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Mickey Pearce Readies 12" for Swamp81; Hear it Now

Mickey Pearce, the now official handle of the artist formerly known as Shortstuff, has announced the imminent release of his "Don't Ask, Don't Get" b/w "I Am" 12" via Swamp81. Read more » 

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  • 01/30/2012

Gear: In the Studio: Tycho

For much of the past decade, Scott Hansen has been piling up accolades as an artist. But prior to last year, it's fair to say that he was often thought of as an amazing graphic designer who also happened to make some nice tunes under the name Tycho. In 2012, following the widespread acclaim surrounding Dive, his most recent full-length, Hansen's musical chops have moved to the forefront, and it's likely that a certain portion of Tycho fans now know a lot more about his songs than his design work. Questions of perception aside, there's little doubt that the San Francisco-based Hansen is an incredibly talented individual. But given that the recent spotlight has shifted toward his musical output, we figured now would be a good time to delve into Tycho's studio and find out a little more about exactly how he creates his rich, synth-laden soundscapes.

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  • 01/30/2012

Download: RxGibbs "Futures"

First Listen
Label: Cascine

First up on the 2012 release schedule for the burgeoning, multi-national Cascine imprint is a digital EP from Michigan producer RxGibbs. The title track from that six-song release perfectly encapsulates the cool energy and lush ambiance found on Futures, all of which evokes the expansive dance music of Blondes or The Field, but maybe with a subtle nod to the kinds of retro-futuristic synth-pop and Balearic vibes that Cascine has built its reputation on. Look for the rest of RxGibbs' solid EP when it drops on Feburary 21. 

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Review: Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka They!Live

Label: 50 Weapons

On They!Live, UK producers Benjamin Damage and Doc Daneeka continue to find the point at which the former's rolling techno sensibilities meet with the latter's percussive house inclinations. Expanding on the "Creeper" b/w "Infamous" single, the pair's first collaborative LP presents eight new tracks (and one album edit of the aforementioned "Creeper") that voyage into continually deeper territory, and, surprisingly, the results are not always aimed at the dancefloor. Read more » 

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  • 01/30/2012

Download: Jon Phonics x S-Type "Swamp Donkey"

Label: PRISM

This cut of gritty, futuristic hip-hop is the result of a collaborative effort between one Jon Phonics (pictured above) and LuckyMe cohort S-Type. Together, the two producers have amassed a litany of blistering synths, skittering hats, rolling toms, crisp chords, and ascending arps to qualify "Swamp Donkey" as a full-to-the-brim head-nodder. But this collaborative effort is not merely a one-off for Phonics, as the up-and-coming Londoner has turned in a total of three original tunes for his upcoming Grid Games EP, which showcases the young man's talents alongside fellow beatsmiths BUG, Pete Cannon, and Jeeks. After giving "Swamp Donkey" a spin, you'll find the artwork and tracklist for that forthcoming EP—which, incidentally, marks the inaugural release of the PRISM label—after the jump. (via Earmilk)  Read more » 

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Martyn Announces New Single for Brainfeeder

Martyn has announced plans to return to FlyLo's Brainfeeder imprint with the release of a new 12" in the coming months. Read more » 

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  • 01/27/2012

Video: Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka "Halo (feat. Abigail Wyles)"

Taken from the They! Live LP by Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka (which was just released today via 50Weapons), "Halo (feat. Abigail Wyles)" is a somewhat uncharacteristically somber track from the pair of producers, who are likely known best for propulsive, bass-driven club tunes. And the video featured here is equally as poignant and heartfelt. Read more » 

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  • 01/27/2012

SBTRKT Announces US Tour Dates, Forthcoming "Wildfire" 12"

Mask-wearing UK producer SBTRKT has announced plans to make his way around North America for the better part of March and April. Read more » 

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  • 01/27/2012

Download: FilosofischeStilte "Hairdoo VIP"

The moniker of Dutch producer Luuk Graham, FilosofischeStilte, translates to "philosophical silence," an idea which the fledgling 18-year-old artist may not apply directly to his music but certainly seems to ponder throughout his five-track Gold Tooth EP. Productions like the steady "Hairdoo VIP" are heavy on the 8-bit aesthetic, but ultimately boast very few sounds; it's almost like Graham is trying to make a musical point by keeping things as simple as possible with both his arrangements and structure. FilosofischeStilte's new record is out now via Lowriders Collective. 

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Dre Skull and Popcaan Collaborate On New Mixpak Single

Shame on us for letting this one slip through the cracks for a few weeks, but earlier this month, burgeoning dancehall MC Popcaan and Dre Skull dropped the first in a planned series of releases, a new single called "Get Gyal Easy" (artwork above). Read more » 

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  • 01/27/2012

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