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Gerry Read Readies Final Piece of Fourth Wave Trilogy

Gerry Read claims he chose his production handle as a nod to his cockney grandfather of the same name, not after the inimitable actor and prolific country music legend who used the homophone Jerry Reed. (Side note: Although their music is wildly different, the 19-year-old wunderkind tunesmith from Suffolk, UK appears to have more than just a name in common with the late guitar man, who signed to Capitol Records when he was only 18 years old.) Gerry with a 'G' is set to wrap up a four-part series of 12" records he's been releasing on Fourth Wave, the first of which we reviewed to high acclaim (check that out here). Read more » 

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  • 11/03/2011

Marcel Dettmann to Release New Single via 50Weapons

Modeselektor's 50Weapons imprint has announced it will put out a new single by German techno aficionado Marcel Dettmann roughly three weeks after the release of the DJ/producer's long-awaited second mix album, Conducted. Read more » 

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  • 11/03/2011

Download: Milyoo "Hold Up"

Label: Opit

As a denizen of Lexington, KY, Milyoo (a.k.a. Tommy Wilson) is likely destined to be an outsider in every imaginable electronic music scene. If you throw in the fact that his tunes ceaselessly push limits while spanning a massive range of sonic variety, it's difficult to imagine he'll start fitting in any time soon. "Hold Up" is considerably different from the more straightforward tracks of his that we've previously posted and reviewed—this time showing off a more experimental take on shuffling, bass-filled hip-hop. Wilson will drop his first full-length, Archeology, on December 5 via Subeena's Opit imprint, which will also double as the label's first LP release. 

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Download Ursa Major's 'Low Rises Remixes' EP


Following a remix contest that the NYC party-starters at Trouble & Bass held for the "Low Rises" tune by UK duo Ursa Major, the label is offering the four-track Low Rises Remixes EP—which brings together the original cut with versions from LA-based Bubblin' Up producer Samo Sound Boy and two of the contest winners—as a free download exclusively on XLR8R. Read more » 

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  • 11/03/2011

XLR8R's Top 20 Downloads of October

Last month saw XLR8R's Downloads section explode with loads of solid tracks from a wide range of talented tunesmiths, and here, we've pulled together the top 20 most downloaded free jams from October for you to peruse. Read more » 

Download: Onra "No Matter What"

Label: All City

With the release of Chinoiseries Pt. 2 less than two weeks away, French producer Onra has offered up yet another track of his Southeast Asian-sampling hip-hop beats. The Asian influences on "No Matter What" are less pronounced than on his previous free download, "A New Dynasty," but nonetheless exhibit an impressive blend of diverse musical traditions. 

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Review: King Midas Sound Without You

Quick Spin
Label: Hyperdub

More or less a dubstep supergroup, London trio King Midas Sound ranks high within Hyperdub's hierarchy, sitting not far from the enviable positions that have been held by Burial, Zomby, and label boss Kode9 himself. It's probably the best way to go about justifying a remix album—or "album of reworks," as the PR would like it to be called—that arrives two years after its source material, but that could also be partially explained by the laundry list of top-shelf producers on Without You. And yet despite appearances from the likes of Mala, dBridge, Flying Lotus, Gang Gang Dance, and Cooly G, King Midas Sound's collection of Waiting for You remixes largely feels uneven and half-baked. Read more » 

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  • 11/03/2011

Force Inc. Returns with New Album by Marow

20-year-old record label Force Inc. has announced its return after going on hiatus for over half a decade with the release of Marow's + - 0 [Plus Minus Null] (pictured above), a 14-track album full of glitchy, minimalist productions that hearken back to the imprint's earlier days. Read more » 

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  • 11/03/2011

Download: Buffalo Tide "Divine Lions"

Label: BLBX

On "Divine Lions," Vancouver native Buffalo Tide meanders across various themes—pairing syncopated rhythms with novel samples, like practically inaudible background chatter and car horns. The ambient-leaning track leads Buffalo Tide's four-song Arabia EP, which will be released on November 11 by UK collective and nascent record label BLBX. This track follows in the same vein as the producer's edit of Capac that we offered up this summer, which can also be streamed with the rest of the Arabia EP on Buffalo Tide's Soundcloud page, here.  

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Video: Cooly G "Landscapes (feat. Simbad)"

This piece of dreamy, bass-driven dance music—lifted from Cooly G's forthcoming single for Hyperdub—is paired with some equally dreamy and colorful images in this video for "Landscapes (feat. Simbad)." Read more » 

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  • 11/02/2011

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