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Submerse Preps New EP for Apollo

Rob Orme, a prolific UK producer with releases on Well Rounded, Fortified Audio, and more under the moniker Submerse, is set to release a four-track effort this June on the newly revived R&S sub-label Apollo. Read more » 

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  • 05/04/2012

Gear: Korg Celebrates 10 Years of "Micro" with Monthly Giveaway

Normally, announcing the tenth anniversary of Korg's Micro synthesizer line wouldn't make for the most tantilizing of news. But considering that the Japanese company has decided to pair this news with word of a monthly contest—in which it gives away a free product from its Micro line (such as the MicroKorg XL pictured above) every month for the rest of the year—we couldn't help but get a little excited. Read more » 

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  • 05/04/2012

Download: Vaghe Stelle "Ciclo 4"

Label: Shabu

This contemplative, synth-driven number comes courtesy of Vaghe Stelle, an Italian producer honing in on a sound that falls somewhere between the kosmische-laden experiments of John Elliot's Spectrum Spools imprint and the lush, deeply felt techno of the Kompakt camp. "Ciclo 4" begins with a distorting, spacious melody shifting its filter envelope until a thumping beat kicks in with hypnotic shakers and a sidechained synth tone leading the festivities. Before two minutes have gone by, we're introduced to a slowly disintegrating arpeggio, which carves a melancholic hole into the center of the song and ultimately results in a drowsily delirious effect. Vaghe Stelle released an EP this past March on Shabu; you can listen and read more on the six-track offering (including a remix by XLR8R podcast contributor BNJMN) here.  

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Review: Last Step Sleep

Label: Planet Mu

Last week, in our profile of the new album by UK experimentalist Actress, we noted how producer Darren Cunningham had a distinct method to creating his tracks, which includes tapping into his subconscious à la Salvador Dali. Despite how curiously romantic it sounds, the act of maintaining creative productiveness whilst approaching sleep seems all too unlikely, but here we are again, with an LP from an artist who claims to have made it while drifting in and out of consciousness. Sleep, the aptly titled record in question, was crafted by the prolific Aaron Funk (better known as Venetian Snares) under his rarely utilized Last Step moniker, and features nine cuts of woozy, slowed-down acid which aren't completely dissimilar from AFX's massive Analord series. It's also probably the best thing Funk has released in recent memory. Read more » 

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  • 05/04/2012

Multiverse Set To Release 'Purple WoW' Compilation

World of Wonders, the Gemmy-fronted sub-label of Bristol's Multiverse camp that also includes Pinch's Tectonic and Joker's Kapsize imprints, is preparing a compilation that charts the history of the Purple WoW sound from 2008 to the present. Read more » 

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  • 05/04/2012

Download: Clu "Evening Ever"

Dublin's Clu (a.k.a. producer Sean Cooley and visual artist Kevin A. Freeney) delivers this bubbling bit of synth play that recalls the beatwork of Shlohmo or post-dubstep vibes of Mount Kimbie, albeit with a more straightforward approach that emphasizes melodies over rhythm. The tune's main focus is on the pitch-bent vocal samples that rise and fall throughout the track, first accompanied only by long synth notes, and later by shimmering chords and UK garage-style drumwork. The song builds slowly, with the first instances of drums and bass not occurring until nearly halfway into the track. By the song's end, however, the sparse intro has given way to a full and complex musical arrangement.  

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Video: Tomas Barfod "Broken Glass"

Friends of Friends, the California label with an intriguing artist roster that includes Shlohmo and Ernest Gonzales, is preparing the debut album from Danish producer Tomas Barfod (a recent XLR8R podcast contributor) and has just put out a video for the LP's lead single, "Broken Glass." Read more » 

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  • 05/03/2012

Download: Mistakes Are OK "Koala (BNJMN Remix2)"

First Listen

Barcelona's Hivern Discs, a label piloted by mysterious producer John Talabot, is taking a unique approach to promoting its latest act, Mistakes Are OK. Before the producer drops a single track, Hivern has chosen to give his pending debut LP the remix treatment, releasing an EP with an impressive cast of characters that includes Kassem Mosse, Downliners Sekt, and BNJMN. BNJMN's "Remix2" of "Koala," featured here, is a second BNJMN rework that won't appear on the EP, and the cut is a focused techno composition. Each aspect of its arrangement, from its mallet-like sampling to its springy bass, feels precise and calculated. The track weaves in and out of time as its components challenge one another rhythmically, engrossing the listener in a nearly eight-minute trance. It remains to be seen how much of its brilliance can be attributed to Mistakes Are OK's production, but the remix sits alongside some of BNJMN's best work. 

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Geoff Barrow's BEAK> Prepares Sophomore Album

BEAK>, a trio that includes Portishead's Geoff Barrow which debuted in 2009, is coming back with a second album entitled >>, due out on Invada in early June. Read more » 

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  • 05/03/2012

Download: Monty Luke "In Love With A Dancer (ML Tronik Edit)"

First Listen

Detroit producer (and former XLR8R writer) Monty Luke has shared the first track off his upcoming Bomb for Bomb EP. On "In Love With a Dancer (ML Tronik Edit)," the Planet E cohort lays down an extended tech-house groove, crafting a tune that's reminiscent of the physical, hypnotizing work of No Regular Play or Aaron-Carl. Female vocal lines jump from powerful to breathy and back again, cruising about the mix like a rubber band. The Bomb for Bomb EP drops on May 22 via Denver's Full Flavor Music. 

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