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DJ Pierre Preps Release for Boys Noize's Label

Acid house pioneer DJ Pierre is readying a new single for BNR Trax, a sublabel of Boys Noize's main imprint, Boys Noize Records. Read more » 

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  • 03/15/2012

Download: Adam Marshall "Ferns (XI Remix)"

First Listen

Toronto native Adam Marshall (pictured above) has been active on the techno scene since the late '90s, more recently starting up the New Kanada imprint in 2006 to put out his own works as well as fine productions from artists like Tolga Fidan, Basic Soul Unit, and The Mole. The next release on that label will be a four-track EP of Marshall's latest production work, from which "Ferns" was taken and subsequently remixed by fellow Toronto tunesmith XI. The remix leans more towards the start-stop, broken-bass rhythms of XI's existing work, shying away from the tech-house feel of the lengthy original. You can check out the tracklist and artwork for Marshall's untitled EP (identifiable by its catalog number, NK33) before it drops on April 10, after the jump.  Read more » 

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Review: Jonwayne Oodles of Doodles

Where to begin with Oodles of Doodles? A veritable behemoth of a release, it's a beat tape consisting of 48 tracks—both old and new, heard and unheard—by Southern California producer Jonwayne. The double-disc offering clocks in at well over two hours, with cuts as short as 43 seconds and as long as six minutes, which is to say Oodles of Doodles is a record just about as varied as they come. But, surprisingly, the quality and style remains constant throughout. Read more » 

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  • 03/15/2012

Video: Low In The Sky "Ice Disco"

Although Low In The Sky released A Shared Rainbow, the album on which "Ice Disco" appears, back in 2011, this accompanying clip is a new creation. The video offers an ever-changing array of swirling colors that come to life in the form of rainbow trees, prismatic butterflies, a multi-colored girl, and her dance partner—who just so happens to have a disco ball for a head. Read more » 

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  • 03/15/2012

Download: OL "Give Up"

Label: RAD

Last week, Moscow's OL dropped "IWM," an off-kilter, dancey cut that impressed us with its well-crafted atmospherics. Today, we're featuring "Give Up," a more locked-in piece of juke by the Russian producer that matches the other production's intensity, but cranks up the BPM by quite a bit more. Regular readers of XLR8R may notice that OL, along with a host of other producers from Russia's capital, has recently shown himself to be adept with mining the beat-making trends of the West, while putting his own unique, whimsical spin on them. "Give Up" is part of a split LP release with fellow countryman Vtgnike, called Province (artwork above), which can be downloaded for free after the jump, or purchased as a limited-edition CD from the label's Bandcamp.  Read more » 

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Watch Blondes Perform, Talk About Live Improvisation

Brooklyn production outfit Blondes has been building a strong reputation for its partially improvised live performances for some time now, an aspect of the duo which was recently profiled by Asylum Films. Read more » 

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  • 03/14/2012

Pursuit Grooves Offers Two Free Tracks

Brooklyn producer/MC Pursuit Grooves has just released two new tracks and is offering them up for free download. Read more » 

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  • 03/14/2012

Daphni to Release Emeralds Remix 12"; Hear it Now

The artists behind two of our favorite releases of 2010, Caribou's Dan Snaith (a.k.a. Daphni) and the Cleveland-based synth explorers of Emeralds, have joined forces on a 12" of remixes. Read more » 

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  • 03/14/2012

Justin Martin Readies Debut LP for Dirtybird

After spending the past decade releasing loads of well-received singles and DJ mixes, house veteran Justin Martin has finally put together his first full-length LP. Read more » 

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  • 03/14/2012

Download: Elkat & Moleskin "Hurt (The Elementz Remix)"

Label: Hit & Hope

Although this remix of Elkat & Moleskin's "Hurt" by Nottingham production duo The Elementz (pictured above) is a rather straightforward piece of dubstep, its solid production work makes it a bit of an upgrade from the somewhat dreary original. The Elementz adds some serious heft to the rumbling bassline, as well as catchy and diverse drumwork, including an intriguing bit of climbing and falling pitched percussion. The duo also reworks the Aaliyah vocal sample into something less recognizable, a thankful departure from the bland and over-used R&B pitch-playing from the original. This remix will not be featured on the Hurt EP by Elkat & Moleskin, which saw a vinyl-only release earlier this week, but the EP will include remixes by Optimum and Donga & Blake. 

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