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Machinedrum and Om Unit Ready Collaborative EP as Dream Continuum

Because Travis Stewart (pictured above) clearly didn't have enough on his plate, the prolific New Yorker behind Machinedrum (and one-half of Sepalcure) has teamed up with like-minded Brit Om Unit to form Dream Continuum, a collaboration brought together by the producers' mutual goal of "finding the sweet spot between mid-'90s euphoric jungle and footwork." Read more » 

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  • 01/27/2012

Download: Unknown "Tru Luv"

Label: Coral

LA-based label Coral Records, partially responsible for the nascent and stylistically nebulous "seapunk" movement, has released a split EP (pictured above) by Curtis Vodka and Unknown as its fifth release. Germany's Unknown is behind "Tru Luv," a track that borrows heavily from old-school jungle while nodding to recent trends in the world of bass music. By combining the fast percussion of '90s drum & bass with atmospheric synths and R&B vocal samples, this hi-octave raver constructs a sort of bridge between 1994 and 2012. 

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Review: Bobby Browser Just Browsing

Label: 100% Silk

San Francisco is an interesting place. When it comes to electronic music, it's unquestionably one of the best cities in the US, a place where DJs from around the globe excitedly want to play, knowing they'll be greeted by enthusiastic and knowledgeable crowds. In terms of quality parties and audiences with an open-minded attitude to all sorts of sounds, it's honestly hard to top San Francisco, at least in terms of places situated on American soil. That said, it's not a city that's generally celebrated as a hotbed of producer talent. Yes, San Francisco was ground zero for the '90s West Coast house scene and is also the home base for labels like Om and Dirtybird, but overall, the City by the Bay still lags behind places like New York and Detroit, not to mention London and Berlin, at least in terms of respect for its current musical output. So where does that leave an artist like Bobby Browser, whose Just Browsing EP is his first proper solo release? Read more » 

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  • 01/27/2012

Honest Jon's Compiles 'Shangaan Electro' Reworks on Forthcoming Comp

Back in 2010, the tireless London shop/label Honest Jon's revealed a collection of extremely fast-paced dance tunes from South Africa on a buzzed-about compilation entitled Shangaan Electro (artwork above). Following its release, the imprint then commissioned reworks of these exotic electro cuts from the likes of Actress, Anthony "Shake" Shakir, Demdike Stare, and more, issuing the results on a number of 12"s. Now, Honest Jon's has taken the next logical step, compiling all those reworks onto one LP, Shangaan Shake. Read more » 

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  • 01/27/2012

Download: Grouper "Demona"

Label: Yeti

The latest slice of hiss-drenched production to come from Portland's Grouper is a cover of sorts, although we couldn't fault you for having no idea what song was being reimagined here solely based on listening to the track. Really, who is to say exactly what is happening beneath the massive layers of slow-moving noise on Grouper's version of Dead Moon's "Demona?" Fortunately, the reward here is not in the details, but instead in the lush, textured sonics that culminate from the fuzzed-to-11 guitars, billowing pads, and soft, expansive vocals, which are so overcome with reverb that they barely reach our ears. This cover is available as part of the four-track 7" which comes with the latest edition of the art/culture-centric Yeti Magazine. (via FADER

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Video: Walls "Into Our Midst"

Walls recently dropped a three-track effort for Kompakt, led by "Into Our Midst," a song which also kicked off the duo's 2011 LP Coracle. Now, to celebrate this fresh release, "Into Our Midst" has received a video treatment which pairs the floating slice of electronics with bright-colored lights and extensive footage of pastries being made. Read more » 

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  • 01/26/2012

Nicolas Jaar to Launch Clown & Sunset Aesthetics with Live Multimedia Performance at MoMA PS1

NYC artist Nicolas Jaar is set to expand his Clown & Sunset record label into a more comprehensive multimedia culture house called Clown & Sunset Aesthetics, which will launch with a five-hour live performance by Jaar and other members of his collective. Read more » 

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  • 01/26/2012

Download: XXYYXX "Eclipse (feat. Ruddy P.)"

Marcel Everett won't be able to enter a club until Obama is wrapping up his second term, but that doesn't mean he isn't interested in making music that brings people to the dancefloor. The 16-year-old Orlando native, who records as XXYYXX, recently cooked up "Eclipse," a fun, blooming number that's bursting at the seams with melody and teenage naivete. The influence of a producer like Star Slinger is evident here, as ecstatic synths and vocal samples drive the song through a maze of hi-hat trills. 

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Mute Launches a New Label; Read Our Interview with the Founders

Earlier today, the storied Mute imprint announced the launch of a new label, Liberation Technologies. Since its founding in 1978, Mute has been at the forefront of electronic music, releasing music from acts like Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Goldfrapp, and Moby, along with acts such as Plastikman, Speedy J, and Luke Slater via its now-dormant NovaMute arm. These days, it continues to drop forward sounds from the likes of M83 and Apparat. Liberation Technologies looks to expand on that, and plans to operate much more like a traditional electronic-music imprint, with a commitment to vinyl and a focus on EP and 12" releases. The new label's first release, the Spring EP, is slated for March 19 and comes courtesy of King Felix, a new moniker taken up by Brooklyn's Laurel Halo. To find out more about what the young imprint has in the pipeline, we spoke with Mute founder Daniel Miller and Liberation Technologies A&R man Patrick "Paddy" O'Neill, who shared some insights into their aims and aspirations. Read more » 

Download: Eliot Lipp "I W☆nted 2 Be ☆ Rock & Roll St☆r"

NYC beatmaker Eliot Lipp is currently working a new album, his first solo material since 2009's Peace Love Weed 3D, and while the details on his new sonic forays are still under wraps, we do have this freshly crafted production, "I W☆nted 2 Be ☆ Rock & Roll St☆r." On the tune, Lipp takes a soulful vocal sample, splashes horns and guitar riffs about, and drops a heavy boom-bap behind it all for a full-sounding hip-hop excursion. Unlike much of his work, which can sometimes take months to produce, Lipp finished this track in just one sitting after getting hit with inspiration while listening to the sample's source material.  

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