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Podcast 203: Fred P. a.k.a. Black Jazz Consortium

Although it seems like his name has only risen to prominence in the past few years, New York City's Fred P. (a.k.a. Black Jazz Consortium) is no newcomer. After quietly logging time and paying his dues in the New York DJ circuit, the man began turning out deep, thoughtful, jazz- and soul-infused house that eventually caught the ear of artists like Move D and DJ Jus-Ed. Read more » 

Download: Kidnap Kid "If (Jamie Grind Remix)"

UK producer Matt Kidnap (a.k.a. Kidnap Kid, although his given name seems to be enough on its own) recently released an EP for the Squelch and Clap imprint entitled The Great Confusion, which featured the original version of "If." Somewhere down the line, Kidnap tapped fellow Leeds-based producer Jamie Grind (pictured above) to work some remix magic on the track and it appears that Grind has taken to the task swimmingly. Leaving behind the traces of juke that characterized his last EP (aptly titled Footwork), Grind instead locks "If" down further into its rolling house vibe with an army of slow-moving chords and an irresistible shuffle. He also manages to hone in on a few of the vocal samples sprinkled throughout the original version, utilizing them for both rhythmic and melodic purposes and placing them just outside the tune's dazzling array of swirling synths. We're not sure how this syrupy reimagining didn't make it onto the EP alongside remixes from Tête de Tigre and Arcade, but we're certainly glad it still found its way to us. 

Average: 8.2 (74 votes)

Review: John Tejada Parabolas

Label: Kompakt

The pairing of John Tejada and Kompakt is not a surprising one, with both parties holding arguably legendary status within the techno world. Tejada is a prolific chameleon of sorts, having releases to his name on a number of respected labels (Plug Research, Immigrant, ~scape, Poker Flat) over the past ten years while also running the excellent Palette imprint, where he's often found crafting adventurous 12"s along with the likes of Josh Humphrey, Justin Maxwell, and more. Yet the LA-based producer remains most widely known for his 2004 tech-house anthem "Sweat on the Walls," a stellar track that nonetheless only highlights a small section of the man's talent, as proven by his newest full-length, Parabolas. Read more » 

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  • 06/21/2011

Listen to Clams Casino's FACT Mix

At the risk of sounding like complete and utter fanboys, we have yet another piece of Clams Casino music material for you to aurally imbibe. This time it's a DJ set that the New Jersey producer crafted for FACT, and quite a solid one, might we add. Read more » 

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  • 06/21/2011

Download: Southern Shores "Night is Young"

Label: Cascine

The up-and-coming "experimental-pop" label known as Cascine has recently added a fresh band to its slowly growing roster, Nova Scotian duo Southern Shores. Producers Jamie Townsend's and Den Dalton's debut EP for the label is scheduled to drop on July 12, but before then, we're treated to the lush sounds of "Night is Young." The track firmly roots the band in musical territory among the likes of Delorean, Air France, and labelmate Chad Valley, as we hear Southern Shores mining the blissful sounds of Balearic dance music and soulful vocal samples to great effect. You can catch this upbeat tune amongst five other tastefully ecstatic dance-pop productions when the pair's Atlantic EP is released. 

Average: 8.2 (59 votes)

Download: Star Eyes "Ride or Die"

Brooklyn's Star Eyes unveiled a new EP entitled White Gloves (artwork above) earlier this month on the Trouble & Bass imprint, of which she is a founding member. Building upon the haunted-house vibe of her last EP, Disappear, this cut from Star Eyes' newest release is straight-up sinister. With catastrophically giant snares leading the charge, the evil bass line is not far behind, accompanied by distant vocal glitches and Star Eyes' own vocal refrain, "You make me loose my mind." Existing somewhere between the worlds of grimey house and utterly demonic bass music, "Ride or Die" is more of a stomper than a stepper, and definitely something that leans more towards the late-night tip, as only the baddest of badmen could even imagine playing a tune this heavy early in the evening. 

Average: 6.1 (36 votes)

Listen to SBTRKT's Debut LP Now

If you'll remember with us back to the beginning of May (it's difficult, we know), we were head over heels for the first single to leak from UK DJ/producer SBTRKT's forthcoming self-titled album for Young Turks, and not much has changed since then. Now, you can hear why, because the blog-aggregating music hub Hype Machine has the whole thing streaming online. Read more » 

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  • 06/20/2011

Download: John Tejada "Subdivided"

Label: Kompakt

This slice of incredibly sophisticated techno comes to us from veteran producer John Tejada's new full-length, Parabolas (artwork above), which sees its release today via the renowned Kompakt imprint. Although he's done his share of experimentation and folded any number of new characteristics into his productions over the years, "Subdivided" still sounds quintessentially Tejada. The intricately composed melodies, the meticulous building of elements, and the crisp, futuristic sheen—it all sounds so wonderfully familiar and still like something that only he would be able to conjure up. Said to have approached the album with a want "to experiment with some longer phrases again and to step away from the analog sequencers more and get back to using my hands to create the melodies," Tejada's latest LP can officially be branded as "hand-crafted" techno, and "Subdivided" is just one fine example of the intriguing balance he's found between artistic expression and time-honed craftsmanship. You can hear the whole thing for yourself, as well as read some comments from Tejada about his new record, here

Average: 8.1 (66 votes)

Vibezin Drops Exclusive Free Mix For XLR8R

Today sees the digital release of Vibezin's newest EP, From the Crates, for Martin "Blackdown" Clark's Keysound imprint, and the London-based producer has sent over an exclusive mix of original tunes to mark the occasion. Read more » 

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  • 06/20/2011

Video: Grouper "I Saw a Ray"

As if a double-album release from Portland ambient/noise artist Grouper wasn't enough heady material for us to feast on this year, Liz Harris has just unveiled what is apparently the first part of an "album-length series of videos adapted from/inspired by A I A." Read more » 

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  • 06/20/2011

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