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Download: Lianne La Havas "Lost and Found (Maya Jane Coles Remix)"

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Sounding a bit like something we might've heard from the Tri Angle imprint last year, this remix of Lianne La Havas' "Lost and Found" from British house DJ/producer Maya Jane Coles (pictured above) is a slow-grooving and soulful piece with just the right touches of club-ready rhythms and poignant vocal hooks. Sparse synth blips and piano chords occasionally adorn La Havas' soft performance, while the garage-y percussion carries the whole thing to its understated conclusion—making for a nice companion to the percolating version of her "Forget" tune that Shlohmo delivered at the beginning of the year. 

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Disclosure Delivers FACT Mix

Not long after we profiled the brotherly duo as part of our Bubblin' Up series and a month or so before the release of its new EP, The Face, the UK's Disclosure has given FACT a nice little mix. Read more » 

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  • 04/30/2012

Download: WOLS "Red Ways"

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Label: FUSELab

We've mentioned the icy synth escapades of WOLS before, and although the former duo has now been whittled down to a solo act, there's still a new EP forthcoming via FUSELab, and the Moscow-based producer has offered up "Red Ways," one of the record's finer selections. A dancefloor jam utilizing a brisk, half-step pace and fraught with starry, drama-filled piano lines, the song serves as a suitable showcase for the type of precise, iron-plated electronica WOLS has made its calling card. Although the track is undeniably modern, one gets the feeling that "Red Ways" could only have been made by an artist with a deep understanding of Soviet culture and Russia's unique history. The seven-track Outgunned EP (artwork above) will be available in a few weeks time on FUSELab, but check the cover art above and have a listen to a full stream of the entire release now, after the jump.  Read more » 

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Stream the New Anenon LP


By now, even casual readers of XLR8R have likely noticed that we've taken quite a shine to Anenon (a.k.a. Non Projects label boss Brian Simon). Back in March, we streamed his excellent Acquiescence EP. Earlier in April, we went inside his studio to examine his Monome manipulations and find out exactly how this RBMA 2011 grad crafts his hazily atmospheric music. Tomorrow marks the beginning of May, and will also see the release of Inner Hue (artwork above), the debut Anenon full-length. This may not come as a surprise, but we think it's quite good, so we've twisted the LA artist's arm and convinced him to stream the entire LP here on XLR8R. Give it a listen, after the jump. Read more » 

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  • 04/30/2012

Chatterbox: Lone

We'd like to introduce you to another new XLR8R feature, called Chatterbox. Seeing as how online communications such as AIM, Skype, and the like are basically commonplace in everyday life, we thought it'd be advantageous to catch up with some of our favorite artists in that setting and share those exchanges. We expect Chatterbox to be a place for somewhat informal discussions, though we fully intend to bring you as many of the juicy details and illuminating facts behind the work of top producers and musicians with each conversation. Read more » 

Download: Divine Interface "Fool Me Pt. 2"

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The work of Atlanta producer Drew Briggs (a.k.a. Divine Interface) has cropped up on XLR8R on more than one occasion, as he's been kind enough to share a number of tracks, including last year's "Fool Me." Today, we have an addendum to that particular jam, "Fool Me Pt. 2," which oscillates on a similar wavelength with a repeating R&B chirp, dense clouds of chords, and a crisp, distinct percussion line that allows Briggs' ATL origins to shine through. Whereas the original "Fool Me" sampled more of Southern rap's skittering beats and laid-back flavors, the sequel is a more melancholy exercise in high-tempo juke that sees Divine Interface exploring a brand of dance music similar to that of his fellow Atlantans in the Embassy crew. The effect is one of a lazy Sunday afternoon, albeit one in which the mind fixates on the energy of Saturday nights gone by.  

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Review: Levon Vincent Fabric 63

Label: Fabric

"Most Europeans think 'deep house' means shitty, high-energy vocal house." So goes the opening rant of DJ Sprinkles' 2009 masterwork Midtown 120 Blues, where the artist arraigns New York's house scene for exporting a commercial, all-frills product to the world, among other things. While Sprinkles' work acted as a singular answer to NYC's blighted deep-house sound, Fabric 63 serves to document the re-emergence of a credible scene in the city over the past decade. Read more » 

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  • 04/30/2012

Download: Reid "Miami"

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Dancefloor tracks that seemingly provide the perfect accompaniment to a late-night drive through the winding hills of Southern California or the neon-streaked streets of South Beach aren't exactly a new idea, but the fact remains that these updated '80s templates continue to provide compelling tunes. Furthermore, they are quite the stage for young producers to show off their production prowess and melody work, as we see on "Miami," a wistful number from Irish artist Reid. His track hits all the familiar touchstones including a hefty, rounded kick that propels glassy keys and a chugging bassline into a tropical-tinged sunset. Heavy compression and some spacious vocal textures add a sense of depth and verve to the proceedings, placing us in the cockpit with dark shades at the ready.  

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Dabrye, Ikonika, Om Unit, and More on Illum Sphere Remix EP

Manchester tunesmith Illum Sphere (pictured above) has commissioned a handful of choice remixes of tunes from throughout his discography, and will soon release them via Fat City. Read more » 

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  • 04/27/2012

Download: Bam Spacey "Vi Delar Samma Grav (RxGibbs Remix)"

Here, we see two young artists (Sweden's Bam Spacey and Michigan's RxGibbs) and two young labels (NY's Ceremony and NY/London imprint Cascine) combine forces on a spacious remix of "Vi Delar Samma Grav" from the Swedish producer's latest single. Armed with loads of reverb and shimmering synth pads, RxGibbs delivers a subtly driving cut peppered with plenty of his trademarked angelic vocal coos and light-footed percussion. You can catch the flip of this remix trade off, RxGibb's "Silver (Bam Spacey Remix)," after the jump.  Read more » 

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