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Download: Breton "Plastic Boxes"

Label: Fat Cat

UK four piece Breton is less than a month away from dropping its debut LP, Other People's Problems, but before that full-length sees a release on April 3, the group is set to unveil a new single, "Interference," later this month. That brings us to "Plastic Boxes," a booming slice of neck-snapping electronics which will serve as the flip side on the forthcoming single (which hits the streets March 19). Built around an instantly memorable chord progression, Breton crafts an almost-anthemic piece of pop-tinged beatwork which the group filters, glitches, and bit-crushes liberally. A repeated vocal hook tops the affair, and although its words are mostly incomprehensible, the refrain remains surprisingly catchy nonetheless. 

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Review: Nina Kraviz Nina Kraviz

Label: Rekids

In the past three years, Siberian-born DJ and producer Nina Kraviz has quickly established herself as a respected and outspoken member of the underground dance music community. Taking cues from the more avant-garde strains of house, her discography has put a refreshingly feminine spin on a style of music that's, generally speaking, about as masculine as professional wrestling. Unfortunately, her recently released debut LP, Nina Kraviz, falls short of the higher points of her career so far. Read more » 

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  • 03/06/2012

Graphics Unveils New Label and EP, Shares Free Music

An interesting email appeared in our inbox today from young British up-and-comer Graphics, in which the producer explains that he has started his own record label, called LYWat Records, and is incrementally dropping a new EP as its first release. However, he put it much more colorfully than that. Read more » 

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  • 03/05/2012

Deep Medi Preps Mensah 12"

From the land of never-ending bass, veteran Bristol producer Mensah has been tapped for a 12" single, set to drop on the Deep Medi imprint this month. Read more » 

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  • 03/05/2012

Download: Cc "Seperated"

First Listen
Label: Jass

Atlanta beatmaker Time Wharp has recently started a fresh endeavor with a handful of his tune-making peers, a record label called Jass. The imprint's inaugural release is a compilation featuring a track from each of the 10 East Coast producers involved, from which the stripped-down and understated "Seperated" (sic) by Georgian artist Cc is lifted. Before Jass' first record is released on March 20, you can pre-order the Companion I compilation via Bandcamp, here

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Laid Back Reworks Old Material for Upcoming Mini-Album

Danish duo Laid Back—responsible for the classic underground disco track "White Horse"—have announced plans to release a mini-album of reworked jams and lost recordings from the same session which produced the pair's early-'80s jam. Read more » 

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  • 03/05/2012

Download: Timbah "Cuckoo Clock"

Label: Bad Taste

With producers like Sheffield's Timbah around, no R&B vocals are safe. To his credit, Timbah does find some interesting spots to fit the slices of chopped falsetto on "Cuckoo Clock," a cut from the his debut EP, Can't Love Without You (artwork above). The man's hyper-detailed production seems to build walls around these R&B snippets, piecing giant kick drums, perfectly quantized percussion, and warm, glowing chords together as if they were ready-made, interlocking pieces. It's this impressively exact production quality that really makes the tune a rewarding listen, pulling touchstones of the post-dubstep world—in particular, James Blake-style chords and sultry re-pitched vocals—into a bit of new territory. After giving "Cuckoo Clock" a listen, you can stream a preview of Timbah's debut EP, which is out now, if you follow the jump.  Read more » 

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Listen to the Debut Album from VCMG

Ever since the news broke that Vince Clarke and Martin Gore, two of the founding members of Depeche Mode, had reunited after 30 years to create Berlin-inspired techno under the name VCMG, a strong sense of curiosity has surrounded the music. The duo's recent Spock EP and its follow-up, Single Blip, thankfully proved that the veteran pair wasn't embarking on some kind of musical disaster, but the new endeavor's first big test is Ssss, the debut VCMG full-length. The album isn't scheduled to drop until next week via Mute, but the storied producers have elected to make a stream of the entire LP available now. Give it a listen after the jump. Read more » 

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  • 03/05/2012

Stream a New Track From Burial and Four Tet

Just yesterday, Four Tet took to Twitter to share a track that very well might be on the next release for his Text imprint, a collaboration he did with Burial. Read more » 

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  • 03/05/2012

High Five: Ital

This is a special installment of our ongoing High Five feature series, insomuch that we've doubled its length to accommodate the two predominate styles of artist Daniel Martin-McCormick's work to date. With his bands Black Eyes and Mi Ami, the multifaceted musician has delved deep into the noisier realms of punk and hardcore, while the latest incarnation of Mi Ami and his new solo material, produced as Ital, mines the fertile landscape of house music and other electronic sounds—all of which Martin-McCormick eventually turns completely upside down for his tracks. So, we thought it would be interesting for Martin-McCormick to give us a bit of background on his two disparate loves: five dance tunes and five hardcore jams. Read more » 

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