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Review: The Whendays The Whendays EP

Label: Cascine

Stockholm-based duo The Whendays, comprised of Swedish-born Simon Reithner and San Francisco expat Serge G., is less than a year old, and yet the outfit boasts a precisely defined style. Their remix of "Light of Love" by The Miracles Club from this year may be more propulsive and dark in comparison to the pair's self-titled debut EP for the burgeoning Cascine label, but it still encapsulates the hyper-compressed aesthetic, nostalgic essence, and miasmatic funk featured on those four tracks. That said, The Whendays EP, while surprisingly original and interesting despite its genre and era signifiers, is split evenly between hits and misses. Read more » 

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  • 11/23/2011

Vince Clarke and Martin Gore Collaborate as VCMG

Vince Clarke and Martin L. Gore each have a long and rich musical history, both as members of Depeche Mode and in their respective solo efforts and side projects. Now, the duo has a new collaborative project in the works, under the moniker VCMG. Read more » 

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  • 11/23/2011

Download: AD Bourke "32"

Italian producer AD Bourke recently released a new EP, entitled Tidal Motion (pictured above), via Space Dimension Controller's newly minted Basic Rhythm label. The record's closing track, "32," is offered up here as a teaser for the release, and finds Bourke adapting his retro-tinged funk creations to a 4/4 template, trading his usual hip-hop beats for the soulful drive of house music. His usual aesthetic remains very much in tact though, with healthy portions of G-funk-era synths, chunky slap bass, and strut-worthy drum patterns making appearances in "32" and throughout the rest of Tidal Motion. You can hear snippets of the EP here

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Video Premiere: RBMA World Tour 2011 in New York City

This video piece marks the final installment of our series of video premieres for the Red Bull Music Academy World Tour, which finds the culture/music hub traipsing about in the familiar environs of New York City. Read more » 

Vlek Records Celebrates First Birthday With Free Music Extravaganza

Belgian house-loving record label Vlek turned one year old just yesterday, and is celebrating all week by giving away most of its catalogue for free download on Bandcamp. Read more » 

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  • 11/22/2011

Classic Launches New Compilation Series

Venerable UK record label Classic—founded by DJs Luke Solomon and Derek Carter—has announced a new compilation series called Through the Eyes Of, in which friends of the label are invited to create a mix of "the forgotten gems, the overlooked cuts, the head scratchers, the missing links, and the secret weapons" from the extensive Classic catalogue. The first compiler for the series is UK DJ and Leftroom label head Matt Tolfrey. Read more » 

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  • 11/22/2011

Download: Background Sound "Tude"

Duffstep's Join The Dots imprint launched its ninth release just yesterday—the Close EP (pictured above) marks the official debut of New York producer Background Sound, and features two originals alongside remixes from Blue Daisy, Duffstep, and Bubblin' Up tunesmith Lapalux. "Tude," which is not featured on the aformentioned release, offers a heaving bassline, lilting melodies, and lively percussion that should serve as a fitting introduction to Background Sound's crisp, garage-infused creations. You can preview the whole Close EP here

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Five Minutes with John Talabot at RBMA

Last week, XLR8R headed to Madrid and spent a handful of days at this year's Red Bull Music Academy. Amidst the flurry of lectures, studio sessions, club nights, and special performances, we pulled aside John Talabot for a quick chat. The Barcelona-based producer and former Bubblin' Up subject was invited to Madrid as one of this year's RBMA lecturers, so after dropping over an hour of knowledge on the Academy participants, he sat down with us and spoke about his new album, his RBMA experience, the relationship between Barcelona and Madrid, and how his music goes beyond its sunny reputation. Read more » 

Podcast 225: French Fries

French Fries (a.k.a. Valentino Cazani) is an interesting producer. Based in Paris, he's established himself as a sort of chameleon, as the young artist is seemingly capable of tackling new sounds and styles with relative ease. His breakthrough tune, 2010's "Senta," offered a raved-up take on UK funky that found its way into the sets of many DJs who had never really dabbled in the genre. Read more » 

Download: Applescal "El Diablo"

Label: RTFKT

Amsterdam producer Applescal's El Diablo EP (pictured above), released as a free download yesterday via the brand-new RTFKT imprint, offers about as much variety as a three-track release can hold, from the pensive repetition of "Mr. Cold" to "No Offence", an aggressive and heavily distorted piece that seems doomed to fall apart at any moment. Featured here, the title track is replete with the 8-bit coloration of a retro video game soundtrack. Thankfully, Applescal skirts the shallowness that can so easily result from such sounds, and chooses instead to employ a central melody with a surprisingly emotional tug. You can stream and download the full EP after the jump.  Read more » 

Average: 8 (69 votes)

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