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Download: Sweatson Klank "It's All in Your Head"

To commemorate 10 years in business and over 100 releases, hhv.de imprint Project: Mooncircle is releasing a mammoth compilation with a staggering 45 tracks. While 13 of the tracks are digital only, the other 32 are packed onto four slabs of wax, with this tune by LA-based producer Sweatson Klank (a.k.a. Take) appearing on the back side of the final piece of vinyl. "It's All in Your Head" is an emotive journey marked by spacey synth sounds, constant bass, and a peasant vocal sample that vibrates across the warm tune. Project: Mooncircle's 10th Anniversary Compilation contains cuts from the likes of Om Unit, Robot Koch, Sun Glitters, fLako, Long Arm, and many more. The quadruple LP is set for a March 17 release, but you can check out its artwork above and listen to a preview of the compilation, after the jump.  Read more » 

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Video: Ssaliva "Mental Ray"

Though we're still having a fine time losing ourselves inside the squishy analog warmth and hypnotic tape delay of the RZA EP by Belgian producer Ssaliva, we're more than pleased to take in any new music from the prolific artist, too. Read more » 

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  • 02/28/2012

Download: Guillamino "Left in the Wild (Esteban Adame Left Field Mix)"

Label: Bankrobber

LA producer Esteban Adame hangs out with the right crowd. He's performed with Underground Resistance as part of Galaxy 2 Galaxy, his Ican project (with Santiago Salazar) has released records on Carl Craig's Planet E, and he recently put out a solo release on Fred P's Underground Quality label. Adame's remix of "Left in the Wild" by Barcelona's Guillamino brings to mind his work with Underground Resistance—this is a brooding, punishing, acid-techno stampede. The track is part of the Barcelona-based Guillamino's new Left in the Wild – 3 New Flavors EP (artwork above), which is out now via Bankrobber, and also features remixes from Jacques Greene and Pepepe. Check out the original version of the track, which is far funkier and sunnier than Adame's rework, after the jump. Read more » 

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Sinden to Drop New Single on Grizzly

After releasing two collaborations with SBTRKT on his own Grizzly imprint, Sinden is planning his first solo production for the label, "Pull Up Wheel Up," a tune featuring colorful Jamaican MC Natalie Storm. Read more » 

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  • 02/28/2012

Download: DJ Sliink "Put Cha Back in It"

Label: Body High

As we reported earlier this month, the rapidly expanding Body High imprint recently welcomed Jersey club prodigy DJ Sliink into its ranks. Today, the prolific young label is dropping its first release from the Brick Bandits-affiliated artist, the five-song Vibrate EP. As one might expect, its tracks offer plenty of hard-hitting kicks, infectiously chopped (and frequently repeated) vocal bits, and a gritty, lo-fi sensibility that's impressively difficult to resist. "Put Cha Back in It" is one such selection, and it's certainly not short on energy. Rather, it's an urgent call to arms where it's all but impossible to determine whether the gunfire-like percussion or full-throated female vocal refrain is more successfully hyping the dancefloor. That said, it's probably best—and a whole lot more fun—to simply call it a draw and just enjoy the tune. (via FADER

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French Fries Preps New Single For Dirtybird

French up-and-comer French Fries has a new single in the works, but it won't be for his own ClekClekBoom label this time. Instead, DJ/producer Valentino Cazani is set to release his new 12" via illustrious San Francisco house imprint Dirtybird. Read more » 

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  • 02/28/2012

Podcast 236: Champion

While pundits may say that UK funky is "over," clearly they haven't been listening to artists like Champion (a.k.a. Reiss Hanson). Read more » 

Download: Drop/Dead "Basic State"

Here's a fresh slice of brooding, dubstep-ian soundscapes from London's Drop/Dead. Slightly reminiscent of the thunder and rainfall on Burial's new Kindred EP, "Basic State" employs a steadily knocking beat, a nearly inaudible synth melody, and a dark-as-night bassline to drive its slow groove home. It reminds us how nice it is every time we hear something new from the tunesmith, so if you're in the market for more of Drop/Dead's handiwork, look no further than the solid mix he dropped for Vienna's Danceteria, after the jump.  Read more » 

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Review: Ital Hive Mind

Label: Planet Mu

The music of Daniel Martin-McCormick practically begs to be conceptualized, contextualized, and intellectualized. Under the banners of Black Eyes, Sex Worker, and Mi Ami, he's bolstered his visceral noise, punk, and electronic output by exploring ideas of subverting social norms—touching on gender issues, politics, identity, and more. It's certainly not meant to be a distraction, as the music is often more than capable of standing on its own, but, sometimes, the message can overshadow the songs that carry it. And even though Martin-McCormick has all sorts of ulterior motives and mangled ciphers woven throughout his debut full-length as Ital, Hive Mind is first and foremost about sticky house grooves and atmospheric sprawl, of which there are plenty. Read more » 

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  • 02/28/2012

Red Bull Music Academy Releases 'Various Assets' Compilation

Over the past month, we've brought you three different tracks that were put together at last year's installment of Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid. Those cuts were part of a double-disc compilation that RBMA has finally released online. Read more » 

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  • 02/28/2012

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