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Download: Dro Carey & Andy Petr "Beauty Colder"

Label: Templar

Since last year, up-and-coming Sydney imprint Templar Sound has been leading the charge of the Australian bass scene, which continues to grow at a steady clip. The most noteworthy offerings from the fresh label are a pair of releases from burgeoning producer Dro Carey, but releases from Citizen, Skanky, and Grown Folk (to name a few) have been commendable as well. Even though Templar has only been around a short time, apparently the imprint has already found itself with a backlog of unreleased tunes, as it will soon be releasing a 14-song compilation featuring artists who have appeared on the label's previous six releases. "Beauty Colder," a Dro Carey and Andy Petr track from the compilation, is a shimmering piece of beat work with a heavy emphasis on chopped and manipulated R&B vocal samples. The tune also features an unusual, halting bass line, skittering percusion, and dreamy synth textures. The Templar Sound compilation is set for a February 27 release date, but before then, take a look at the complete tracklist after the jump, and the album artwork above.  Read more » 

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Mano Le Tough to Release "Mountains" 12" via Permanent Vacation

It would appear that Berlin-based, Bubblin' Up house producer Mano Le Tough has recently fallen in love with the Swiss Alps. In addition to the photo he sent us for his recent XLR8R podcast, he's got a new single called "Mountains" on the way. Read more » 

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  • 02/21/2012

Listen to Nina Kraviz's Debut LP on Resident Advisor

Our fellow electronic-music aficionados at Resident Advisor just unveiled a streaming audio player that contains the debut album by Russian DJ/producer Nina Kraviz. Read more » 

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  • 02/21/2012

Numbers to Release Kodiak 12" with Actress, Girl Unit Remixes

The next record on its way from the on-point Numbers imprint is the debut 12" single from London duo Kodiak. Read more » 

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  • 02/21/2012

Download: Tycho "Dive (Keep Shelly in Athens Remix)"

First Listen
Label: Ghostly

There's been absolutely no shortage of praise for San Francisco producer Tycho's excellent Dive LP on this website, and at this rate, it won't be letting up any time soon. The latest reminder of that album's sepia-soaked synths and angelic atmospheres is this remix of the title track by Grecian blog darlings Keep Shelly in Athens, which basically deconstructs the original song and reshapes it into something even more drifty and warm. Look for this one alongside another remix from electronic indie-pop outfit Memoryhouse when Tycho's "Dive" single (artwork above) drops on April 3. 

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Stream a Track From Lone's Forthcoming 'Galaxy Garden' LP

Roughly a month ago, we discovered that multifaceted UK tunesmith Lone would soon be releasing a new single and a new LP. Galaxy Gardens (artwork above) won't arrive for another couple of months, but you can take a listen to its lead single, "Crystal Caverns 1991," now. Read more » 

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  • 02/21/2012

Download: Crackazat "Implication"

Somewhere between the divergent worlds of Lone and Dâm-Funk is the music of Bristol-reared, Sweden-based producer Crackazat. The man's forthcoming debut EP, Explanation (artwork above), will be released later this month, but we've been passed one of that record's sleekest tracks ahead of time. Crackazat's "Implication" somehow incorporates touches of new-age synths with backyard bbq-style G-funk, which altogether makes for the kind of feel-good beat that begs for you to bounce along with it. 

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Podcast 235: Distal

Over the past year or so, few artists have popped up more frequently on XLR8R than Distal (a.k.a. Michael Rathbun). Part of that has to do with the 28-year-old beatmaker's inherently prolific nature, as he's quickly amassed a hearty discography that includes releases on labels such as Tectonic, Grizzly, Seclusiasis, and Fortified Audio, not to mention his own imprint, Embassy Recordings, which he runs in tandem with fellow Atlantan Mite. Yet Distal's rise can be attributed to more than just the volume of his output, as his music is definitely of a high quality. Read more » 

Download: Benito "Shakes (Devonwho Remix)"

First Listen
Label: Brap Dem!

Today, San Francisco's Benito is issuing a new EP of bass-minded boom-bap, I'm Busy (artwork above), and has wrangled recent Bay Area transplant Devonwho to inject some funkiness into one of the effort's tracks, "Shakes." Starting things off in the darker regions of skittering, futuristic beats, Devonwho eventually transforms this rework into a funky production, thanks—for the most part—to a handful of warm chords and a percolating synth bassline that runs on a playful grid as the drum programming starts to resemble a 2-step-style break. After giving the remix a listen, you'll find a preview of the I'm Busy EP, along with the complete tracklist, after the jump.  Read more » 

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Review: RxGibbs Futures EP

Quick Spin
Label: Cascine

Chillwave's notoriety didn't last too long, but many of its signifiers have become an almost ubiquitous part of the independent music world. Heavy usage of reverb, sunny atmospherics, upbeat tempos, '80s-pop inclinations—the way these elements are applied to a song can often make the difference between a vapid stinker and a contemporary treasure. The Cascine label is no stranger to the pieces left over by chillwave, having built a reputation on signing artists who can skillfully mesh those sounds with well-crafted pop. So, it's little surprise that Cascine's first release of 2012, the six-track Futures EP by newcomer RxGibbs, uncovers some of the best examples of how you can apply that aesthetic to ambient techno. Read more » 

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  • 02/21/2012

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