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Video Premiere: Brey "Bengela"

The ever-crowded London music scene is full of unusual characters, but few can match Brey when it comes to out-and-out weirdness. The Angolan-born producer will soon be releasing his proper debut, the Brasil EP, a tempo-hopping, four-song effort that's slated to drop via Serbian imprint Svetlana Industries. The vinyl won't be ready until March 19, with a digital release to follow on April 2, but in the meantime, Brey has unveiled this trippy video for lead cut "Bengela." Read more » 

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  • 03/02/2012

XLR8R's Top 20 Downloads of February

The dust has barely settled after this Leap Year February, and we've already got our list of the most downloaded tracks from that chilly month. Read more » 

Download: ARP 101 "Mystery Man"

Label: Eglo

Next week, Floating Points' and Alexander Nut's' Eglo imprint will be celebrating its third birthday with a night of music at London's legendary Fabric nightclub and has tapped one of its flagship artists, ARP 101, for a new track to help spread the word. As always, the funky Brit delivers, this time with "Mystery Man," a track full of broken breaks, space-age synths, and just enough completely incomprehensible vocal chops to keep things moving. If you're lucky enough to find yourself anywhere near London on Thursday, March 8, then we advise you make your way to Fabric, as Eglo's third birthday party is set to feature a live set from ARP 101, the Eglo Live Band (featuring Fatima), DJ sets by Alexander Nut and Funkineven, the premiere of Floating Points' brand new live show, and—amazingly enough—a rare guest appearance by Detroit's DJ Dez/Andres. For more info and to grab tickets for the event, head here

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Review: Venetian Snares Fool the Detector EP

Quick Spin
Label: Planet Mu

As Venetian Snares, Canadian producer Aaron Funk has long been interested in the possibilities of grating audio, claustrophobic arrangements, and unnerving melodic themes. His vast output of sonic explorations stretches all the way back to the late '90s and boasts some 50 or so releases. It is also patently restless and somewhat lopsided; even when Funk hits his stride in the world of glitchy, mutated breakbeat and jungle (see: Winter in the Belly of a Snake, Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding, Detrimentalist), he always veers toward a new tangent—like, say, fucking with classical music, gabber, or reggae—that yields entirely mixed results. The Fool the Detector EP (his third release in under a year) is a brief coalescence of Venetian Snares' various stylistic proclivities, which is to say that it's just as frantic and uneven as his discography on the whole. Read more » 

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  • 03/02/2012

The Rapture's Gabriel Andruzzi Preps Release for Throne of Blood

NYC label Throne of Blood will soon be releasing the debut solo effort from one of its owners, DJ Druzz vs. Omega Mus. Believe it or not, that's the peculiar moniker by which The Rapture's Gabriel Andruzzi has elected to be known. Read more » 

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  • 03/02/2012

Download: T. Williams "Malfunction"

Label: Enchufada

After first appearing on Enchufada with the excellent "Getting Mine" single back in 2010, London producer T. Williams will be returning to the label with a new EP later this month, Can We (artwork above). While the six-track release is said to be "eclectic," "Malfunction" seems aligned with the kind of sharply crafted, dancefloor-aimed productions Williams has steadily impressed us with over the past two years. The tune finds the British beatmaker marrying the vocal-heavy approach of past songs like "Heartbeat" with the harder-edged, low-end-heavy sounds of his more recent singles, yet the unexpected combination does nothing to mitigate the impact; if anything, it enhances the track's club-heater potential. You can check the full tracklist for the forthcoming EP, which drops March 19, after the jump. (via Spin)  Read more » 

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Distal Readies Full-Length for Tectonic

Atlanta producer and recent podcast contributor Distal has announced plans to release an LP for Pinch's Tectonic imprint, and has shared a stream of the monstrous track "Gorilla" to help spread the word. Read more » 

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  • 03/01/2012

Hot Chip Announces New Album for Domino

One of the UK's most beloved outfits, Hot Chip has announced it will release its fifth LP, In Our Heads, this year via Domino. Read more » 

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  • 03/01/2012

Download: San Gabriel "Gore Text"

First Listen

Mountain rave. That's the term one-time Pit Er Pat co-founder Butchy Fuego has conjured up to describe the music he's creating for his new solo project, San Gabriel. After several years spent largely in the background, drumming with the likes of Boredoms, Nite Jewel, Lucky Dragons, and Rainbow Arabia while also jumping in the studio with a diverse array of artists like Julia Holter, Sun Araw, These Are Powers, and Nguzunguzu, Fuego will be striking out on his own with VOLFE, the debut San Gabriel LP that's scheduled to drop in May via the rapidly expanding Time No Place imprint. "Gore Text" is the first taste of what San Gabriel has to offer, and it's an ominously lurching production powered by cinematic melodies, thick bass tones, stuttering drum patterns, and spooky vibes. Listening to the track, Fuego's time spent with Nguzunguzu is readily apparent, although the music of San Gabriel is less manic—albeit no less weird—than that of his friends in the Fade to Mind-affiliated duo. This weekend, San Gabriel will be making its live debut in Palm Springs as part of the Time No Place: Label Weekend at the Ace Hotel. If the rest of his tunes sound anything like "Gore Text," people will be hitting the road and heading to the desert in droves. 

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Eprom to Release New Single, Album

Arriving late next month, "Regis Chillbin" is the forthcoming new single by San Francisco producer Eprom. Read more » 

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  • 03/01/2012

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