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Download: Evy Jane "Sayso (Julien Mier Remix)"

We recently posted a video for the original version of "Sayso" by experimental R&B duo Evy Jane, made up of Vancouver residents Evelyn Mason and Jeremiah Klein. Now, we have a remix from Julien Mier, who gives the track a thick and steady hip-hop beat, and a more structured feel by rearranging the once breathy, crooning vocals into short, rhythmic phrases. This regularity doesn't last too long, however, as after two minutes of a straightforward beat, the song breaks down, changes tempo, and enters into a dreamy series of chopped vocals and bubbling synths. Both the remix and original can be found on the digital version of Evy Jane's self-titled debut, which came out digitally earlier this week on King Deluxe. The wax version won't have this particular remix on it, but does contain two originals, along with remixes by Taal Mala and Max Ulis, and will be ready for shipping in the near future.  

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Video: Secret Circuit "Nebula Sphynx"

Here, we have a strange, homemade music video for "Nebula Sphynx," the hard-edged, spacey title track from the debut 12" by Los Angeles producer Secret Circuit for Tim Sweeney's Beats in Space label. Read more » 

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  • 02/24/2012

Boiler Room Heads to LA for Live Session with Stones Throw

The London-based website Bolier Room has announced plans to begin broadcasting live sessions from Los Angeles, with the first event set to take place this weekend and feature a trio of quintessential names from the Stones Throw family . Read more » 

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  • 02/24/2012

Download: heRobust "Swagriculture"

Label: Saturate

This tune by Atlanta-based producer heRobust (a.k.a Hayden Kramer) will be the b-side to his forthcoming 7-inch, set for a March 21 release date on Saturate. Both this song and the record's a-side, "Facebook Lift," were previously featured on heRobust's recently released digital double album Late Night/Morning After (artwork above), which can be downloaded free of charge on Saturate's website. "Swagriculture" is a glitchy piece of hip-hop-inspired bass music with an easy-going rhythm and a shimmering cornucopia of sounds and samples.  

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Review: Sigha Abstractions I-IV

Label: Hotflush

At this point, it's hard not to feel a little bad for Sigha (a.k.a. James Shaw). That sounds harsh, but it's a statement that has little do with the quality of the London-reared producer's music—which remains quite high—and lot more to do with the fact that he seems increasingly disconnected from the bass-music scene with which he is often affiliated. In reality, Sigha now resides in Berlin and has been regularly turning out heady, mature techno for several years now, a trend that continues on his most recent EP, Abstractions I-IV. The tunes are solid, but one can't help but wonder if they're largely falling on deaf ears. Read more » 

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  • 02/24/2012

Video: Redshape "The Land"

If you recall from last week, we were busy raving about Redshape's latest offering, the "Throw In Dirt" b/w "The Land" 12". Now, the single's b-side cut has been given the visual treatment. Read more » 

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  • 02/24/2012

Download: Young Magic "Night in the Ocean (Albert Swarm Remix)"

First Listen

NYC-via-Finland producer Albert Swarm has lent his production talents to Young Magic's "Night in the Ocean," another installment in a growing array of remixed tracks from the Brooklyn band's debut LP, Melt. On this remix, Swarm takes the band's vocal harmonies and adds a sense of disarray, creating a chorus of off-kilter synths and stirring in some gloomy ambiance with Young Magic's choral arrangements. It's a fuzzy take on a lo-fi pop song, but Swarm's beats bring new depth. 

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Planet Mu to Release Traxman's 'The Mind of Traxman'

Premier footwork/juke patron Planet Mu is set to release a new album by Chicago producer and Ghetto Teknitianz affiliate Cornelius Ferguson (a.k.a. Traxman), the 18-track The Mind of Traxman. Read more » 

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  • 02/23/2012

Video Premiere: MMoths "THNX"

It's been awhile since we've heard from Irish beatmaker MMoths, but in the year since he shared "Summer," the 18-year-old beatmaker has added an extra "M" to his moniker and put the finishing touches on a proper debut EP. The five-song, self-titled effort won't be released until March 6, but this expansive clip for EP cut "THNX" has been unveiled in the meantime. Read more » 

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  • 02/23/2012

Download: Slava "File"

Label: Software

Brooklyn's Slava is associated with the borough's burgeoning electronic-music-meets-visual-arts scene, so it's fitting that his latest EP dropped on Software, a label headed by one of that world's most visible figures, Oneohtrix Point Never. "File," the first track from the Soft Control EP (artwork, featuring a "file," pictured above), starts off as a sparse clip of beat music, but develops into something more exciting. As the song progresses, synths and beats layer, and around the midpoint, Slava catches us off guard by unveiling a fully fledged, hands-in-the-air house track. Download the track below and then stream Soft Control in its entirety after the jump. Read more » 

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