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Download: M.E.S.H. "On My Body"

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Label: Dyssembler

James Whipple (a.k.a. M.E.S.H.) has put forth a handful of remixes for the likes of Teengirl Fantasy, Amerie, and o F F Love, and now the Berlin-based producer has focused his talents toward the realm of original productions with the recent release of his Share The Blame EP (pictured above) via German label Dyssembler. "On My Body" is taken from that record, and blends a brooding rhythm with a tense, ravey synth melody—seemingly drawing inspiration from both hip-hop and the R&B-saturated current that runs through much of contemporary electronic music. Share The Blame is available as a digital download or on 12" vinyl at Dyssembler's webstore; the 12" features three M.E.S.H. originals and a remix from Teengirl Fantasy, while the digital version includes additional remixes from Craxxxmurf and Arca. You can listen to the full release after the jump.  Read more » 

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Kompakt Preps 'Pop Ambient 2012' Compilation

Kompakt's Pop Ambient compilation series has already spanned over a decade of music, with 11 releases so far. Pop Ambient 2012 (pictured above) marks the latest installment, and is slated to drop on January 31. Read more » 

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  • 11/21/2011

Shed to Release Equalized Label Retrospective

Multi-faceted techno producer Rene Pawlowitz (a.k.a. Shed) has announced he is preparing to drop a retrospective of music he released under the name EQD via his Equalized imprint, called Equalized #111. Read more » 

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  • 11/21/2011

Download: Funk Butcher "Up and Down"

Kwame Safo is the Londoner behind Funk Butcher, the moniker he's used for his various producer/DJ endeavors, which includes running his Sunday night Rinse FM show, Houseology 101 (you can tune in 6-9 p.m. GMT), and helming his very own Houseology imprint. Here, we have a track from the man himself. "Up and Down" employs rolling low-end, tasty percussion, and an unexpected-though-welcome amount of jazzy flutes, which results in—you guessed it—an infectious and funky house number.  

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Gear: Sol Republic Tracks On Headphones

While Sol Republic (a relative newcomer to the audio electronics game) has built a considerably solid and rich-sounding pair of headphones with its Tracks On series, the most impressive part is no doubt the price point—selling for a mere $100 at most retailers. Read more » 

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  • 11/21/2011

Behind the Scenes at RBMA Madrid, Part 1

Last week, XLR8R was invited to Madrid for a few days to get a behind-the-scenes look at this year's Red Bull Music Academy. The annual summit is currently in the midst of its second term, and upon his arrival, our editor Shawn Reynaldo was thrust right into the thick of things. Here are some of the highlights of what he saw. Read more » 

Download: Lucid "Shh (Sam Tiba Remix)"

Melbourne producer Lucid recently released a new EP, entitled The New Reprise, via Nightshifters. The record showcases four originals from Lucid, alongside a handful of remixes—including this one from Club Cheval's Sam Tiba. Preserving some of the lunacy of Lucid's production, Tiba's remix explores a thunderous low-end that was only hinted at on the original. Nightshifters has also offered a video from the new EP: you'll find Mark Brown's hectic visual interpretation of "Closed Eye" below.  Read more » 

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Review: Kingdom Dreama EP


Over the past year or so, a huge swath of the bass-music world has been preoccupied with creating the perfect middle ground between the urban sounds of the UK and the US, a place where stuttering grime and garage beats smoothly intermingle with hip-hop swagger and R&B divas. Yet this is a sonic space that Kingdom has been occupying for years, and his latest release, the four-song Dreama EP, proves that he's still miles ahead of the pack. Read more » 

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  • 11/21/2011

Download: Om Unit "Swimming Dragon"

Label: Civil

The considerably prolific London producer known as Om Unit is prepared to drop his latest EP, Transport, on November 28 via the Civil imprint, and has passed along its opening tune, "Swimming Dragon," to serve as the first taste of the forthcoming release. In the past year or two, Om Unit has established himself as a producer who is not afraid to move between genres while still seeming to keep at least one foot firmly placed in UK bass, and this production is no different. Almost unclassifiable except for an all encompassing 'future-music' tag, "Swimming Dragon" folds pieces of electro-house drums, dubstep-appropriate low-end, and the kind of hazy, arp-filled synth clouds that one might expect to find from a West Coast beat head. There are even some Asiatic flute samples buried in there, too. 

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Download: Mark E "Oranges (Jacques Renault Edit)"

Label: Ghostly

Mark E (pictured above), label head of Merc Music, released his most recent album, Stone Breaker, via Ghostly back in May. With the DJ/producer gearing up for a short US tour in December, Ghostly has shared this edit of "Oranges," which is taken from the aforementioned LP, by Brooklyn house/disco fanatic Jacques Renault. Stripping away most of the tribal percussion found on the original, Renault's re-imagining converts the tune into an ephemeral slice of house music, with a series of muted chord stabs holding everything together. Hit the jump for Mark E's upcoming US tour dates.  Read more » 

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