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Listen to a New Rustie Track

Is it just us, or has this Rustie album been a really long time coming? Thankfully, the Glaswegian beatsmith and the label set to drop his album (a.k.a. Warp) have seen fit to give us a proper taste of Glass Swords before it's available. Read more » 

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  • 08/24/2011

DJ 3000 Readies Two New Releases

Having recently returned to his native Detroit stomping grounds, Underground Resistance affiliate DJ 3000 (a.k.a. Franki Juncaj) hasn't wasted any time getting down to business. Just yesterday, he sent along an exclusive track from Max Tkacz, who is about to release a new EP via 3000's Motech imprint. But ahead of that, DJ 3000 will be dropping two records of his own. Read more » 

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  • 08/24/2011

Flying Lotus Announces Multimedia Project

Not content to just produce mind-bending, game-changing beats, LA-based beat producer Steve Ellison (a.k.a. Flying Lotus) has just announced that he'll be extending his talents into multimedia with The Mapping of Countries Yet to Come, a new collaborative project with visual artist Miwa Matreyek. Read more » 

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  • 08/24/2011

TURRBOTAX® Offers Limited-Edition Posters for Its Second Anniversary

With its two-year anniversary only two days away, Brooklyn's monthly TURRBOTAX® party has just announced an exclusive "Ultimate Party II Go" package. Read more » 

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  • 08/24/2011

Download: Courtship "Want Not (Drop/Dead Remix)"

OK, let's just get this out of the way. Patric Fallon is the Managing Editor at XLR8R, but after spending 40-plus hours a week cranking out content for this very website, the guy goes home and makes dark, electronic pop under the name Courtship. And although posting up this remix might be tripping everyone's conflict-of-interest alarm, allow us to preface things by saying that Patric rarely even mentions his music around the office, and this track actually premiered yesterday over on FADER, which is where we spotted it. Now that the moral hand-holding has been taken care of, let's talk about the music, specifically this remix of "Want Not" by UK producer Drop/Dead, who strips out Fallon's vocals and twists what's left into a somber piece of drum-heavy bass music. It's taken from the just-released Eve Remixes EP, which also includes reworks from :papercutz, Albert Swarm, and Drifter (which we premiered last week). The entire EP is available for free download here

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Review: Cosmin TRG Simulat

Label: 50 Weapons

When your discography of 12"s and EPs reads like a who's-who of top-tier, forward-thinking electronic labels—in this case Hessle, Hotflush, Tempa, and Rush Hour—the next logical progression in one's career is to issue a proper full-length, right? It appears Cosmin TRG has reached that point, pulling together what could have been a few great singles or EPs, and compiling them into one 40-plus minute package of dark, futuristic bass for his debut album. Read more » 

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  • 08/24/2011

Goth-Trad to Release New EP With Max Romeo

Dubstep may have some roots in the West Indies, but the music, particularly in recent years, has often strayed into far different sonic territory. Enter the unlikely figure of veteran Japanese producer Takeaki Maruyama (a.k.a. Goth-Trad), who has just announced Babylon Fall, a four-track EP that strives to bring back the Jamaican element. Read more » 

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  • 08/24/2011

Download: Marina and The Diamonds "Radioactive (How to Dress Well Rework)"

Well, you knew it was bound to happen at some point. With '90s nostalgia gone full-bore, it really ought to come as no surprise to anybody that trance has made its way back into the popular lexicon of cool. What is surprising, however, is that its route would pass through the music of bedroom producer Tom Krell (a.k.a. How to Dress Well). Take this, his recent re-work of Marina and the The Diamonds' contemporary vocal-trance anthem "Radioactive." Substituting in his own vocal track while still keeping the rushing hallmarks of late-'90s trance, Krell manages to create a bizarre hybrid—something that tugs the heartstrings while maintaining a cool, blue-eyed R&B sensibility. (via Pitchfork

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Download: Sleep ∞ Over "Romantic Streams (Balam Acab Remix)"

We're not going to lie. September 27 is circled on the XLR8R office calendar, because that's the day Forever, the new full-length from Sleep ∞ Over (a.k.a. Austin-based Stefanie Franciotti, pictured above), will be released. Earlier this month, she offered up the first taste of the album in the form of "Romantic Streams," a dreamy pop number that recalls the sounds of vintage 4AD. Now, youthful knob-twiddler Balam Acab—who has a new album of his own, Wander / Wonder, set for release in the weeks ahead—has put his own spin on the tune, layering the vocals in a haunting fashion, adding in some snappy hip-hop drums, and ultimately taking the song a surprisingly playful new direction. (via Gorilla vs. Bear

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Video: Samo Sound Boy "Shuffle Code"

Just yesterday we premiered the latest EP to come from LA-based DJ/producer Samo Sound Boy via NYC's Trouble & Bass imprint, and today we've got the video for its title track, "Shuffle Code." Read more » 

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  • 08/23/2011

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