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Balam Acab Shares Free Unreleased Tunes

Continuing a giving spree that started last week with his own version of KP & Envyi's classic "Swing My Way," Pennsylvanian producer Balam Acab posted more free music on the internet today. Read more » 

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  • 03/12/2012

Video: Chromatics "Back From the Grave"

Portland's Chromatics has been leaking cuts from its upcoming Kill for Love LP in the form of Alberto Rossini-directed music videos for the past few months now. The audio-visual aesthetic of "Back from the Grave," the fifth and latest in that series, harkens back to that of 2007's brilliant Night Drive, offering a haze of italo-infused dream-pop anchored by Ruth Radelet's forthright vocals and the analog sensibilities of the Italians Do it Better pedigree. Read more » 

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  • 03/12/2012

Download: Kid606 "Ejaculazer Tag"

Label: Tigerbeat6

Glitch veteran Kid606 is prepping a new release for his Tigerbeat6 imprint, the elegantly titled Ejaculazer Tag EP. Featured here, the title track embodies Kid606's trademark knack for making spastic, genre-hopping bass mischief. The Berlin-based producer incorporates funky electro and UK garage on this cut, warping "Ejaculazer Tag" into a head-in-the-stars melange of contemporary beat work. You can stream the rest of Kid606's EP, which drops on March 26, after the jump.  Read more » 

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Jackmaster to Tour US

Numbers head honcho and all-around UK dance-music ace Jackmaster has announced plans for a month long stateside tour starting this week. Read more » 

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  • 03/12/2012

Download: Moscow "Mind Shine"

The Brighton-based Donky Pitch imprint recently issued the third EP in its trilogy of free releases, Hyaline (artwork above). This final installment comes courtesy of Moscow, a fellow Brighton resident who offers up five tracks of synth-soaked beat work to end the series. "Mind Shine" is taken right from the middle of the effort, and is a hip-hop indebted tune that finds a bombastic middle ground between Southern rap and the SoCal beat scene. Moscow also throws in touches of space-age boom-bap, the sort that seems to be escaping from the island of Britain more and more these days. You can cop Moscow's Hyaline EP, along with releases from Boss Kite and Ghost Mutt, for the small price of your email address over on the Donky Pitch Bandcamp

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Listen to Renaissance Man's 'Remix Project'

Last month, news broke that Finnish duo Renaissance Man had enlisted a fleet of top-notch producers for a new remix album, which has since been dubbed Remix Project. The 10-track collection, which officially drops on March 19 via Turbo, includes reworks of tracks from last year's The Renaissance Man Project by an impressive slate of artists that includes Matthew Herbert, Joakim, Teeth, Paul Woolford, Locked Groove, Dexter, and more. That information alone would be enough to get most people excited, but Turbo has elected to tease everyone a bit more by passing along a stream of the remix LP in its entirety. Read more » 

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  • 03/12/2012

Bubblin' Up: Ssaliva / Cupp Cave

François Boulanger has been making drugged-out electronic music longer than most might realize. Based in Liège, Belgium, the producer has remained unnaturally prolific since he first started out with the name Kingfisherg about 10 years ago, quietly releasing bits of crunchy IDM via the now-defunct Carte Postale imprint and cassette label Wigflip. And yet Boulanger has only more recently began garnering international attention for the drifty, experimental beats he crafts under his two currently active monikers, Ssaliva and Cupp Cave. Now more than ever, people seem to be listening to—and enjoying—the wealth of music Boulanger creates, and as his quality releases and subsequent accolades start to pile up, it would appear that his moment could very well be right around the corner. Read more » 

Download: Deep88 "Like a Trembling H"

Named after the year he fell in love with electronic music (1988) and the coinciding sound he aligns himself with, Italian producer Deep88 has been crafting tracks and releasing vinyl efforts on his label—which also operates under the Deep88 handle—from similarly minded artists for a while now. Here, we have an original production that he's offered up, one that stays true to the first part of the artist's moniker with a subdued, rolling bassline and a swung groove of the sort found in classic Midwestern house. Atop this rhythmic structure, Deep88 showers the tune with gentle, swirling pads and a brief appearance by an effected vocal sample that brings it all together. 

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Review: French Fries "Yo Vogue"

Label: Dirtybird

"I wanna see you vogue bitch."

"This is pretty ghetto but it makes me want to vogue."

Do these lines of prose sound appealing to you? Putting aside all questions of innovation, production quality, genre, and style, liking "Yo Vogue," the latest single from Parisian youngster French Fries, really comes down to how one feels about the lyrics. Read more » 

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  • 03/12/2012

Download: Auntie Flo "Highlife (Sophie Remix)"

It was almost a year ago when we posted the original version of Auntie Flo's "Highlife." Now, we've got our hands on a reworked version of the percussion-heavy house track from UK resident Sophie, who spins the tune into much brighter territory with an array of gliding synth melodies and bubbling percussion. Sophie's remix is joined by reworks of another Auntie Flo tune, "Oh My Days," from Alejandro Paz and Pearson Sound on the Auntie Flo Remixed EP (artwork above), which is out today. After giving Sophie's twist of "Highlife" a listen below, you can stream a preview of Pearson Sound's "Oh My Days" re-fix after the jump.  Read more » 

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