen (a.k.a. Applescal). The cut is lifted from the Beaming Flowers From India "mini-album" (artwork above), which is scheduled to drop digitally on March 27. Speaking on his new project, Terstappen says, "Yoshiba 87 came in mind as I found out there was too much music on my HD that would never be released for Applescal / the new Applescal album I'm working on. So, I thought it would be nice to collect some of this work and release it for a new alias." But "You're the Best Thing Ever (feat. Pien Feith)" sounds like anything other than forgotten leftovers; it's purely evident in the track's finely chopped, hand-warped vocal sounds and well-crafted soundscapes that Yoshiba 87's forthcoming record will offer plenty of quality electronic sounds. 

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Jubilee Readies EP for Mixpak

Former "Brooklyn bass sweeheart" Jubilee, who is once again living in her native Miami after nearly a decade spent in the Big Apple, will soon be releasing her debut solo EP via Dre Skull's Mixpak imprint. Read more » 

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  • 03/13/2012

Download: Doctor Jeep "Level ii (Kuxxan Suum Remix)"

Label: End Fence

Brooklyn-based "free label" End Fence dropped another one of its gratis musical offerings today, a two-track single that features a remix swap from producers Doctor Jeep and Kuxxan Summ. This track is the latter's remix of the Doctor Jeep's booming "Level ii" production, which finds the tunesmith effectively transforming his friend's fiery beat work into something just a touch more ominous and disorienting. You can check out the rest of End Fence Single Series Session 1 over on SoundCloud, here

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Video Premiere: Red Rack'em "If Only the Past"

Nottingham producer Red Rack'em has released a video for his upcoming single, "If Only the Past," which will drop via his Bergerac imprint on March 26. Read more » 

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  • 03/13/2012

Kode9, BNJMN, Jeff Mills, Shackleton, Nicolas Jaar, and More to Play MUTEK 2012

This morning brings news of the first wave of artists announced to perform at this year's MUTEK festival in Montreal. Read more » 

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  • 03/13/2012

Podcast 238: BNJMN

Right out of the gate, BNJMN (a.k.a. Ben Thomas) made a strong impression on the electronic-music landscape. Last year, the shadowy young Brit dropped two LPs via the esteemed Rush Hour imprint, both of which showcased a unique brand of house and techno that was simultaneously dark, hazy, and dreamily emotive. Read more » 

Download: Memotone "It's Out There Waiting"

UK producer Memotone is preparing to release Hands, a six-track EP of ambient, bassy works, via A Future Without on March 26. "It's Out There Waiting" is the brooding fifth track from that release. The track flutters with an lush string arranement, a choir of handclaps, a male falsetto, and a slightly unsteady rhythm, all of which was performed and recorded by the artist himself. It all makes for a sparse and focused song, one that trudges along with a sinister thud. You can stream the rest of the Hands EP here

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Review: Gerry Read Yeh Come Dance EP

Label: Delsin

When you take into account Gerry Read's hasty, improvised production methods (which he gave us some insight into a few weeks back), his prolific nature doesn't necessarily come as a surprise. Still, it is a bit of a wonder how the young producer manages to put together such an abundant output while continuing to increase the quality of his music. The Yeh Come Dance EP, Read's debut for Amsterdam's Delsin imprint, picks up where his Fourth Wave trilogy left off, in the abstract remnants of Midwest house and techno. However, this time around, his crackling compositions appear with rounded edges, and his sights are more focused on the dancefloor than ever before. Read more » 

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  • 03/13/2012

Ben UFO Mixes Latest LWE Podcast

Hessle Audio co-founder and Rinse FM presenter Ben UFO has mixed the 115th installment of Little White Earbuds' podcast series. Read more » 

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  • 03/13/2012

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