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Listen to Photek's 'DJ-Kicks' Mix

There has been quite a bit of hullabaloo on XLR8R leading up to the release of drum & bass veteran Photek's contribution to the DJ-Kicks mix series, so you could say we're entirely pleased to be able to share that hour-long DJ set with you today. Read more » 

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  • 03/22/2012

Download: Arclight "Barrel of a Gun"

First Listen

After kicking off his new Vase imprint with the Concealer EP, Jacques Greene has enlisted mysterious avant-pop outfit Arclight to provide the second installment of tunes for the young label. The three-song Holographic EP (artwork above) will be released on April 2, and eschews overt dancefloor vibes in favor of woozy electronic soundscapes and indie-pop vocal stylings. "Barrel of a Gun" won't be on the record, but its hypnotic melodies and tender vocals certainly embody what the EP is all about. Those in search of more exact details should check after the jump, where a streaming preview has been posted along with the complete Holographic tracklist.  Read more » 

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Stream Dream Continuum's Debut EP

Earlier this year, we discovered the news that prolific NYC-based producer Machinedrum would be teaming up with the UK's Om Unit in an effort to "find the sweet spot between mid-'90s euphoric jungle and footwork." The collaborative project, known as Dream Continuum, will be releasing its first EP, titled Reworkz (artwork above), via Planet Mu next week, but has preemptively shared the music for your listening pleasure. Read more » 

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  • 03/22/2012

Download: Pixelord "Quartz Boy (i11even Remix)"

St. Petersburg producer i11even has been tapped to remix Pixelord's "Quartz Boy," which originally appeared on the latter's 2010 debut EP for Error Broadcast, Lucid Freaks Pt. 1. The i11even version stretches out Pixelord's shuffling original production into a glitchy piece of off-kilter house and fills it to the brim with ringing, burping synths. This tune is part of a recently released retrospective remix album called Pixelord Remixed, in which the Moscow producer's prolific output from the past few years has been re-envisioned by a variety of producers. You can stream the whole thing over on Hyperboloid's Bandcamp, here

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Nicolas Jaar's Clown & Sunset Aesthetics to Release Compilation in "Prism" Format

Despite its widespread use, the MP3 is still a long way from having a complete monopoly when it comes to music formats. Vinyl sales are actually increasing, CD use still abounds, and even the once-forgotten cassette tape has found itself a niche market. Now, the ever-progressive Nicolas Jaar and his Clown & Sunset Aesthetics collective are debuting yet another new format, one which has been dubbed the "prism." Read more » 

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  • 03/22/2012

Tomas Barfod Announces Details of New LP

Last month, it was announced that Tomas Barfod, best known as the drummer of Danish outfit WhoMadeWho, would be releasing both a new solo EP and LP in the months ahead. The EP, Broken Glass, came out yesterday via the Friends of Friends label, and now, the details of his latest full-length have been revealed as well. Read more » 

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  • 03/22/2012

Download: Brey "Juno"

London-via-Angola producer Brey's debut EP, Brasil (artwork above), is out this week on vinyl, but it won't see digital release until April 2. We've already shared the wild video for "Bengela," Brasil's opening track, and now we're offering a download of its second track, "Juno." Here, Brey expands the boisterous sound of "Bengela," overlaying strings, horns, and raucous electric guitars over big, lively percussion. The track could be superficially grouped in with other syncopated UK garage rhythms, but this is a bold, orchestrated work that subverts the genre's existing palette. 

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Review: DVA Pretty Ugly

Label: Hyperdub

DVA (a.k.a. Leon Smart) is a weird guy. Even with his gully London roots and a musical coming-of-age that took place amongst the gritty backdrop of grime and UK funky, he's never been a menacing character. That said, he's never been what most people would call normal, either. Until recently, DVA spent six years as the morning-show host on Rinse FM. During most of his tenure, the station wasn't even legally broadcasting, which begs a couple of questions. First, what sort of pirate station has a morning show? Second, and most importantly, what kind of person takes the job? As it turns out, the same kind of oddball who would put together a jumbled collection of tunes like Pretty Ugly. Read more » 

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  • 03/22/2012

Video: Modeselektor "Berlin (feat. Miss Platnum)"

Modeselektor has dropped a video for "Berlin," a choice cut from last fall's Monkeytown LP that features guest vocals from Romanian-German pop singer Miss Platnum. Read more » 

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  • 03/22/2012

Download: Room E "Wooly Mammoth"

"Wooly Mammoth" is the opening track from San Diego producer Room E's upcoming debut LP, Penguin Child (artwork above). The work of ambient, instrumental hip-hop is anchored by live drumming, as it shuffles along its three-minute course. It glistens with breezy samples and buzzes with hints of bass for its first two minutes, until a more subdued, string-laden outro closes the last minute of the affair. Look for Room E's new album to drop via London-based imprint Proper Songs on May 28. 

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