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Youngsta to Mix 'Rinse: 14' Compilation

For many, it may seem like the golden era of dubstep has past—those earth-shaking low frequencies exchanged for ones as high as a scream—though nothing could be further from the truth. Read more » 

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  • 03/30/2011

Download: DJ Tuco "Not Crenshaw"

Label: Meanbucket

As juke continues to rip through underground music hubs around the world, more and more interesting interpretations are rising to the surface. Out now on Prague imprint and Czech go-to blog Meanbucket is this bass-buzzing piece of unruly music, an unexpectedly eerie ode to the troubles of finding a worthy female suitor in Los Angeles' Crenshaw neighborhood on a Sunday night. Produced by Meanbucket crew member DJ Tuco, the comedy of this track may perhaps be lost underneath the serious weight of Tuco's bass and handclaps. As such, the song may not illicit laughter, but it will certainly inspire plenty of head bobbing and waist dropping.  

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Watch the Winning Entry for Soul Clap's Music Video Contest

Back in February XLR8R posted the details of a music video contest for Soul Clap's "Lonely C." Nearly two months later, Vancouver, BC director Dan Hellmann's video has emerged victorious. Read more » 

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  • 03/29/2011

Download: Unknown to the Unknown "Assassin"

Label: UTTU

DJ Haus, one of the two illustrious club maestros in UK funky production outfit Hot City, has a fresh solo endeavor, called Unknown to the Unknown, under which he just dropped the new Assassin EP. We've got the title track from that release here, and it certainly proves itself to be a proper departure from the producer's day job. Instead of the slick, pop-heavy inclinations of Hot City's tunes, DJ Haus crafts a rough-and-tumble bit of hard-stomping dancefloor music chock full of lo-bit audio samples, distorted basslines, and kitschy synth melodies that could've been lifted from any of the boss levels in the Super Mario Bros. games. If that's your jam, you can check out the rest of the release, which includes a remix from Underground Resistance/Drexciya acolyte DJ Stingray, here, and also download a free version of "Assassin" that features Japanese grime MC Dekishi, here. Still not enough? DJ Haus just did an exclusive mix for Sounds of the Universe this month, which you can check out here

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Check Out a Fresh Mix From Hessle Audio's Pangaea

Just yesterday, DJ/producer/Hessle Audio co-owner Pangaea dropped a lengthy DJ set as part of FACT's ongoing mix series. Apparently, it took about two years for the site to nail down the mix, but, as they put it, "it’s been very much worth the wait." Read more » 

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  • 03/29/2011

Download a Free Boddika Tune From Hotflush

Before the UK's Scuba-run bass label, Hotflush, drops its brand-new compilation, the two-disc Back and 4th, the excellent electronic imprint is hooking up its fans with a free track from that forthcoming release. Read more » 

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  • 03/29/2011

Download: Lapalux "Time Spike Jamz"

Taking a step back from its work on the dancefloors of the world, UK label Pictures Music branches out from releasing high-tempo bass music with a new EP from Essex-based producer Stuart Howard (a.k.a. Lapalux). The 22-year-old artist seems to prefer crafting chopped rhythms, slow-moving bass grooves, sporadic sample flurries, and other handmade audio treats, as opposed to the kinds of slick club burners we're used to hearing from his new label home—and that's just fine with us. Like on the fractured sounds of "Time Spike Jamz," Lapalux's formula exposes the bones of his productions, allowing the listener a chance to see the many ideas that float and flutter about inside his musical mind, but not without leaving us with a fully formed jam before the track's end. Expect more of those revealing sounds when Howard's Many Faces Out of Focus drops as limited-edition cassette and digital download on April 18. 

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Podcast 191: Chrissy Murderbot

Whatever you think of Chrissy Murderbot, there's no denying one simple fact—the man has a lot of energy. How else can one explain the fact that the Chicago-based DJ and producer spent most of 2009-2010 dropping a mixtape a week for an entire year? Read more » 

Jacques Greene, Todd Edwards, Zinc, and More on New Katy B Single

In preparation for the release of her debut LP, On a Mission, burgeoning UK dance music chanteuse Katy B (pictured above) just dropped her "Broken Record" single this month via Rinse, which boasts remixes from an array of house, garage, and UK funky producers. Read more » 

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  • 03/29/2011

Review: Bibio Mind Bokeh

Label: Warp

After six years of releasing music under the name Bibio, UK producer Stephen Wilkinson has practically mastered his style of songcraft, one which relies on pastoral field recordings and touches of folk and soul music. Read more » 

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  • 03/29/2011

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