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Sepalcure Preps New 12" for Hotflush

The self-titled, debut LP by Brooklyn duo Sepalcure basically cleaned up last year, scoring all kinds of accolades—including the #10 spot in our list of the best releases of 2011. So, it makes perfect sense that Praveen Sharma and Travis Stewart would want to keep the ball rolling into 2012, which they'll effectively do with their new 12" for Hotflush. Read more » 

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  • 03/27/2012

Download: Dntel "Bright Night"

Label: Pampa

Man of many names Jimmy Tamborello has finally followed up the news of his impending fifth LP as Dntel, Aimlessness, with its first leak, which arrives in the form of "Bright Night." This glitchy and melodic production is certainly reminiscent of some of the producer's best instrumental work on classics like Life is Full of Possibilities, but is also more minimal and less pop-inclined than most of Tamborello's past output. We've still got plenty of time before Dntel's new album drops on June 5 via DJ Koze's Pampa label, so we expect to enjoy "Bright Night"'s sparse soundscapes many times over between now and then. 

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Video: Cocolores "Vox"

Munich duo Cocolores has shared a new video for "Vox," the group's upcoming single about to drop on Berlin label Exploited. Read more » 

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  • 03/27/2012

Download: Julien Mier "As It Is"

The latest tune to hit our pages from Rotterdam's Lowriders Collective is a flitting, manic, and somehow smooth cut of juke-inspired rhythms and gelatinous synth pads from fellow Dutchman Julien Mier. "As It Is" has been lifted from the seven-tack Power Shuffles record, a compilation "[rooted] in the Chi-Town [footwork] sound but operating somewhere within the fringe between genres" that drops on April 10. Before then, you can preview the whole release, after the jump.  Read more » 

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Jamie Jones Readies New Single Featuring Art Department

The London house producer/DJ Jamie Jones (pictured above) has announced plans to follow up his well-recieved Fabric 59 mix (not to mention the ace A&R work he's done alongside Lee Foss for the Hot Creations label) with a new single for Crosstown Rebels. Read more » 

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  • 03/27/2012

Podcast 240: Tevo Howard

While there's no shortage of praise for the mid- and late-'80s salad days of classic Chicago house, when it comes to talk of house music's present, the Windy City sometimes feels grossly underrepresented. That's certainly not the fault of Tevo Howard, a veteran DJ who has been dropping a steady stream of quality house records in the past few years. His most recent is the excellent Monument EP, which once again finds him mining the vintage drum sounds and stylistic tropes of Chicago house to create his own fresh takes on the genre. As such, we figured now would be a good time for Howard to put together an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast series, and although we expected a master course in house music, Howard had other ideas. Read more » 

Download: Black Orange Juice "Back of My Car (Ossie Remix)"

Black Orange Juice is prepping its first EP, Back of My Car, to drop on April 14 via Somethinksounds. The London group, which was started by Hyperdub affliate Ossie, makes R&B-influenced house music, and Ossie's own remix takes his group's sound into acidic, garagey territory. This six-minute cut shuffles through an acid bassline and a melange of stuttering percussion, all of which is anchored by creepy, sex-crazed, Drake-ian lyrics like "She said don't be sleazy, it won't be easy, you have to please me, so don't go too easy." You can check out a preview of the rest of the Back of My Car EP, as well as its tracklist, after the jump.  Read more » 

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Video Premiere: Petar Dundov "Brownian Interplay"

Clocking in at nearly 13 minutes in length, it's almost a shame to refer to the intricately animated clip for "Brownian Interplay" as merely a music video. The song, a refined piece that tastefully combines ambient soundscapes with classic techno, is taken from Ideas from the Pond, the just-released new album from Croatian producer Petar Dundov, which is streaming in full after the jump. Read more » 

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  • 03/27/2012

Download: Sean Bones "Here Now (Expensive Looks 180 Remix)"

LA-based songwriter Sean Bones traffics in breezy pop songs, but he's called on NYC beatmaker Expensive Looks (pictured above) to remix his latest single, "Here Now," into something entirely different. The remix traps the sunny, SoCal glow of the original and crams it into a slower, gloomier, and more introspective piece of downtempo beatwork. It seems like a specifically claustrophobic, New York take on the light-hearted work of a Southern Californian. 

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Review: DJ Pierre "Acid" b/w "Jack Da Groove"

Label: BNR Trax

At one time, the story of house music was an underground and niche thing. Like a futuristic oral history, its sagas were created and relayed to new generations of dancers via turntables and loud speakers. If you lived in ignorance of the regions where its influence fell, chances were that you'd be completely out of the loop. Yet, the past 10 years have seen the arrival of new modes of communicating the subtle nuances of this once secret tradition. The socially connected internet, and the database mentality it promotes, has given rise to a new breed of producer that is able to craft near-perfect simulations of classic dance music. Amidst this revival, some older artists have had a hard time establishing a foothold in the new school. Read more » 

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  • 03/27/2012

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