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Podcast 218: Robert Hood

At this point, does an artist like Robert Hood require an introduction? (After all, we did put him on the cover of XLR8R last year.) All kidding aside, the man is a Detroit techno legend, although these days he calls Alabama home. A founding member of Underground Resistance and one of the first pioneers of the minimal sound, Hood is still going strong more than 20 years into his career, running his own M-Plant label and continuing to drop releases, both under his own name and as Floorplan. Read more » 

Download: Divine Interface "Fool Me"

Following the release of his Color Ways EP on Spontaneous Rhythm earlier this year—you may remember songs like ”Color Ways” and ”Folklore”—Atlanta producer Divine Interface has sent along a new track, “Fool Me,” a laid-back synthy number with pitched vocal clips, skittering hi-hats, and rumbling sub bass. It's a melancholy tune, a vibe intensified by the repeated line, "I feel so sad." Yet even with its dour mood, "Fool Me" is done so well that it's likely to make you a little happy, too.  

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Review: Altered Natives Tenement Yard Volume Two

Label: Eye4Eye

Altered Natives (a.k.a. Danny Yorke) does not fuck around. When the UK producer puts out an album, there's no big PR campaign or drawn-out attempt to build hype. The man just drops tunes, and lots of them. His latest full-length, Tenement Yard Volume Two, features 15 tracks and clocks in at more than 90 minutes. For many artists, this would constitute some kind of all-encompassing anthology. For Danny Native, it sounds like just another day at the office. Read more » 

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  • 10/04/2011

Listen to Kuedo's FACT Mix

In advance of his forthcoming new album, Severant, Jamie Teasdale, formerly of Vex’d and now producing under the name Kuedo, has recorded a mix for FACT Magazine. Featuring tracks by Carly Simon, Vangelis, Araabmuzik, and Drake, as well as many of his own original productions, it's an interesting overview of Teasdale’s musical influences and offers a taste of what to expect from the new album. Read more » 

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  • 10/04/2011

Download: Coyote Clean Up "You X Won't X Know"

Oh, the joys of getting stoned in your room and making some immersive, mesmerizing dance music. Detroit's Coyote Clean Up is certainly privy to this age-old production method, as the eight-and-a-half-minute "You X Won't X Know" proves with its The Field-like penchant for repetition and its wealth of warbling synth melodies and eclectic percussion. Plenty more of those vibes are readily available on the outfit's Bandcamp profile, here. (via Altered Zones

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Video: Southern Shores "Meridian"

Back in July, synth-loving Nova Scotian duo Southern Shores released its debut EP, Atlantic, via the Cascine label. (First single “Night is Young” is still available as a free download.) Now the pair has released the first video from the EP, for the song "Meridian." Read more » 

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  • 10/03/2011

Decibel 2011 Wrap-Up, Part 2

Last week, XLR8R's Glenn Jackson headed to Seattle to check out the city's annual Decibel Festival. The first two days presented an impressive offering of international artists, and the weekend promised three more days forward-thinking electronic music. Here's what he saw. Read more » 

Download a Free EP from Mosca

Remember when we said that UK producer Mosca was not a "particularly prolific" producer? That was only a few weeks ago, when we reviewed his latest single on Numbers, "Done Me Wrong" b/w "Bax." We don't want to overly aggrandize our impact, but did Mosca maybe read that statement, take offense, and start unloading a backlog of material? We're kidding of course, but in the past three weeks, Mosca has announced another new single on Martyn's 3024 label, and, just this morning, he's offered up a brand-new EP for free download via Twitter. Read more » 

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  • 10/03/2011

Video: Plaid "At Last"

Cute is not a word that is often used to described veteran UK duo Plaid, but this animated clip for "At Last," a poppy, synth-filled number from the Scintilli LP, is pretty darn adorable. Read more » 

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  • 10/03/2011

Download: Krueger "Nou"

Label: Silverback

Even though it's only been around for a year, Belgian imprint Silverback has managed to put out quite a few tracks from artists we like. These releases, from acts like Nguzunguzu, Jim-E Stack, and Jack Dixon, have solidified the label's reputation as a disseminator of quality bass music. Now, the label is back with Galactica, a new EP from freshly signed Philly-based producer Krueger. As a teaser, Silverback has sent along "Nou," an insane collage of global rhythms and styles. Stretching through the hard boundaries of genre, the cut is seemingly assembled from bits and pieces of tribal guarachero, dancehall, UK funky, and more. The Galactica EP is out now. 

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