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Download: Soft Metals "Eyes Closed (Copy Remix)"

Portland synth-pop duo Soft Metals is preparing to release an EP collecting remixes of tracks from the group's self-titled debut, which was released last summer on Captured Tracks. Here, remixing duties of album standout "Eyes Closed" have been handed over to fellow Portland producer Copy, who trims the original's cold-wave leanings and magnifies its house vibe. Copy's handiwork doesn't take the edge off, though, as the raw synthiness of the source material remains prominent in this new version. The Remixes (artwork above), which features efforts from Xander Harris, VALIS, and more, drops on May 15 via Sweating Tapes. In the meantime, you can stream the EP in its entirety, after the jump.  Read more » 

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Stream the Debut Release from New Label West In Dust

West In Dust, a new label based in Oakland, CA, is readying its debut release, a 14-song collection of tunes on the stonier side of bass music. The compilation (artwork above) will be released at the end of March, at which time it will be available for download. Until then, the upstart imprint is streaming all 14 tracks from West in Dust 2012 in their entirety. Read more » 

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  • 03/07/2012

Jimmy Edgar Shares Details of Forthcoming LP for Hotflush

We caught wind of a brand-new single on its way from Detroit-born, Berlin-based techno/electro provocateur Jimmy Edgar early last month, which also brought word of an album that Hotflush would soon release as well. Now, we have the details of that forthcoming full-length. Read more » 

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  • 03/07/2012

Download: Devonwho "Cactus"

Label: All City

West Coast beatmaker Devonwho has a fresh, four-track 12" on the way from Dublin's California-loving All City label, called StrangeBrew. The silky "Cactus" is taken from that forthcoming record, and finds the producer knee deep in the kinds of rubbery synthlines, bubbly rhythms, and spacey sonic accoutrements that fellow LA funkster Dâm-Funk probably wouldn't mind calling his own. Look for Devonwho's StrangeBrew, which arrives complete with a remix by B. Bravo, on April 2. (via Pitchfork

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Todd Edwards Preps New EP for Body High; Stream It Now

Well, this is certainly a surprise. Next week, New Jersey garage legend Todd Edwards will be dropping an all-new, five-song EP, his most substantial release in years. And what label will be bringing his new creations into the world? Believe it or not, the Shall Go EP (artwork above) is coming courtesy of upstart LA imprint Body High. Read more » 

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  • 03/07/2012

Download: Blind Prophet "Coastline"

First Listen

As a native Long Islander, Blind Prophet (a.k.a Joseph Burns) likely knows a thing or two about coastlines, and judging from this track, he seems to know quite a bit about production work, too. "Coastline" is a slice of dreamy garage, with various synth pads and a light-hearted melody soaring over punchy drum work. The tune feels soothing and peaceful, something like a breezy afternoon on a mid-Atlantic beach, despite its rather fast pace. This track isn't part of any specific release, although it's worth noting that Burns has previously released music on Car Crash Set, L2S, Gradient Audio, and DubKraft.  

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Maceo Plex Readies New 12" for Crosstown Rebels

Although he's been making music for years, 2011 saw American-born, Valencia, Spain-based Maceo Plex riding a meteoric rise from relative obscurity. Now, he's being tabbed as one of the world's top house producers. While his flurry of infectious tunes from last year will be hard to match in 2012 (in quantity, at least), his first record of the year is bound to be a hit with his ever-growing fanbase. Read more » 

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  • 03/07/2012

Bubblin' Up: DJ Sliink

In recent months, there's been a rush to anoint Newark's DJ Sliink (a.k.a. Stacey White) as the new face of Jersey club, but these days, the 21-year-old producer isn't always feeling the love at home. "I have a few people saying that I lost it, that I'm booty now, or that I'm wack, just because I'm not doing the same thing that I did when I first came out." Nevertheless, he remains undeterred. "I'm trying to make [music] for everyone, and not just a certain crowd. There's a lot of music in this world, and a lot of people, and I'm trying to serve to everyone, instead of just one crowd... I know [artists] that are just doing the same thing and just DJing in Jersey. That's kind of wack to me." Read more » 

Download: OL "IWM"

The release of Error Broadcast's Fly Russia compilation in 2010 certainly helped Moscow's fledgling beat scene gain a larger international audience and some well-deserved praise. In particular, young Muscovite producer OL was a beneficiary of this expanded fanbase, as his Random Phrase EP was the label's very next release. As Russian-made beats continue to grow in popularity, driven in large part by the work of artists such as Pixelord and DZA, OL is still turning out new sounds, having released a mixtape earlier this week ahead of a forthcoming new 12" on Error Broadcast. This track, "IWM," won't make it on to the EP, titled Body Varial, but nonetheless features well-crafted, atmospheric beats similar to those of labelmate Shlohmo.  

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Review: South South Million Wind Hand Caught in the Door

At first, it seems incongruent that South South Million hails from Detroit. The music that the duo makes under the moniker sounds breezy and carefree in comparison to the hard-edged, mechanical dance tunes which the Motor City is unequivocally known for, nor does it bear any direct resemblance to the timeless Motown legacy. Yet there is still something about the group's debut album, Wind Hand Caught in the Door, that feels inexplicably connected to the kind of rigorous work ethic, gritty aesthetics, and classic sensibilities that are also among its hometown's hallmarks. It's not that the music is necessarily at odds with itself, as each cut is impeccably composed and often flows seamlessly into the next, but most of South South Million's album sounds like the work of musicians attempting to create something new underneath the weight of the past. That sort of tug-of-war makes for a record that both excels and falters because of its ambitious displacement from its roots and its creators' constant need to recall vintage sounds. Read more » 

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  • 03/07/2012

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