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Video: DJ Haus "Needin' U"

London producer DJ Haus just dropped a video to for "Needin' U," his recent single and the latest release on his Unknown to the Unknown imprint. Read more » 

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  • 03/26/2012

Roska to Release Second Album for Rinse

UK funky don Roska has announced the imminent arrival of his second solo album, another offering of contemporary house productions to be released by Rinse. Read more » 

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  • 03/26/2012

Download: Damu "Sjunga"

Manchester producer Damu has just shared "Sjunga" with the world, a new track hot on the heels of his debut LP, November's Unity. The short cut is steeped in the quirks of UK garage, with heavy doses of both two-step percussion and processed, pop-vocal sampling. True to the song's namesake (sjunga means sing in Swedish), vocal samples converge at the piece's climax, making for a quick, whimsical burst of melody. You can check out Damu's XLR8R podcast that he dropped last fall, here

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Stream Anenon's 'Acquiescence' EP


As was first unveiled back in February, Non Projects boss and Southern Californian musician/producer Brian Allen Simon (a.k.a. Anenon) will release his Acquiescence EP on March 27, but a day before it lands, we've got the exclusive stream of that record for your listening pleasure. Read more » 

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  • 03/26/2012

Download: The Pearl "Flesh Eaters (Distal Remix)"

Label: Circuitree

"Fun" isn't exactly the first word that comes to mind when discussing the grab-all term that is "bass music," but it does sound like Distal had a good bit of fun reworking "Flesh Eaters." Sure, there's nothing jovial about the music here—in fact, it's pretty sinister—but Distal does seem to have an effortless command over his sonic landscapes; we'd like to imagine he enjoys exercising this control as much as we enjoy listening to the results. Bouncing us through a few infectiously heavy rhythms, the Atlanta producer takes this rework to every imaginable corner, even cutting the drums entirely at one point and landing the tune in almost new-age territory for the briefest of moments. If the original version from The Pearl is half as good as this, then the forthcoming 7" from Circuitree (artwork above)—which will serve as home to both versions of "Flesh Eaters"—should prove a worthwhile use of wax. You can pre-order that 7" before it officially drops on April 12 over on the label's Bandcamp

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Wookie Drops Mix For Fabric

Veteran garage producer Jason Chue (a.k.a. Wookie), a man responsible for such legendary '90s cuts as "Scrappy" and who is credited as Soul II Soul's in-house prodcuer, has dropped a new promo mix for Fabric in preparation for his performance at the London nightclub on March 30. Read more » 

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  • 03/26/2012

Bubblin' Up: Murlo

When it comes to his hometown, UK producer Murlo (a.k.a. Chris Pell) has mixed feelings. Although he now resides in London, Pell grew up in Shepshed, a small place in the East Midlands which was once notable for being the biggest village in England. "Then it got turned into a town," he says, "and everyone got pretty pissed about that." He continues, "there's nothing really there... I still got my heart there, but musically, fortunately not." These days, Murlo is known for his dancehall- and soca-infused takes on the various strains of UK bass music, but growing up, the only dance music he heard, apart from whatever was on the charts, was donk—yes, that donk—or "abrasive, horrible" hardcore. "We never got the good bassline or niche," he says. "That was a shame." Read more » 

Download: Debukas "Send Me Out (A Taut Line Remix)"

Label: 2020

Today, Debukas' newest EP, Pleasure Patterns, sees a release, and to help mark the occasion, the 2020 label has passed along this remix from Japan's A Taut Line (perhaps better known as one-half of the pair behind the Disktopia imprint, pictured above). You may recall from a few weeks back that we shared a remix of the Pleasure Pattern track "Golden Mind" from Spanish producer Pional, and this new rework ends up in similar territory. The presence of Latin percussion and gasps of vocal chants mix perfectly with the filtered chords and sunken bass, which effectively lands this one on the classier side of the summertime-dance-party spectrum. 

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Review: Elephant & Castle Transitions

Once upon a time, Southern Californian label Plug Research was known in some circles of the electronic music world as a reputable source for discovering the work of promising young artists. Dntel (a.k.a. one half of The Postal Service, Jimmy Tamborello) released his strongest album to date, 2001's Life is Full of Possibilities, with the imprint, and LA beat-scene godfather Flying Lotus gave Plug Research his debut LP, 1983, back in 2006. Other records of note have surfaced from the hub within that time span, too—Safety Scissors' all-but-forgotten Parts Water LP and some of John Tejada's and Daedelus' early work, for example—but there has been quite a considerable lull in auspicious output since then. To be blunt, it's practically impossible to think of any other truly exciting albums that Plug Research has recently inducted into its catalog. Transitions, the debut full-length by Oakland beatmaker Elephant & Castle, puts a welcome end to that. Read more » 

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  • 03/26/2012

Download: Tom Demac "Drooling Donna"

Fresh from relocating to London, Tom Demac is just a few weeks away from dropping a new EP, Dampening Deaf Ears (artwork above), for Hypercolour next month, and has passed along this non-EP tune to give us a taste. "Drooling Donna" is a roller of a funky house tune, one that doesn't simply rely on decades-old samples to supply the funkiness, but instead finds Demac summoning a seemingly endless array of rich synth riffs to keep things moving. It's the kind of tune that dancefloor junkies and the synth-obsessed nerds can appreciate together in harmony, coming together amongst the bouncing synth-bass and perfectly retro-minded drum samples. 

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