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Disclosure Preps New EP for Greco-Roman

Brotherly UK duo Disclosure has announced its second release of 2012, a four-song EP titled The Face, which is due out on June 4 through Berlin/London collective Greco-Roman. Read more » 

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  • 04/18/2012

Jam City LP to Drop Next Month

Jam City's debut full-length has been in the works for quite some time—talk of the album predates even his stellar XLR8R podcast from last October—but it appears that the much-anticipated LP is finally ready to see the light of day. Read more » 

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  • 04/18/2012

Download: Mario "Let Me Love You (Lapalux Bootleg Remix)"

First Listen

UK-based producer Lapalux, hot off the release of his latest EP on Brainfeeder, When You're Gone, has passed along this remix of Mario's "Let Me Love You," a song you undoubtedly heard if your radio was on at any point in early 2005. On his version of the tune, Lapalux (a.k.a. Stuart Howard, pictured above) adds a plethora of noises to Ne-Yo's and Scott Storch's uncluttered original, including a multitude of percussion and extra synth lines. Mario's smooth voice has also been totally reconstructed, having been pitched both up and down, chopped into bits, and layered. As an extra bonus, unlike the song's official remix from 2005, Lapalux's bootleg remix does not contain rapped verses by T.I. and Jadakiss. Lapalux will be touring across Europe and Australia in May and June, and you can find his current summer schedule after the jump.  Read more » 

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Review: Urulu Across the Sky

Label: Exploited

At this point in his still-young career, Urulu doesn't seem to be concerned with making any sort of "groundbreaking" music. Instead, the Los Angeles producer appears intent on continuing to dive deeper into his classic house-informed sound, most recently appearing on the dancefloor-focused Exploited imprint for the first time with three soulful, metro-minded house tunes. Read more » 

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  • 04/18/2012

Stream Levon Vincent's 'Fabric 63' Mix

As we've previously reported, Levon Vincent is next in line to drop an installment of the long-running Fabric mix series. Read more » 

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  • 04/18/2012

Download: Gold Panda "4"

Yesterday, UK beatmaker Gold Panda posted this gem on his Soundcloud, a non-release cut he crafted as a backing track for his mate Infinite Livez to freestyle over at a DJ gig in Berlin. The tune, titled "4," is an easy-going, hip-hop-flavored track, a production featuring a mellow guitar melody, soft horns, and piano played both forward and in reverse.  

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Video: Shlohmo "Rained the Whole Time (Nicolas Jaar Remix)"

A dream-team collaboration of two beat-making wunderkinds, NYC-via-LA producer Shlohmo and native New Yorker Nicolas Jaar, "Rained the Whole Time (Nicolas Jaar Remix)" is paired with an understated and moody video here, courtesy of Video Marsh. Read more » 

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  • 04/17/2012

Download: Young Wonder "Orange (Sun Glitters Remix)"

Toward the end of our recent Vis-Ed feature on Irish flimmakers Feel Good Lost, Brendan Canty (one of the two artists behind the video production studio) mentioned that he would soon start a new record label under the same moniker. The Young Wonder EP, producer Ian Ring's and singer Rachel Koeman's self-titled debut, marks the first record released via Feel Good Lost, which has arrived complete with a punchdrunk rework by Luxembourg's Sun Glitters. The prolific producer delivers his tried-and-true formula on "Orange (Sun Glitters Remix)," as he weaves Koeman's chopped vocal work in and out of partially quantized beats and reverb-addled synth washes over the course of about three minutes. After getting your fill of this version of Young Wonder's tune, you can check out the video for the original track (created by Feel Good Lost, of course), after the jump.  Read more » 

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Kuedo to Release New 12" via Planet Mu

The mastermind behind our 11th favorite record of 2011, Kuedo has unveiled the details of a new single that we hinted at last week, which he'll soon release via Planet Mu. Read more » 

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  • 04/17/2012

Download: Christian S "The Power of Now"

Label: Cómeme

Matias Aguayo's Cómeme imprint has been dormant for the last several months, but it's now returned with two new releases: Cómeme 013, a compilation EP titled The Power of Now (artwork above), is out now, and Cómeme 014, an EP by Isaac Johan, drops on May 14. The Power of Now's title track by Christian S, featured here, draws from a marriage between industrial synthwork and eccentric house flair. For five minutes, blistering synth sequences take the song through a simple house beat, an effort reminiscent of the minimal mechanicalia turned out by labelmates Daniel Maloso and Rebolledo. The Cologne producer closes the track with a ridiculous, albeit captivating drum solo that lasts nearly two minutes. Stream the rest of The Power of Now, after the jump.  Read more » 

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