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Nicolas Jaar to Launch Clown & Sunset Aesthetics with Live Multimedia Performance at MoMA PS1

NYC artist Nicolas Jaar is set to expand his Clown & Sunset record label into a more comprehensive multimedia culture house called Clown & Sunset Aesthetics, which will launch with a five-hour live performance by Jaar and other members of his collective. Read more » 

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  • 01/26/2012

Download: XXYYXX "Eclipse (feat. Ruddy P.)"

Marcel Everett won't be able to enter a club until Obama is wrapping up his second term, but that doesn't mean he isn't interested in making music that brings people to the dancefloor. The 16-year-old Orlando native, who records as XXYYXX, recently cooked up "Eclipse," a fun, blooming number that's bursting at the seams with melody and teenage naivete. The influence of a producer like Star Slinger is evident here, as ecstatic synths and vocal samples drive the song through a maze of hi-hat trills. 

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Mute Launches a New Label; Read Our Interview with the Founders

Earlier today, the storied Mute imprint announced the launch of a new label, Liberation Technologies. Since its founding in 1978, Mute has been at the forefront of electronic music, releasing music from acts like Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Goldfrapp, and Moby, along with acts such as Plastikman, Speedy J, and Luke Slater via its now-dormant NovaMute arm. These days, it continues to drop forward sounds from the likes of M83 and Apparat. Liberation Technologies looks to expand on that, and plans to operate much more like a traditional electronic-music imprint, with a commitment to vinyl and a focus on EP and 12" releases. The new label's first release, the Spring EP, is slated for March 19 and comes courtesy of King Felix, a new moniker taken up by Brooklyn's Laurel Halo. To find out more about what the young imprint has in the pipeline, we spoke with Mute founder Daniel Miller and Liberation Technologies A&R man Patrick "Paddy" O'Neill, who shared some insights into their aims and aspirations. Read more » 

Download: Eliot Lipp "I W☆nted 2 Be ☆ Rock & Roll St☆r"

NYC beatmaker Eliot Lipp is currently working a new album, his first solo material since 2009's Peace Love Weed 3D, and while the details on his new sonic forays are still under wraps, we do have this freshly crafted production, "I W☆nted 2 Be ☆ Rock & Roll St☆r." On the tune, Lipp takes a soulful vocal sample, splashes horns and guitar riffs about, and drops a heavy boom-bap behind it all for a full-sounding hip-hop excursion. Unlike much of his work, which can sometimes take months to produce, Lipp finished this track in just one sitting after getting hit with inspiration while listening to the sample's source material.  

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Video: 813 "Splinters of Violet Glasses"

Earlier this week, Moscow-based beatmaker 813 digitally released his latest EP, Spectrum Riff, via the Donky Pitch label, and with it, this video for "Splinters of Violet Glasses." Read more » 

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  • 01/26/2012

Listen to Total Freedom's Opening Ceremony Mixtape

Los Angeles' Total Freedom is a bit of an unsung hero, one of those figures who seems to have his hand in just about every cool event in the City of Angels, even if his name is rarely sitting at the top of the flyer. He's a key member of the Fade to Mind crew, and although his track-producing partners Kingdom and Nguzunguzu might grab more attention, Total Freedom just might be the best DJ of them all. Yesterday, he put those skills on display with a new mixtape for Opening Ceremony. Read more » 

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  • 01/26/2012

Download: Halp "Baby"

The Netherlands' Halp will soon deliver his Tic Tac Toe EP via the Rotterdam-based Lowriders Collective imprint, but has preemptively shared this garage-leaning cut from the release. "Baby" features a smoothly swinging rhythm, a handful of elastic synth tones that rise and fall with the sway of the beat, and choppy vocal samples that serve purposes more percussive than melodic. It's a solid tune fit for just about any flavor of dancefloor, and will drop along with a couple more originals and some remixes from the likes of Starkey and Krampfhaft on February 14. If you're so inclined, you can stream a few more tracks from Halp's Tic Tac Toe EP, after the jump.  Read more » 

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Review: Machinedrum SXLND EP

Label: LuckyMe

Calling Berlin-via-Brooklyn producer Travis Stewart multifaceted is something of a gross understatement. Aside from the fact that the guy already made that point himself in 2010, he continues to deliver all manners of electronic music at an alarming rate, primarily under the name Machinedrum, but also in collaboration with Praveen Sharma (a.k.a. Braille) as Sepalcure. If you comb through Stewart's decade-long discography, you'll find an array of different sounds and styles; from electro to hip-hop to house, he's dipped his toes into just about every stylistic pool imaginable. His new record, a five-track EP called SXLND, is no different, and acts as a sort of cross section of the current world of Machinedrum. Read more » 

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  • 01/26/2012

Tectonic Announes Third Installment in 'Plates' Series

Seasoned Bristol imprint Tectonic has announced the third instalment of its Plates series, which will feature a wide swath of UK dubstep and bass from the Tectonic roster and beyond, including tracks from Addison Groove, Roska, Om Unit, and label boss Pinch. Read more » 

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  • 01/26/2012

Download: Time Wharp "mdat (feat. Divine Interface)"

Earlier this month, we posted Time Wharp's cosmic "yrLyf," a song with vocal samplings lifted from R. Kelly's "Real Talk." The track was taken from his then-forthcoming BLK EP (artwork above), which has now been released, prompting us to share another one of its offerings, "mdat." Instead of simply pairing his beats with R&B croons, this effort finds Time Wharp teaming up with fellow Atlanta native Divine Interface to create a morsel of dreamy, leftfield hip-hop. The track is held together by a slow and steady kick, while a crooked bassline tumbles beneath the song's various chopped and pitch-bent vocal samples. The BLK EP, Time Wharp's follow-up to last year's GRN EP, is available for free download here.  

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