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Review: Actress "Rainy Dub" b/w "Faceless"

For an artist that had as big of a year as Actress did in 2010, it's somewhat baffling how low of a profile London producer Darren Cunningham has kept in 2011. Granted, Actress did release a lukewarm 12" via NonPlus+, remix a song for indie darling Panda Bear, and give away a handful of tracks via his Twitter account, but it all seemed to pale in comparison to his second album, Splazsh, and the response to the music was equally unmatched. We'd like to think that the current nature of the music world is to blame; fans can be prone to quickly gobbling up what's put in front of them before moving on to the next 'hot' thing. Actress' confrontational, sometimes long-winded style of techno certainly requires a dedicated and patient listener, almost to a fault. And his latest record, the "Rainy Dub" b/w "Faceless" 12" for Honest Jon's, continues to take those tendencies to new extremes. Read more » 

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  • 12/12/2011

Download: Charli XCX "Nuclear Seasons (Balam Acab Remix)"

British songstress Charli XCX seems to have had no trouble putting together an impressive list of producers to rework her latest single, "Nuclear Seasons." Last month, we shared Hackman's version of the tune, and now we have an entirely different spin from Balam Acab (pictured above), who warps the original ever so gently to fit his blissful, slow-brewing world. Surprisingly, the remix comes completely vacant of Balam Acab's trademark pitched-the-fuck-up vocals, but still proves to be just as gorgeous and inviting as what we've heard from the Pennsylvania wunderkind before. (via Gorilla vs. Bear

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Check Out The Haxan Cloak's and Andy Stott's Remixes of Holy Other

Today, Bleep named the excellent Tri Angle imprint its favorite label of 2011 (XLR8R is also quite fond of it, might we add), and also offered a handful of tunes from its various releases, along with a couple of never-before-heard remixes. Those tracks are new versions of two cuts from Holy Other's (pictured above) outstanding With U EP by damaged-techno producer Andy Stott and fresh Tri Angle signee The Haxan Cloak, both of which you can listen to now. Read more » 

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  • 12/09/2011

Listen to Throwing Snow's New EP for Local Action


UK bass specialist Throwing Snow just dropped his latest record via Local Action, a three-track EP called Too Polite. Read more » 

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  • 12/09/2011

Joakim and Bambounou Collaborate for Sound Pellegrino's 'Crossover Series'

If you recall from just a few months back, the Sound Pellegrino imprint had launched the Crossover Series, an undertaking which pairs up producers from different sides of the electronic spectrum for one-off collaborative EP's. After first bringing together Bok Bok and Tom Trago, the label has announced its next Crossover release, this time tapping Frenchmen Joakim (pictured above) and Bambounou. Read more » 

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  • 12/09/2011

Download: Downliners Sekt "Lorem Ipsum"

Label: InFiné

The InFiné imprint is celebrating the closing of the year with a compilation of free tunes entitled Premasters (artwork above), which includes this track from the duo of electronic chameleons known as Downliners Sekt. "Lorem Ipsum" (which first appeared earlier this year) finds the pair in fine form, putting together a track that is as much a slice of forward-thinking bass as it is a piece of intricate sound design, complete with a slightly off-kilter beat chugging below and precise sonic layers percolating above. The Premasters collection, which also includes songs from Kid A, Clara Motto, and others, can be downloaded for free on Official FM from now until the end of the year. 

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XLR8R x Beatport: Sepalcure

Over the past few months, XLR8R has been curating a special set of charts for Beatport. At the moment, few electronic-music outfits are flying quite as high as Sepalcure, the Brooklyn-based duo of Praveen Sharma and Travis Stewart which recently dropped its self-titled debut full-length to heaps of acclaim. The pair's emotive and melodic take on bass music has set Sepalcure apart from the rest of the crowd, so, in hopes of figuring out some of the elements that make up the duo's unique aural formula, we invited the two producers to put together a list of 10 of their favorite jams of the moment. Read more » 

B2B: Kevin Saunderson and MK, Part 2

Yesterday, we published part one of our extended conversation with electronic-music veterans Kevin Saunderson and MK (a.k.a. Marc Kinchen). In the second half of their lengthy exchange, the artists discuss the major labels' retreat from dance music, the legacy of Detroit, future plans, MK's move to the pop world, and how Pitbull brought him back to house music. Read more » 

Download: VVV "Jade Mountain"

This deep, atmospheric cut is the lead track from the CD version of the recently unveiled Across the Sea album by Austin, TX resident VVV. The newcomer's record is the debut LP for both the producer and the Glaswegian imprint that released it, Fortified Audio. Though the label has put out EPs prior to this (from the likes of Distal, xxxy, and Submerse), VVV's Across the Sea marks the inaugural full-length vinyl release, and can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Review: George FitzGerald Shackled EP

Label: Hotflush

To call George FitzGerald anything but an expert when it comes to soulful, R&B-infused garage would certainly be a misstatement. But with the release of his fourth single this year (and second for Hotflush), the question has moved beyond the simple existence of the Londoner's skills as a producer in the current UK post-everything/bass-music scene to whether or not his style can evolve further. With the Shackled EP, we begin to search for the answer and come up with this far-from-resounding conclusion: yes, kind of. Read more » 

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  • 12/09/2011

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