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Jonwayne to Re-Release Beat Tape via Stones Throw

LA beat hub Stones Throw has teamed up with Bubblin' producer Jonwayne to reissue his 2010 beat tape, Doodles. Read more » 

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  • 02/07/2012

Download: Bassmynt "Your Secret"

Label: Aufect

Questionable production moniker aside, Toronto-based producer Jeff-Antoine Cote (a.k.a. Bassmynt) is certainly on to something with his hyper-slick "Your Secret" production from the brand-new Saturn EP. The deep tune mixes forward-thinking garage techniques with glistening atmospherics and sly dubstep-isms to make for something that's moody and emotive, even when its propulsive rhythms and snappy percussion veer toward hip-hop. Listen to what the rest of Cote's fresh record sounds like after the jump.  Read more » 

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Video Premiere: Goth-Trad "Anti-Grid"

This fast-paced music video for "Anti-Grid," a glowing slice of high-end dubstep from Japanese producer Goth-Trad's New Epoch LP (out today via Deep Medi), is a sort of homage to DIY filmmaking by Iloobia. Read more » 

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  • 02/07/2012

Podcast 233: Marc Houle

Last summer, techno veteran Marc Houle—along with DJ comrades Magda and Troy Pierce—left his longtime home at Richie Hawtin's Minus label and rededicated himself to the dormant Items & Things imprint. A few releases from Items & Things trickled out during the latter half of 2011, but the reinvigorated label is truly beginning to bear fruit in 2012, beginning with a Undercover, the soon-to-be-released new full-length from Marc Houle himself. Undercover won't officially see the light of day until March 5, but we invited the Canadian-born artist to put together an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast series in the meantime. Read more » 

Download: Umba "Acid Rain"

Label: B. YRSLF

Out now via French label B. YRSLF, the six-track Not Too Young EP from Polish newcomer Umba is a frenetic digital record with productions tailor made for the club, one cut of which is the percussive "Acid Rain." Even though we expect to see plenty of tunes bearing that same title, Umba's does well in setting itself apart with a hefty share of slick synth tones, rude drum sounds, and menacing basslines. You can check out the rest of Umba's EP, which includes a remix from Unknown to the Unknown, after the jump.  Read more » 

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Review: Octave One Revisited (Here, There, and Beyond)

Label: 430 West

There's something of a close kinship between techno retrospectives and the act of framing graffiti in a museum. Both are dynamic forms of art, yet the act of canonization always seems to remove the momentum that lies at the heart of both. Of course, you'll find no shortage of either, as there are plenty of techno retrospectives and folks like Futura 2000 and Rammellzee (R.I.P.) went highbrow a long time ago. Read more » 

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  • 02/07/2012

Listen to Mux Mool's 'Planet High School' Now

Brooklyn beatmaker and Ghostly signee Mux Mool released his sophomore LP, Planet High School, today, and you can listen to the whole thing, right now. Read more » 

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  • 02/07/2012

Download: Canblaster & Nightwave "Power Up"

Here, we have our second taste of the music conceived and born at Red Bull Music Academy 2011 in Madrid, the first of which was a '90s-inspired house cut from Ghosts on Tape, Krystal Klear, and Broken One. "Power Up" finds French tunesmith Canblaster and UK up-and-comer Nightwave working together to create some ultra-smooth grooves that wouldn't be all that out of place in a Top 40 radio rotation. (We mean that in a good way.) Look for the rest of RBMA's exclusives when the free Various Assets compilation (pictured above) is released on February 24. 

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John Talabot Delivers Latest FACT Mix

Spanish house DJ/producer John Talabot quietly released his debut LP, ƒin, last week via Permanent Vacation, and starts this week off with a mix for FACT. Read more » 

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  • 02/06/2012

Download: Jetsam "Beneath the Ice"

Glaswegian blog/net label Phuturelabs has another free EP set for release in the coming weeks, a new effort from fellow Scottish bass head Jetsam. "Beneath the Ice" is an appropriate enough example of the kind of space-age hip-hop we can expect to find on the forthcoming digital EP, with its sharply toned low-end and revolving, trance-indebted synths. And, of course, there's enough skitter here to keep both hooded sweatshirts and fitted caps alike moving in constant motion. This synth-laden slice of boom-bap (emphasis on the boom) will come packaged with five other similarly bass-centric productions when the HMS Below EP (artwork above) drops on the Phuturelabs site on February 27. In the meantime, the whole effort is available to stream over on the net label's SoundCloud

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