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Download: Sines "Money Girl"

Label: Freshmore

"Money Girl," the title track from the forthcoming EP by Freshmore label boss Sines, boasts the two sounds his label is best known for: Southern rap and bass-driven club music. A two-chord melody drives most of the short production, which is paired with a slapping 808 rhythm, preset horn sounds, and plenty of warped vocal samples courtesy of Lil Wayne. The rest of Sines' four-track record will be available on January 30, but you can preview each of its tunes before then, after the jump.  Read more » 

Average: 7.2 (66 votes)

Review: Blawan Peaches


It's a shame that Peaches was released so late in 2011. Although it's pretty undeniable that Blawan had himself a stellar year, this four-track EP offers some of the young UK producer's best work yet, and probably deserved a spot on some of those "Best of 2011" lists we've all been reading. Read more » 

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  • 01/03/2012

MJ Cole Drops New EP

UK veteran DJ/producer MJ Cole is dropping tunes right out of the gate this year, starting with his three-song Red and Black EP for his own Prolific label. Read more » 

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  • 01/03/2012

Download: Time Wharp "yrLyf"

Taken from his forthcoming BLK EP, Time Wharp's "yrLyf" borrows a bit of R&B king R. Kelly's talk-sing-croon from "Real Talk"—chopping the vocals into pieces before sprinkling them into a cosmic sound world full of sitar solos, twinkling melodies, and bouncing bass drums. Grab this one now for free, and look for the rest of the up-and-coming producer's new record when it drops on January 23 via Brooklyn-based label/blog/party Astro Nautico. 

Average: 8 (56 votes)

Distal Drops New EP via Seclusiasis

Today, Georgian beatsmith Distal released an eight-track record via Starkey's and Dev79's Seclusiasis imprint. Read more » 

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  • 01/02/2012

Download: Boddika "Up and Dance"

UK producer Boddika—one of 2011's Best New Artists—was one of the throngs of music makers who decided to give away some free music over the holidays. As one might expect, "Up and Dance" is a lean, percussion-driven tune with snappy drum sounds, a thick synth melody, and just the right amount of infectious vocal bits. Honestly, it's almost too good to be a free giveaway, as the song is on par with the rest of the producer's top-shelf output. Audiophiles should note that Boddika originally posted the track in AIFF format—you can grab that here—but we've got a 320 MP3 below, which still sounds pretty ace. 

Average: 7 (76 votes)

Minus Offers Remix App

Techno pioneer Richie Hawtin has never been afraid to embrace technology, which is why it comes as no surprise that his Minus label has just launched an innovative new mobile application that allows users to remix and rework a select portion of the storied imprint's catalog. Read more » 

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  • 01/02/2012

Clams Casino Offers 'Instrumentals' for Free

On Christmas Day, New Jersey hip-hop beatmaker Clams Casino offered up a special gift via his Facebook page: what he described as a "previously unavailable high quality 320kbps digitally remastered version of Instrumentals," an effort which just so happened to come in at #15 on XLR8R's list of the Best Releases of 2011. Read more » 

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  • 01/02/2012

Download: Dark Sky "Standoff"

As a sort of late Christmas present to its fans, UK production trio Dark Sky posted this tune on the web as a free download. "Standoff" is another strong example of the kind of moody and enticing music the outfit crafts, which is a large part of why we named Dark Sky one of 2011's best new artists, but the track also sports a quasi-dubstep slant that's a fresh vibe for the group. We're glad to see that the boys are keeping busy. (via Box Musique

Average: 8.2 (66 votes)

Review: Para One Mother EP

Label: Marble

The three-track Mother EP by Marble co-owner Para One arrives ahead of the artist's first album for his new imprint and his first proper LP since 2006's Epiphanie. Though he has certainly kept busy releasing a number of solo and collaborative EPs and singles in between, the Parisian producer's music hasn't really changed much during that time. He still favors hyper-compressed soundscapes, straightforward rhythms, and loading each production with uniquely handcrafted sounds, not to mention that he arranges it all like a pro. It's just too bad that his formula has grown a bit stale over the years. Read more » 

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  • 01/02/2012

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