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Download: LPZ "Snake & Butterfish"

Label: Body Work

While South American countries like Chile, Argentina, and Brazil can reliably be counted on for developing high-quality dance producers (e.g. Daniel Klauser, the ZZK collective, and Gui Boratto), the small, landlocked nation of Paraguay has yet to emerge as an internationally renowned creative hub. Production trio LPZ—billed as the "South America's hottest export since Gisele Bundchen"—is doing its best to change that with the release of a three-song EP, called 1983, which is out on May 14 through London-based imprint Body Work. "Snake & Butterfish," the EP's final tune, is a slow bit of acid house with a heavy, stomping beat paired with high-pitched synths and vocal performances. A full stream of 1983, as well as the EP's artwork, can be found after the jump.  Read more » 

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Teeth and Desto Launch New Label, Stream First Release

Finnish producer Desto and his Bubblin' Up friend and musical compatriot Teeth have announced the creation of a new imprint, which has been christened Signal Life. Read more » 

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  • 04/12/2012

Download: Machinedrum & FaltyDL "Give In 2"

It only took about four hours for "Give In 2" to reach its download limit after FaltyDL (pictured above) posted it on his SoundCloud account and announced it via Twitter yesterday, but fortunately for those of you not trolling the web for bass music 24 hours a day, XLR8R has got you covered. This collaboration FaltyDL churned out with Machinedrum is a bone-rattling cut full of hyperactive drums and manipulated vocal snippets. With the response this track has already received, the pair's like-minded production techniques, and their propensity for collaboration, one can certainly begin imagining the possibilities of future FaltyDL & Machinedrum tunes.  

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Review: Naum Gabo It's On EP

The sometimes dirty phrase "DJ tool" comes to mind when thinking about Naum Gabo's latest release, and that's not because the It's On EP contains brutally minimal, questionably soulful tracks produced in the name of practicality—no, quite the contrary. But many of the players involved in releasing this EP are specifically known as world-class DJs before they're thought of as producers. J.G. Wilkes, one-half of Naum Gabo, is also one-half of giant Scottish DJ outfit Optimo; the Let's Play House imprint was developed out of an NYC party series put on by long-time DJs Jacques Renault and Nik Mercer in partnership with Throne of Blood, a label run by fellow New York DJ veteran James Friedman. Thus, the work is born from the womb of the house DJ elite, and is likely meant to be delivered into the same community. Read more » 

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  • 04/12/2012

Strut Announces Old-School UK House and Acid Comp

Veteran DJ and producer Richard Sen (of Padded Cell and Bronx Dogs fame) has compiled a two-disc collection of UK house and acid tunes from the genre's formative years. Read more » 

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  • 04/12/2012

Download: Lee Bannon "Caligula Themed Music"

Sacramento-based hip-hop producer Lee Bannon has been pushing the limits of the genre since his 2009 debut EP, Me & Marvin, which exclusively used Marvin Gaye samples, of course. Lately, Bannon's productions have been light on rapping, instead favoring blissed-out, instrumental vibes in line with the work of Clams Casino and Shlohmo. "Caligula Themed Music" is lifted from Bannon's latest record, which—according to Spin—he crafted in order to learn his way around his newly purchased MacBook Pro. The Caligula Theme Music EP is out today, and can purchased over on Bannon's Bandcamp.  

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Maya Jane Coles Streams 'DJ-Kicks' Mix, Offers Free Download

UK house phenom Maya Jane Coles has unveiled her entire mix for !K7's DJ-Kicks series before it's released on April 17, and paired it with a free download of her brand-new production, "Not Listening." Read more » 

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  • 04/11/2012

Download: Bobby Tank "Wolpheus"

First Listen
Label: Mofo Hifi

All comparisons to the neon-hued maximalism pushed by the likes of Glaswegians Rustie and Hudson Mohawke aside, London producer Bobby Tank seems to be onto something with his forthcoming Afterburn EP for Mofo Hifi. "Wolpheus" perfectly exhibits the '80s-funk, glitch, and hip-hop appropriations which the tunesmith minces into glittery dust before sprinkling it all over his wild compositions—subsequently cranking the whole thing up into hyperdimensional, bonus-level territory. It's almost the exact sonic equivalent of Afterburn's colorfully chaotic, unreal artwork (pictured above), which basically depicts some kind of DMT-induced rave. Look for the rest of Bobby Tank's three-track EP to drop on May 17, with another EP and an album set to arrive before the year's end. 

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Preview L-Vis 1990's 'Club Constructions Vol. 1'

It was an exciting day when we discovered that Night Slugs and one of the label's head honchos, L-Vis 1990, were embarking on a new series of releases curated for peak-hour club play, and it's more exciting still to get a chance to preview each tune from Club Constructions Vol. 1 before it's released on April 16. Read more » 

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  • 04/11/2012

Download: Daniel Klauser "Simply Swag (Chaos in the CBD Remix)"

Label: Diamante

Young Chilean producer Daniel Klauser (pictured above) is set to drop the debut record for the newly formed Santiago imprint Diamante. Called Simply Swag, the EP will feature the title track, another original production, and three remixes of "Simply Swag"—including this one from production duo Chaos in the CBD, out of New Zealand. The pair's remix has a decidedly '90s house feel to it, with easy-going synth pads and vocal humming leading the charge. But the small amount of lyrical content present is a bit of a head-scratcher, starting off with a tried-and-true "feel the house music" bit before a brief appeal for swag appreciation. Diamante also makes the dubious claim of being "100% ghetto," which may be indicative of language or cultural barriers negatively impacting the lyrical quality. You can stream the Simply Swag EP, an impressive outing given Klauser's relative greenness, after the jump.  Read more » 

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