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Light Asylum Announces Details of Debut Album

Brooklyn-based duo Light Asylum has announced a May 1 release date for its long-awaited debut full-length album on the Mexican Summer imprint. Read more » 

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  • 02/15/2012

Bubblin' Up: Visionist

London producer Visionist (a.k.a. Louis Carnell) is a confident artist, but he's also not afraid to give credit where it's due. "I can't lie," says the 22-year-old beatmaker. "I'm heavily influenced. I'll hear someone's tune and [think], 'This is amazing.' And then, I'll make something, but I'm very aware of not copying anyone." He continues, "As much I get influenced by someone's tune, my production style is, like, 'You love that vibe, now do something with it.'" It's a refreshing attitude, and one that perhaps explains how the admittedly shape-shifting artist has swiftly managed to carve out his own corner in the crowded bass-music landscape. Read more » 

Download: Touch "Lost"

First Listen

This freshly crafted and undeniably gloomy piece of bass music is the debut work of anonymous UK producer Touch. While the artist's Soundcloud and Twitter accounts were opened only hours ago, Touch tells us that he/she has previously released music under another, as yet unknown, alias. "Lost" is a somewhat experimental number, with heavy bass colliding into warped vocal snippets, sporadic drum samples, and haunting synth pads. Consider us officially intrigued. 

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Review: Burial Kindred EP

Label: Hyperdub

How could Burial properly follow an album like Untrue? That 2007 LP has practically become a sacred tome, and not only for dubstep, but the whole of electronic music. The adoration and respect that fans and critics have awarded to Burial since Hyperdub released his second full-length has put him in a bit of a pickle; if he turns out more of those desolate soundscapes and rickety beats, he'll be called a one-trick pony, but if he changes too much, he runs the risk of alienating those who treat his music like a religion. Read more » 

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  • 02/15/2012

Kassem Mosse and Mix Mup Team Up for New Album

German producer Kassem Mosse is teaming up with fellow countryman and occasional collaborator Mix Mup for a six-song mini-album to be released on Will Bankhead's Trilogy Tapes label, an imprint known for its limited-run cassette and vinyl pressings. Read more » 

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  • 02/15/2012

Download: Spam Chop "Fritz"

Although UK producer Spam Chop recently released a new three-song EP of hard-hitting, four-on-the-floor tunes, here we're bringing you an unreleased older cut of extra-large size. The nine-minute "Fritz" is a piece of mildly disorienting techno that features a steady beat and bassline punctuated by some rather wacky synth licks and blips. Spam Chop's new EP, Cuckup, is currently available through the Mimm imprint, and can be previewed along with the album art and tracklisting, after the jump. (via Mixmag)  Read more » 

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Download: DFRNT "Everything"

Label: Cut

Net label Cut has has added a 10th EP to its ongoing series of free releases, the latest one coming from label boss DFRNT (a.k.a. Alex Cowles). On his Actaeon EP, the Scottish producer explores the realm of drum & bass, albeit with the mellowness and emotion that has come to define the Cut catalog. "Everything," taken from the EP, is subtle and minimal compared to most drum & bass offerings, a track emphasizing dreamy synth melodies and chopped vocals while fast-paced percussion and bass ooze in the background. Take a look at the tracklisting and artwork for the release after the jump, and download the entire EP in exchange for your email address here or a tweet here.  Read more » 

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Grab Some Valentine's Day Music From Deadboy, Hudson Mohawke, Brenmar, and More

Looks like somebody out there loves you guys; well, it actually looks like a few awesome DJs and producers love you guys, as there's no shortage of free Valentine's Day goodies ready to help keep you company today and tonight. Read more » 

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  • 02/14/2012

Video: Sun Glitters "High"

Luxembourg producer Sun Glitters has brought us a daze of a video in support of "High," a single he dropped on Music/Is/For/Losers last month. Read more » 

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  • 02/14/2012

Download: Sculpture "Slime Code 1"

If you didn't already know, the secretive, Bubblin' Up UK artist known as Patten has his own imprint, called Kaleidoscope. Its latest release, Sculpture's Slime Code, is the first in a series called Limited Dubs, in which select artists perform a few unique sessions straight to cassette tape. "Slime Code 1" is nabbed from Sculpture's recordings, and exhibits the kind of playfully warped and intensely psychedelic electronic music featured on its release; it's kind of like every phase that Black Dice went through crammed into eight minutes. You can nab the rest of the tunes digitally here, and grab a physical copy of Slime Code here

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