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Podcast 201: Robag Wruhme

When the Wighnomy Brothers announced that they were disbanding their oft-celebrated project in late 2009, the disappointment was palpable. Yet Robag Wruhme (a.k.a. Gabor Schablitzki) quickly dropped a number of singles and, just a few weeks back, followed them up with a new solo full-length, Thora Vukk, an album we thoroughly enjoyed. Read more » 

Download Com Truise's DJ Harvey Remix While Supplies Last

LA-based party icon DJ Harvey will drop his long-awaited Locussolus LP—which we talked with him about just last month—next week via International Feel. We'll be able to stream that release in full from the label's SoundCloud page on Monday, June 13 (more info here), but before then, we're treated to a remix of album cut "Throwdown" by Ghostly-signed bedroom producer Com Truise. Read more » 

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  • 06/07/2011

Caribou and Jacques Greene to Remix Radiohead

Throughout the summer, Radiohead plans to release a series of limited 12" remixes via tbd records, in conjunction with their most recent album, King of Limbs. Read more » 

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  • 06/07/2011

Five Minutes at MUTEK with Jacques Greene

Amidst the hustle and bustle of this year's MUTEK festival in Montreal, we snagged a few of our favorite artists for a quick chat about their impressions of the festival, the city, and, of course, some chatter about their music. Here, the city's own Jacques Greene (pictured above left) talks about his new live show and passes along some insider information about his hometown. Read more » 

Download: CHLLNGR "Ask For (Cubic Zirconia Remix)"

First Listen
Label: Green Owl

Copenhagen-based Steven Jess Borth II (a.k.a. CHLLNGR, pictured above) is set to release his debut album, Haven, due out on Green Owl in July. To compliment the release, Borth has offered up a remix of "Ask For" by Cubic Zirconia, as well as the video for the original. The rework is swaddled in lush synths, clip-clop percussion, and washed-out, pitched vocals that modulate with the rhythm. Made for the more experimental dancefloor, the remix peaks into a bouncy 808-driven beat. While you wait for the release to drop, grab the remix and check out the video, directed by Bjorn Stig Hansen, after the jump. Read more » 

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Review: Gang Colours In Your Gut Like a Knife EP

Label: Brownswood

At this point in the brief history of—excuse us—"post-dubstep," the genre's trademarks are already beginning to wear thin. There are only so many '90s R&B acapellas left to sample and sun-bleached synth tones one can program before the style grows repetitious, so artists looking to mine that sonic realm should instead concern themselves with its next mutation—or at least the refining of its ideas. On his debut EP, In Your Gut Like a Knife, young UK producer Gang Colours takes a few stabs at cutting out his own niche in the post-dubstep sound, just managing to breach the surface. Read more » 

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  • 06/07/2011

Check Out Brenmar and Laurel Halo on Local Action Radio

A couple days ago, Local Action Records hosted Brenmar and Laurel Halo on their Local Action Radio program. Read more » 

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  • 06/07/2011

Download: Jim-E Stack "Lemme"

Label: Good Years

New Orleans-based San Franciscan James Stack (a.k.a. Jim-E Stack) has just offered up his club-oriented "Lemme" track as a precursor to his upcoming EP, which is to be released on London label Good Years. "Lemme" bounces between 2-step and straight-forward rhythms, as syncopated vocal snippets adorn the underlying beat. The breakdown is met with a bright, modulated, pitch-bent synth which swirls around the vocals, creating a spacious atmosphere for the second drop to grab hold of. Grab the track below, and be on the lookout for the release this September. 

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Bleep and Sonar Give Away Tracks From Holy Other, Offshore, and More

The excellent online music retail hub Bleep just announced it will be giving away free tunes every day this week in conjunction with the impending Sonar festival. Read more » 

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  • 06/06/2011

Download: Divine Interface "Color Ways"

Here, we have another deep, washed-out house tune from the forthcoming Color Ways EP by Atlanta producer Divine Interface. The title track from that release shares a few similarities with the previously heard "Folklore": treated vocal samples inject the music with a soulful nostalgia, reverb-soaked percussion adds a particular kind of depth to the rhythms, and the sparse use of melody provides a sort of detached and off-handed vibe that is particularly fresh for this kind of music. "Color Ways" sparkles in a way that reminds of some of Teengirl Fantasy's work from the lovely 7AM LP, but with a dash of bump and swagger thrown in to freshen things up. You can hear the rest of Divine Interface's unique take on house when his Color Ways EP drops on June 13. 

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