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Download: Bok Bok and Tom Trago "Time Master"

Sound Pellegrino has cooked up quite the concoction of producers for the first edition of its collaborative release series, Crossover, tapping UK badman Bok Bok and Amsterdam's soulful Tom Trago to deliver a six-track EP, Night Voyage Tool Kit (artwork above). The label has kindly offered up "Time Master" from the EP, which officially sees a release today, and it's a song that seems to find the perfect balance between Bok Bok's heavy-handed bass leanings and Trago's knack for potent synth tones. Taking a generous sample from a Teki Latex and Para One remix of Canblaster's "Clockworks," the pair work through an intoxicating rhythm (complete with giant, pitched toms) for the first two minutes or so before the track's real treat reveals itself in the first breakdown, as a gliding Death Row-reminiscent synth line pops out of nowhere and propels this one into some seldom-reached galaxy where space-disco anthems and house-infused bass music live in perfect harmony. 

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Review: DJ Funeral Last Breath EP

Label: Body High

It would be easy to jokingly refer to the music of DJ Funeral as "club tracks... from the grave," or something along those lines, but then the producer dropped the Hits from the Grave mixtape last week. So much for clever one-liners. Read more » 

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  • 10/31/2011

Download: Sam Tiba "ZigZag"

Label: Marble

From the looks of Club Cheval affiliate Sam Tiba's new EP (artwork above), it might be fair to say the Frenchman has a taste for some of that "wacky tobaccy." Not only is the recently released three-track affair titled Black Eyed Weed, which is available for purchase here, but there are also some telling song titles to be found, such as "420" and the track he's offered up here, "ZigZag." But these signs can be a bit misleading, as Tiba has never been one to craft anything that could even come close to being described as "stoney," but has rather focused his efforts on creating bombastic club jams, all of which are infused with any number of more immediate ghetto-music subgenres. His new EP appears to continue these efforts, as "ZigZag" showcases the producer's knack for combining stuttering pieces of vocals, percussion, drums, FX, and bass (with absolutely no melody in sight) to yield a potent dancefloor weapon.  

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Listen to Deadboy's Halloween Mix

With a production handle like Deadboy, it's kind of your duty to drop a mix on Halloween. Thankfully, the UK resident bearing that namesake seems to agree, and today unleashed almost an hour's worth of spooky tunes, ghoulish sounds, and—best of all—loads of evil bass for a brand-new Halloween mixtape. Read more » 

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  • 10/28/2011

Video Premiere: L-Vis 1990 "Feel the Void"

UK badman and Night Slugs bossman L-Vis 1990 hits American shores today, kicking off a quick US tour that includes a Halloween stop at the XLR8R-approved Icee Hot in San Francisco. The artist is fresh off the release of his debut full-length, Neon Dreams, and has also unveiled the second official video for the album, this kaleidoscopic clip for "Feel the Void," a song that features Frenchmen Para One and Teki Latex. Read more » 

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  • 10/28/2011

Download: Ferrari Jackson "Miami Breeze"

Baltimore producer Alex Deranian is clearly not afraid to cut, chop, and drastically manipulate audio, whether it's the gritty, abstract beats he crafts as Semya, or the retro-sampling joints he puts together under the moniker Ferrari Jackson. Here, we have a fine piece of glammed-out sample work from a new Ferrari Jackson cassette (artwork above) that was recently released on the Culture Dealer label, an imprint run by like-minded sonic manipulator Run DMT. On "Miami Beach," Deranian takes a few seconds of an almost-forgotten disco tune and works them into a memorable excursion of friendly boom-bap, complete with a healthy touch of cheese. And just in case you were wondering how much cheese constitutes a healthy amount, allow us to point out the deliciously indulgent synth (or maybe that's a guitar) solo riff which adorns the second and third chorus' turn-arounds. It appears that Deranian isn't one to shy away from the occasional guilt-ridden riff, and, in the same token, neither are we. 

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Numbers to Release 12" from GoldFFinch

Fresh off the release of Mosca's smash single, "Done Me Wrong" b/w "Bax," the Scottish Numbers imprint has readied another musical salvo, this time from Belgian duo GoldFFinch. Read more » 

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  • 10/28/2011

MK Readies Double-Disc Collection for Defected's 'House Masters' Series

To add more fuel to the fire that is the ever-growing interest in classic house, another resurfacing legend, Marc Kinchen (better known simply as MK), has announced a comprehensive forthcoming collection of his seminal productions (some of which were only previously available on vinyl) for Defected's ongoing House Masters series. Read more » 

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  • 10/28/2011

Download: Dro Carey "Promothug"

Label: RAMP

Fresh off his single for Ikonika's and Optimum's Hum & Buzz label, Australia's Dro Carey already has another serving of cross-genre bass music productions on its way in the form of a new seven-track EP, Journey with the Heavy (artwork above). Here, we have a cut that didn't find its way onto the EP, but certainly not for lack of quality. Carey's harrowing bass, revolving rhythms, and tasty R&B vocal chops yield some favorable results, leaving us rife with anticipation for his upcoming EP, which marks his debut for the RAMP imprint, and exactly what the record will have in store when it drops December 5. Journey with the Heavy's full tracklist can be found after the jump. (via Pitchfork)  Read more » 

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Watch Addison Groove Lecture at RBMA Madrid

With the Red Bull Music Academy's 2011 edition already underway in Madrid, a bevy of musical knowledge is in the air, and the good folks at RBMA have done their part to help share some pieces of the action. Read more » 

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  • 10/28/2011

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