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Shed to Drop New Single for 50Weapons

German production veteran Rene Pawlowitz has announced the next record he'll drop as Shed will arrive next month via the seemingly unstoppable 50Weapons label. Read more » 

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  • 01/18/2012

Download: PNAU "Unite Us (Raffertie Remix)"

First Listen

London-based producer Raffertie, who will be releasing a new EP via Ninja Tune on February 6, lends his efforts on this track, a remix of "Unite Us" by Australian synth-pop duo PNAU. The original tune is a revoltingly sweet anthem by the same man who brought you hits like "Walking on a Dream" with his other project, Empire of the Sun. But this remix is anything but a listener-friendly, radio-ready sing-a-long. In fact, the original is completely indistinguishable as part of Raffertie's experimental sonic collision, which begins with jumbled percussion before dropping into a flurry of bass, insidious droning, and vocals played backwards (although there are no Satanic messages, as far as we can tell). Raffertie's warped version of "Unite Us" will appear alongside remixes by Douster and Savage Skulls, Kris Menace, Wookie, and others when the single (artwork above) comes out on February 19 through Ministry of Sound. 

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Grab a Free "Mini-Album" From Dro Carey

Up-and-coming Australian producer Dro Carey has a gift for you, an absolutely free "mini-album." Read more » 

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  • 01/18/2012

Download: Simply Ded "I Had You"

Label: ADD Cat

This plodding bass tune comes courtesy of 18-year-old producer Simply Ded, a Manchester-based beatmaker who will be releasing his debut record next month via the ADD Cat imprint. The main focus of the song is the vocal sample, which starts off chopped into bits, but eventually fills out into an entire phrase. As the tune breaks down, the main bass note switches from the down beat to the up beat for an interesting effect, and the song ends with a chilled-out, head-nodding rhythm. Simply Ded's Problems EP (artwork above) drops on February 9, but you can stream a preview of the record after the jump.  Read more » 

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Randomer Preps New Single for Hemlock

After straying towards the realm of techno on his last release for Glasgow's Numbers imprint, London-based producer Randomer (a.k.a. Rohan Walder) is going back to basics for his latest record, which is coming out next month through Untold's Hemlock label. Read more » 

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  • 01/18/2012

Check Out a Mix from Body High Newcomer Floyd Campbell

It's not often that XLR8R posts up a mix from an artist that the vast majority of our readers have never heard of, but Visions, an all-dubs, 40-plus-minute excursion from Los Angeles producer Floyd Campbell, isn't just another anonymous DJ session. Read more » 

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  • 01/18/2012

Download: Goth-Trad "Alone Warrior"

First Listen

Japanese native Goth-Trad has been preparing for the release of his New Epoch LP for a little while now, sharing a music video for the record's lead single and doing plenty of interviews. Now, before the album drops on February 7, we're treated to this exclusive non-album banger, "Alone Warrior." The production is certainly informed heavily by dubstep, as it swells and heaves with an ominous bass tone and a half-time rhythm, but keeps things smart with the tasteful application of rolling percussion, dubby piano, and dark sound effects. If this tune didn't make it on Goth-Trad's new album, we can only imagine the caliber of the ones that did. 

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Review: Matthew Dear Headcage EP

Label: Ghostly

Matthew Dear has been an electronic-music icon for some time now, releasing myriad techno offerings under various monikers and serving as the flagship artist for influential record label Ghostly International. Since 2007's Asa Breed, his focus for work under his given name has moved away from techno and toward vocal-oriented avant-pop, culminating in the wonderfully dark and eccentric Black City in 2010. His Headcage EP, released yesterday via Ghostly, continues on that trajectory, moving toward music for a wider audience while maintaining much of the oddness that makes him popular in the world beyond the mainstream. That said, the Headcage EP isn't nearly as engaging as Black City, and aside from "In the Middle (I Met You There)," does not offer anything especially praiseworthy. The goal of the EP is easily accomplished, however, as it is certainly good enough to pique interest in Beams, Dear's full-length album due out later this year. Read more » 

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  • 01/18/2012

Check Out Blondes' FACT Mix

Earlier this week, the Brooklyn dream-house duo known as Blondes presented a new mix of classic and contemporary dance tunes that it crafted and recorded for FACT. Read more » 

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  • 01/18/2012

Download: Sun Glitters "They Don't Want to Let You Know (Sumsun Remix)"

It seems no matter what time of the year it is, the music of Luxembourg producer/designer Victor Ferreira (a.k.a. Sun Glitters) sounds like its got summer on the mind. With the announcement of a new EP, High (artwork above), we can be almost certain that Ferreira has a healthy dose of warmth and sunshine to inject into the middle of our winter lull at the end of this month. In order to help spread the word about his latest effort, Sun Glitters has passed along this remix from like-minded producer Sumsun, who reworks the heavy, off-kilter tune into a more dancefloor ready outing—complete with a four-on-the-floor beat and plenty of Balearic trimmings. After giving the remix a listen below, you can stream the title track of the release from which it's taken, as well as find the full tracklist, after the jump.  Read more » 

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