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Download: Toddla T "Streets So Warm (Zed Bias Old School Remix)"

First Listen
Label: Ninja Tune

Toddla T's latest album, Watch Me Dance, is an exercise in forward-thinking nostalgia. The young UK producer dropped 11 tracks that touch upon a variety of Jamaican-influenced dance music, from dancehall to grime. Now, a month after the album's release, he's prepped "Streets So Warm," the third single from the album, which features four divergent takes on the track courtesy of Zed Bias, Ross Orton & Pipes, and Serial Killaz. As a teaser, we've been slipped Zed Bias' "Old Skool Remix," a version that takes the original's stoned dancehall groove and layers it on top of a quick-footed 2-step rhythm accented by '80s arcade noises. "Streets So Warm" comes out October 17, and this week Toddla T is wrapping up the last leg of his North American tour with Roska. Check below to see if they're playing near you.  Read more » 

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Review: Jamie Jones Fabric 59

Label: Fabric

There's a definite thread of playfulness that runs through Jamie Jones' work. The London-based DJ and producer has exploded in popularity off the strength of oddball dance cuts like "911" (which sampled an infamous stoned police call) and "Whiff it Yawl" (which creatively appropriated a line from the Dazz Band). With such a strange—yet funky—discography behind him, it seems appropriate that Fabric 59, his entry in the venerable mix series, would sound the way that it does: eclectic while still retaining a cohesive dancefloor aesthetic. Read more » 

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  • 09/28/2011

Listen to Gui Boratto's Exclusive Rdio Playlist

For the latest installment of XLR8R's ongoing Rdio playlist series, we are graced with a handful of track selections from Brazilian house/techno auteur Gui Boratto. Read more » 

Download: Howse "Porch"

Altered Zones tipped us off to this tune from Baltimore resident Howse, who just dropped the Trackz EP as a "name-your-own-price" download, here. "Porch" is one of the smokey, spaced-out tunes in that nine-track collection, which features four remixes and five original cuts. You can stream Howse's own productions after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Medlar "Terrell (Bicep's Brooklyn Shuffle)"

Label: Wolf Music

Medlar's "Terrell" hit dancefloors hard when it dropped back in June with its Moodymann-like atmospherics. Now, Wolf Music has enlisted UK production duo Bicep to turn in some remixes for the upcoming Wolf 009 sampler EP. Made during the New York leg of the pair's recent tour, "Terrell (Bicep's Brooklyn Shuffle)" moves the track in a subtly different direction. Gone is the original's Tammi Terrell sample, replaced instead by echoed car horns and a spoken word sample that reaffirms the obvious, "New York is the shit man." Musically, the remix retains the original's chunky chords but gains some finger snaps and a strobing '90s US garage snare pattern. The resulting track blends the best of '90s Detroit and gay New York to create a fresh-sounding hybrid that will easily work discerning dancefloors the world over. 

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Fade to Mind Launches New Mix Series, Preps First LA Party

When it launched earlier this year, the Fade to Mind imprint promised to be more than just another record label, and this week the Kingdom-fronted enterprise is significantly expanding its operations, launching a new DJ mix series and throwing its first official party in Los Angeles. Read more » 

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  • 09/27/2011

Review: Plaid Scintilli

Quick Spin
Label: Warp

Plaid is something of an unclassifiable institution, both in the history of modern electronic music and the discography of Warp. While the production duo of Ed Handley and Andy Turner undoubtedly have a compositional aesthetic all their own, you rarely hear them returning to a particular genre or sound from album to album. The music could be generally called IDM, but that term seems to mean even less now than the day it was coined. Similarly, Plaid's sixth proper studio album, Scintilli, is hard to place stylistically, but nonetheless offers plenty of enjoyable head-scratching moments, along with a straight-up tune or two. Read more » 

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  • 09/27/2011

Download a Free EP From Arkist

It's far from uncommon to grab loads of free music from the pages of XLR8R, but it's certainly not every day that we get a chance to exclusively offer you a free EP—not to mention one from an exciting artist like Bristol's Arkist. Read more » 

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  • 09/27/2011

Download a Free Compilation Featuring Burial, Ikonika, Zomby, SBTRKT, Cooly G, and More

Major corporations have been gradually inching their way into electronic music circles for some time now (e.g. Mountain Dew, Red Bull), but the new collaborative compilation from Adult Swim and Scion A/V just might be one of the best exhibitions of reputable, independent electronic artists ever put forth by huge, non-music-related businesses. Read more » 

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  • 09/27/2011

Video Premiere: RBMA World Tour in Berlin

Here, we continue our series of video premieres—each featuring interviews and highlights from the 10 stops of the Red Bull Music Academy World Tour 2011—with a transmission from Berlin, Germany. Read more » 

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