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Download: Command V "Lost on Me (Optimo Remix)"

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Label: Mush

After buying a MacBook and discovering Apple's GarageBand recording software, Cynthia Sley of famed NYC no wave outfit Bush Tetras has elected to make her return to music with a new group, Command V (take a look at your Mac keyboard if you don't get it). The original "Lost on Me" is sparse and strange, but also rather pretty, reflecting the noncomformist attitude of Sley and her bandmates. On the other hand, the Optimo remix marches with a severe and protracted four-on-the-floor, peppering the proceedings with pieces of Sley's vocals and dark synthesizer parts. Command V's self-titled debut album drops on March 14 via Mush, while "Lost on Me," the lead single (artwork above), gets a February 7 release with remixes by Jacques Renault, Nite Plane, and others. 

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Brainfeeder Drops Free Compilation

After claiming the top slot of the Label category in Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Awards, Los Angeles beat guru Flying Lotus and his Brainfeeder imprint have shared a sampler of free tunes from its growing roster of artists. Read more » 

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  • 01/31/2012

Video: Moon Bounce "Telephone"

We first came across Phildelphia's jack-of-all-trades Corey Regensburg (a.k.a. Moon Bounce) when he shared a track from his Darn Your Best Frock EP a short while back, which he is set to follow up with a "currently untitled LP scheduled for release this spring." The homemade video up top is for "Telephone," our first sneak peek of that upcoming album. Read more » 

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  • 01/31/2012

Download: Cedaa "Patagonia"

LA's up-and-coming Fade to Mind imprint has announced the start of an "official bootleg" series with this whimsical tune from Pacific Northwest bass aficionado Cedaa. Producer Simon Ho melds together oddball sound bytes, crushing bass frequencies, bubbly synth tones, and an array of percussive elements on "Patagonia," which collectively evoke some kind of alien marshland dance party. And if you're in Southern California this Friday, February 3, make sure to check out Fade to Mind's fourth blowout in Los Angeles with Nguzunguzu, Total Freedom, Kingdom, Prince William, The Claw, and Massacooramaan. 

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Stream Blondes' Debut LP Now

Brooklyn duo Blondes gradually amassed a collection of slow-building dancefloor epics throughout 2011, and will soon release them all together with a couple of extras and an additional disc of remixes. Until then, you can stream the eight tracks featured on Blondes. Read more » 

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  • 01/31/2012

Download: The-Drum "Night Driving"

Label: Audraglint

We don't know for sure if Chicago duo The-Drum's production moniker is a direct reference to The-Dream or not, but we wouldn't be at all surprised if it is. As "Night Driving"—a smooth cut from the pair's Heavy Liquid EP, which dropped today—indicates, these guys use many of the same ideas and techniques as pop genius Terius Nash (slow-grooving rap beats, sensuous atmospheres, infectious melodic hooks, et al), albeit in a much more loose and drifty fashion. Assuming those sorts of things are up your alley, we highly suggest you check out the rest of The-Drum's seven-track record. 

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Video: Marc Houle "Undercover"

Ahead of an upcoming LP on Items & Things, Berlin producer Marc Houle has offered up a music video for the album's title track. Read more » 

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  • 01/31/2012

Podcast 232: LV

Since the release of last year's excellent Routes full-length, LV has been fairly quiet. Nonetheless, the group's intrepid infusion of South African house rhythms into a UK funky-inspired template has often proved interesting—not to mention enjoyable—so we jumped at the chance to have the UK trio put together an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast series. Read more » 

Download: Blue Fields "Frozen Linien"

First Listen

Fronted by Canadian-born DJ/producer Mike Shannon, Berlin trio Blue Fields is set to drop its debut album, a 13-song offering called Ghost Story (pictured above), via Haunt Music on February 13. The outfit preemptively shared this outtake from its upcoming LP, which sounds just about as haunted and full of twists as that record's title insinuates. "Frozen Linien" is based around a dark, churning techno core, but is surrounded with subtly brighter elements, like sparse guitar noodling and chilly synth melodies. If Blue Fields' debut holds much of the same, we wouldn't be upset about it. 

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Review: Art Department Touch You Gently

It's been a whirlwind two years for Toronto-based new-school house duo Art Department. In that stretch of time, the pair has put out four singles and The Drawing Board, its critically acclaimed debut LP. Through that span, Art Department has created a dark musical world that reflects the seedy underbelly of nightlife, portraying it as a pleasure zone lost in the excess and abandon of a month spent below the surface on ketamine. Read more » 

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  • 01/31/2012

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