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Casual Fridays: Gettin' Glitzy!

Our resident stylist Andrew Porter waxes casual on men's and women's must-haves. Read more » 

Download: MZO Bullet "Casablanca (Mite's Acid Re-Dub)"

First Listen
Label: Embassy

Back in December, London's New State Music finally made the release of MZO Bullet's "Casablanca" official. It was about time too, as lo-fi YouTube rips of the track had been muddying up the sound of kwaito DJs everywhere. Though the song has been pressed and released, if you're anything like us, then you probably still can't get enough of it. As it turns out, Mite (pictured above) of Embassy Recordings has been thinking along similar lines. He recently sent us his light "Acid Re-Dub" that keeps the song intact while cleverly substituting the chaotic acid warble of a TB-303 for the original's bumping synth-sax bass. You can give it a listen below.  

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Stream the New Planningtorock Album Now

Faithful XLR8R TV watchers will know that Berlin-based musician/visualist Planningtorock (a.k.a. Janine Rostron) is not your typical artist. Now the singer, producer, and occasional Knife collaborator has made her latest album, W, available for full stream via The Hype Machine. Read more » 

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  • 05/20/2011

The Bug and Flowdan Contribute to Greensleeves' Dubstep Remixes

Do you often find yourself lamenting the absence of dub in your dubstep? If you do, then we might suggest worrying about more serious things, because Greensleeves is coming to your rescue. Read more » 

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  • 05/20/2011

Download: Cupp Cave "Pear Pressure"

First Listen
Label: Vlek

We won't mince words on this one—this warbling dance tune from Belgian producer Cupp Cave sounds a whole lot like Nottingham's resident rave archivist, the excellent Lone, and that's totally fine with us. "Pear Pressure," which is an outtake from the artist's forthcoming Dice Pool EP for hometown imprint Vlek, features all the classic sounds that his UK counterpart wields so well: thumping 909 beats, hypnotic analog basslines, and a touch of disjointed psychedelia to top it all off. Thankfully for for us, Cupp Cave uses these elements in his own creative ways, so as to make a fresh ripple in an already-familiar sonic pond. You can listen to four other examples of his musical efforts, and stream Dice Pool before it drops on June 13, here

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Kode9 to Exhibit Artworks in Los Angeles and New York

Steve Goodman is mostly known on this side of the Atlantic as Kode9, a wicked DJ/producer, the founder of groundbreaking dubstep label Hyperdub, and a recent XLR8R cover star. But take a trip to his native UK and you'll find that he's also known for his theoretical side. Read more » 

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  • 05/19/2011

Download: Drop/Dead "When You (Elsewhere Remix)"

Here's a novel endeavor: Start a club night, but instead of the usual promotional materials (DJ mixes, teaser videos, interviews, etc.), release a couple of tunes that feature your performing artists remixing each other's work. That's exactly what London's Liminal Sounds—a party described as "a new night championing the myriad mutations of underground bass music, disregarding concepts of genre or scene"—came up with for its inaugural jump off, one half of which we're sharing with you today. Opening act Elsewhere remixes "When You" by up-and-coming tunesmith and fellow performer Drop/Dead, crafting it into his own kind of bubbly, emotional, and low-end-centric club music. You can grab the other part of LS001, a Drop/Dead remix of "Cronos" by Throwing Snow, for free, here, and check out more details on the forthcoming Liminal Sounds party—which will feature sets from Throwing Snow, Ph0t0machine, Brey, and others—here

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Submerse to Release Two-Song EP Via Party Like Us

After recently being featured in our Bubblin' section, young Cheshire resident Submerse has prepped a new record scheduled to drop on June 7 via the Party Like Us label. Read more » 

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  • 05/19/2011

Video: Swindle "Moodswings"

This, uh, flashy video just landed in our inbox from the UK's always on-point Butterz label, and is for the fresh "Moodswings" single by grime producer Swindle. Directed by Mr. Tit, the animated piece features a load of twisted and trippy animations that we assume would be great to watch under the influence of any mind-altering substance, though they're pretty exciting on their own, too. Read more » 

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  • 05/19/2011

Bubblin' Up: Blawan takes post-dubstep and UK house out of its comfort zone.

In the UK bass world, you could safely call Jamie Roberts (a.k.a. Blawan) an overnight success. Before he was on anyone's radar, he sent tracks to Untold and Pariah, and immediately scored releases on Hessle Audio and R&S, two of electronic music’s most revered labels. Read more » 

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