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Kyle Hall's Wild Oats Label Releases Rare and Unheard Anthony "Shake" Shakir Music

DJ, producer, and Detroit native Kyle Hall's record label, Wild Oats, has re-released a rare, out-of-print 12" by fellow Midwesterner and techno mastermind Anthony "Shake" Shakir, pairing it with unheard music from the same sessions and a collaborative track by the two artists. Read more » 

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  • 03/06/2012

Download: Graphics "I Don't Wanna"

Label: LYWat Records

It was just yesterday when UK producer Graphics (a.k.a. Alfie MacGibbon) colorfully announced that he was starting his own label, LYWat Records, and gave away its first free tune, the moody "Dogs Yawn." Apparently, he's eager to keep the ball rolling; MacGibbon quickly got back in touch with us—handing over a second tune from his free EP, the deep skitter of "I Don't Wanna," inside of another illuminating email that further elaborates on his motives behind the new endeavor. As the artist/label boss explains it, "Basically, the reason I'm doing this is that I've got about 10 tracks that I wouldn't play out at the moment and that I wouldn't want to put on an album if I'm even gonna do one soon." But music is apparently not the only thing we can expect from his imprint. "My love before music used to be film, and that's all I wanted to do," Graphics continues. "So, for example, I'll be doing videos about pretty much anything, with a free song, etc." If the quality remains this high, we look forward to receiving many more tunes, videos, and emails from MacGibbon. 

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Matthewdavid Drops Free Mixtape

Southern California producer, Leaving Records boss, and cassette aficionado Matthewdavid has delivered a surprise for all lovers of beats and tape fuzz today, a free mixtape. Read more » 

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  • 03/06/2012

Download: Mess Kid "Sipslow (Morri$ Prpl Drvnk Remix)"

Label: Freshmore

Texan club-tune label Freshmore is getting ready to drop its next record on March 12, the Sipslow EP from New York producer Mess Kid. The release features the original title track alongside remixes from Cedaa, Nikko, and—featured here—Kansas' own Morri$ (you might remember him from this recent collaboration). His lengthy rework of "Sipslow" is an 808-abusing, rap-screwing, armageddon-summoning monster of a production with more sub drops than ought to be allowed in any single tune. Make sure to check out previews of the rest of Mess Kid's EP, too, after the jump.  Read more » 

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xxxy Readies New EP for Well Rounded

UK imprint Well Rounded has announced the imminent arrival of a new EP by London-based tunesmith xxxy. Read more » 

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  • 03/06/2012

Podcast 237: Krystal Klear

In the bustling UK music scene, where genres come and go in what seems like the bat of an eye, there's always a strong focus on the new. New artists. New sounds. New labels. New parties. While this kind of outlook sometimes leads to novelty trumping actual quality, it's not an attitude that's been wholesale adopted by the entire slate of UK music makers. Krystal Klear is a perfect example of those bucking the trend. Read more » 

Download: USRNM "Snif"

Label: Photogram

Longtime UK DJ/musician/sound artist Stuart Bowditch has recently undertaken a new project, a musical endeavor called USRNM. On his first release under this production moniker, the Instant Message EP, Bowditch explores the possibilities of meshing high-end sound experimentation with ethereal techno soundscapes, which the bell-laden "Snif" is a prime example of. You can stream and purchase the rest of USRNM's Instant Message EP over on Bandcamp, here

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Check Out New Mixes From Juan Atkins and Floating Points

Yesterday brought around two intriguing podcasts over on Resident Advisor and FACT, courtesy of Floating Points and Juan Atkins (pictured above), respectively. Read more » 

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  • 03/06/2012

Download: Breton "Plastic Boxes"

Label: Fat Cat

UK four piece Breton is less than a month away from dropping its debut LP, Other People's Problems, but before that full-length sees a release on April 3, the group is set to unveil a new single, "Interference," later this month. That brings us to "Plastic Boxes," a booming slice of neck-snapping electronics which will serve as the flip side on the forthcoming single (which hits the streets March 19). Built around an instantly memorable chord progression, Breton crafts an almost-anthemic piece of pop-tinged beatwork which the group filters, glitches, and bit-crushes liberally. A repeated vocal hook tops the affair, and although its words are mostly incomprehensible, the refrain remains surprisingly catchy nonetheless. 

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Review: Nina Kraviz Nina Kraviz

Label: Rekids

In the past three years, Siberian-born DJ and producer Nina Kraviz has quickly established herself as a respected and outspoken member of the underground dance music community. Taking cues from the more avant-garde strains of house, her discography has put a refreshingly feminine spin on a style of music that's, generally speaking, about as masculine as professional wrestling. Unfortunately, her recently released debut LP, Nina Kraviz, falls short of the higher points of her career so far. Read more » 

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  • 03/06/2012

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