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Download: Graphics "MacGrackleton"

We've been following the rise of Alfie McGibbon for some time now. Over the past year or so, the 19-year-old Brit has brought us a host of impressive UK bass-leaning originals and remixes, all produced under the name Graphics. McGibbon recently dropped his latest release via Made to Play, the Sarah Palin-referencing Mama Grizzlies EP (pictured above). "MacGrackleton," an extra from that release, is a slice of dark, percussive techno, and certainly one of the young producer's most club-ready tracks to date. 

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Video: Al Tourettes "Inventing"

Bristol-based beatsmith Al Tourettes (a.k.a. Al Storey) has released this video for "Inventing," a Bruce Haack-sounding tune that will be one half of Storey's two-song EP due out later this month through the Sneaker Social Club label. The odd clip appears to document the goings-on inside the mind of a horny science undergrad as he struggles to make it through his class schedule while dosing on mushrooms. Read more » 

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  • 02/01/2012

Hot City and LOL Boys Team Up for Collaborative EP

Unknown to the Unknown label boss Hot City is teaming up with LA/Montreal duo LOL Boys for a two-song EP to be released on UTTU. Read more » 

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  • 02/01/2012

Download: Jean Nipon "Girl Complex (Voltron Refix)"

First Listen
Label: Silverback

The Belgian bass entrepreneurs at the Silverback label are set to drop another release, this time from French producer Jean Nipon. The party-starting Frenchman has displayed a knack for genre hopping over the years, turning out everything from baile funk bootlegs to electro-tinged bangers. The five-track Girl Complex EP (artwork above), which will be released on February 20, finds him experimenting with tropical-flavored house and chopped-up vocal bits. It also includes remixes from Jam City, JTRP, and Silverback label bosses Voltron. The latter has been offered up as a free download, and finds Voltron stripping down the original's burly rhythm and employing loping percussion that loosely recalls the unique drum patterns of tribal guarachero. Paired with some nimble synth melodies and an ominously seductive vocal sample, the track comes together quite nicely. A preview of the rest of the EP and the complete tracklist can be found after the jump.  Read more » 

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oOoOO to Release a New EP; Download First Single Now

Yesterday, reclusive San Francisco producer oOoOO (a.k.a. Christopher Greenspan) announced that he will be releasing a new five-song EP, once again via the Tri Angle label. Read more » 

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  • 02/01/2012

High Five: Grimes

Claire Boucher has been on something of a winning streak over the past couple of years. Starting with a 15-song cassette debut in 2010, the Montreal-based artist known as Grimes has quickly developed from her beginnings as a nascent experimentalist into the darling of homemade pop music with the quiet release of a second LP and her more celebrated split EP with fellow Canadian d'Eon, Darkbloom, in 2011. Now, as Boucher sits merely weeks away from the release of her third album, Visions, via 4AD (along with her own Arbutus imprint), she already seems poised to ascend to a whole new level. Read more » 

Download: South South Million "Baff Speech"

First Listen

Detroit duo South South Million—a project that "centers around the collage of live instrumentation, samples, and found sounds"—has a new full-length scheduled to drop on March 6 via Brooklyn imprint Triple Down, and is sharing one of Wind Hand Caught in the Door's 16 handmade tunes ahead of its release. "Baff Speech" is a prime example of Trevor Naud's and Daniel Clark's production style: A vinyl-ripped jazz beat unfurls its chopped bits on a loop, as it's gradually surrounded by sitar riffs, guitar strums, the odd piano flourish, and buried vocal coos, most of which you can never be quite sure if they have been sampled or not. It pretty much sounds like a collaboration between Bibio, Flying Lotus, and Simon & Garfunkel. If that piques your interest, make sure to sign up for South South Million's mailing list on its website, so you can get your free digital copy of Wind Hand ahead of its release date. 

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Review: The 2 Bears Be Strong

Label: DFA

After more than a decade of well-received writing and performing, four critically and commercially successful albums, and even a top-ten hit, Hot Chip has cemented itself as one of the UK's premier electronic acts. But with success comes elevated expectations, and given the run that Hot Chip is on, any new material from the group will surely be met with scientific scrutiny. Perhaps that's part of the reason why the group's songwriters, Joe Goddard and Alexis Taylor, have been stepping outside of the Hot Chip brand to release more personal and less polished music under their given names. More recently, Goddard has gone further, teaming up with Greco-Roman Soundsystem DJ Raf Rundell to form The 2 Bears, which, after releasing a series of EPs, has now put out its self-titled debut full-length. Read more » 

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  • 02/01/2012

Brownswood Announces New Compilation Curated by Kutmah

London-via-LA producer, DJ, and visual artist Kutmah—who was infamously deported from the US back in 2010—has curated a new compilation of idiosyncratic and provocative tracks for Brownswood, dubbed Kutmah Presents Worldwide Family Vol. 2. The compilation draws heavily from his roots in LA's beat scene, tapping Southland producers such as Flying Lotus, Dibia$e, and Samiyam, but also touches on UK bass with tunes from the likes of Slugabed and Hudson Mohawke. Read more » 

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  • 02/01/2012

Download: Command V "Lost on Me (Optimo Remix)"

First Listen
Label: Mush

After buying a MacBook and discovering Apple's GarageBand recording software, Cynthia Sley of famed NYC no wave outfit Bush Tetras has elected to make her return to music with a new group, Command V (take a look at your Mac keyboard if you don't get it). The original "Lost on Me" is sparse and strange, but also rather pretty, reflecting the noncomformist attitude of Sley and her bandmates. On the other hand, the Optimo remix marches with a severe and protracted four-on-the-floor, peppering the proceedings with pieces of Sley's vocals and dark synthesizer parts. Command V's self-titled debut album drops on March 14 via Mush, while "Lost on Me," the lead single (artwork above), gets a February 7 release with remixes by Jacques Renault, Nite Plane, and others. 

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