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YACHT to Release Fifth Album Via DFA This June, Tour North America

Portland's disco-influenced synth-pop outfit/quasi-cult YACHT just announced it will release its fifth LP, called Shangri-La, this summer via DFA. Read more » 

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  • 03/28/2011

Download: Dirt Crew "Deep Love"

First Listen

Berlin's Dirt Crew imprint have been solidly releasing deep, soulful house for the better part of six years now and today sees the release of the label's 50th offering, a comp entitled Deep Love (artwork above) where you'll find this tune of the same name. The Dirt Crew duo, consisting of producers/label founders Break 3000 and James Flavour, kick things off in usual deep house fashion, implementing a pounding drum beat, dark bass, and a washy chopped chord to drive the song's first two-plus minutes. That's when things start to get interesting as the duo drops in a jazzy electric piano riff that glides effortlessly atop a fresh, skittering beat. The two sections go back and forth, coaxing various elements to the foreground as they traverse the eight-minute track without disturbing the essential groove maintained by the steady, low bass. This gem of Berlin house can be found amongst 14 other exclusive tracks from seasoned Dirt Crew-associated producers such as Chymera, Mano Le Tough, and a few of the imprint's newest roster additions. 

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Download: Crimea X "Varvara"

Label: Hell Yeah

If the above image wasn't a dead give away, you're in for a bit of a galactic voyage with this track from Italian duo Crimea X. "Varvara," from the duo's debut LP, Prospective, is a culmination of a number of vintage-tinged sensibilities. Sure, you're likely to find a hint of Krautrock, a touch of '80s synth-wave, and even the slightest whisper of '90s house, but make no mistake, "Varvara" is not simply an homage to all things retro. Instead, it's a contemporary slice of nu-disco, one in which constant arpeggios move in unison with a steady bass guitar and the driving force of a possibly live (more likely sampled) drummer, leaving ample room for Crimea X to throw one soaring melody after another into the fold. We're not sure what news channel these guys have been watching lately, but it sounds like they're preparing for a future where we'll all be dancing in space. Let's hope they're on to something. 

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Listen to the New Single by Ramadanman as Maurice Donovan

At the beginning of this year, we shared the stream of a dub version of Julio Bashmore's "Battle For Middle You" single by Ramadanman, which was oddly credited to one Maurice Donovan. Now, it seems that DJ/producer/label head/musical multi-tasker David Kennedy is officially inaugurating his new alter-ego as a seasoned and surprisingly outspoken Chicago house producer with the release of Donovan's first 12". Read more » 

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  • 03/25/2011

Peter Hook, Basement Jaxx, 808 State to Play ‘Haçienda’ Show in Manchester to Aid Japan

The people behind the legendary Haçienda club have been steadily keeping the party going around the world long after the club's original location saw its doors shut for good over a decade ago. When the crew's plans to bring the touring version of the Haçienda to the people of Japan were delayed due to the recent catastrophic events in that part of the world, they decided to put together a benefit show to take place at Sankeys in their hometown of Manchester on April 22. Read more » 

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  • 03/25/2011

Download: The Clonious "Alter-Ego-Cate"

First Listen
Label: Affine

Vienna-based electronic imprint Affine has a fresh compilation album dropping on April 11, which features hotly tipped productions from label affiliates such as Dorian Concept, JSBL, and, featured here, The Clonious. "Alter-Ego-Cate" is just one of four tracks that Austrian producer contributes to Affine's What a Fine Mess We Made release, and finds the artist flirting with electronic club sounds from across the board—including juke, forward-thinking house, and plenty of dubstep substrains. See how The Clonious' tastefully hyped-up production fares alongside the rest of the forthcoming compilation, and check out snippets of its 14 tracks here

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Stones Throw to Release Debut J Rocc Album This April

Though LA-based DJ/producer J Rocc has long been hard at work honing and crafting his own brand of sample-based hip-hop for about two decades, it’s not until next month that the veteran artist will have his first artist album released under his working name. Read more » 

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  • 03/25/2011

Download: Groundislava "Animal"

The latest member of the West Coast's burgeoning Wedidit Collective to come forth with new material, Groundislava, has passed along this track from his forthcoming self-titled debut LP (artwork above). "Animal" finds the Venice-based producer staying true to his 8-bit roots to a certain extent, as he manipulates a host of bit-crushed sounds into the kind of dramatic, futuristic beat we've come to know him for over the past few months. Fortunately, Groundislava does not stop there, adding depth to the track with layer upon layer of featured vocalist Jake Weary, whose pseudo-neo-soul crooning receives its fare share of sonic tinkering. Whether bathed in reverb, pitched up and down, or side-chained beyond recognition, Weary's vocals provide a melodic wash that rests nicely on top of the tune's stony, melancholy core. Groundislava's self-titled LP is set to drop April 12. You can check the full tracklist after the jump. Read more » 

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Poirier Announces New Imprint, Also Records

Quebec's purveyor of equatorial dance genres, Poirier (pictured above), has announced his brand-new musical endeavor, an imprint called Also Records. Read more » 

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  • 03/25/2011

Download: Tin Man "Lost in LA"

Label: Salon

With only a few weeks left before New York's Unsound Festival gets underway, we've gotten our hands on a track from dual Finland/US citizen, now Austria-based producer Tin Man, who will be making his NYC debut during the April festival. "Lost In LA," from Tin Man's recently released Perfume LP, delves into the more subdued side of retro-inspired house, pairing jazzy piano chords and programmed percussion with layers of Tin Man's own vocals as he recalls memories of his former Southern California residence. With the track spanning almost ten minutes, Tin Man keeps things moving by switching through a variety of themes that weave shades of darkness in and out of his calm, introspective narrative. NYC will have the chance to see Tin Man perform, alongside the likes of Detroit legends Octave One and burgeoning Bulgarian producer KiNK, when he performs at the Unsound edition of the Brooklyn's Bunker party on Saturday, April 9. (Details here

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