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Video: Dominique Young Unique "War Talk"

Loud-mouthed youngster and resident Tampa MC Dominique Young Unique is just days away from dropping her brand-new mixtape, called Glamorous Touch. Before that fiery batch of tracks is available to the masses, we're treated to a music video for Dominique's new "War Talk" song. Read more » 

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  • 03/08/2011

Podcast 188: Kingdom

Even in the increasingly crowded world of bass music, Kingdom is an artist without many real peers. Read more » 

Fatima and Floating Points to Release New Collaborative EP

Following their work together on last year's Floating Points Ensemble record for Ninja Tune (not to mention their individual features in XLR8R's pages), Swedish soul songstress Fatima (pictured above with Hudson Mohawke) and UK producer/Eglo Records boss Floating Points will release a brand-new EP of collaborative songs on May 9. Read more » 

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  • 03/08/2011

Download: Ricardo Villalobos "Easy Lee (Monolithium Recrunk)"

A new name emerging on the dubstep/bass/club scene in British Columbia, Victoria resident Monolithium (pictured above) is quickly gaining the attention of fans and critics alike, thanks in part to his small but solid web presence, his Sub|Division party, and his burgeoning affiliations with the Error Broadcast label. The producer has a noted affinity for Ricardo Villalobos, and displays his affection in full form with this "recrunk" of the techno auteur's "Easy Lee" tune. Monolithium's new version of that modern classic mostly toys with the vocoder vocals—wrapping the robotic melody in broken, hip-hop-flavored dubstep rhythms and darkly emotive synthscapes. We have no idea whether or not Villalobos would be a fan of this bootleg version of his track, but if nothing else, it's a well-crafted tribute that's sure to please dance music fans across the board. 

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Video: Daniel Savio "Nightmare Food"

We just got back last week from a trip to Sweden, and happened to get ahold of this sweet little clip from Stockholm skweee mainstay Daniel Savio (a.k.a. Kool DJ Dust). Read more » 

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  • 03/08/2011

Download: Taragana Pyjarama "Ocean"

Label: Fool House

French label Fool House will release the self-titled debut EP (pictured above) from Danish duo Taragana Pyjarama, a dreamy micro-techno outfit in the vein of The Field or Gold Panda, on March 28, but we get to have one of those four tracks today. "Ocean" is as vibrant and colorful as its namesake, and maybe even just as calming, too. Though its energy and tempo are high, and its array of looping audio bytes and lovingly fragmented melodies are seemingly incalculable, the elements of the production all work together to build a serene world of sound that's as intimate and immersive as taking a dip in the nearest warm body of water. If this track is any indication of things to come, not to mention the rest of Taragana Pyjarama's EP and everything else we've heard from the pair, you can count us as 'highly anticipating' what comes next. (via Pitchfork

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In Flagranti to Release New Album in May

Multi-national, disco-obsessed production duo In Flagranti has a brand-new full-length album brewing for this spring. Worse for Wear will feature 10 tracks of Sasa Crnobrnja's and Alex Gloor's "no-gristle, no-glory" sound, and will be released via their own Codek label on May 2. Read more » 

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  • 03/07/2011

Download: Contakt "Rhodophyta (Melé Remix)"

Two of the UK's hotly tipped, bandied about, and generally 'on-fire' record labels have just joined forces on a fresh digital single featuring New York producer and TURRBOTAX® resident DJ Contakt (spoiler alert: he also works at XLR8R) and young UK club hero Melé. The two artists trade off remixes for the Grizzly x Local Action release—Contakt reformatting "Trappin" from Melé's brand-new EP, and the latter reworking the former's b-side from his recent debut single on Local Action. Here we have "Rhodophyta (Melé Remix)," a bouyant and hyperactive tune that meshes smooth synth pads, massive sub tones, bubbling electronics, and other UK dancefloor trademarks with heavily hip-hop-slanted club beats. You can check out what the other half of this great single sounds like, and download it over here for free. 

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Listen to the New Benjamin Damage and Doc Daneeka Single

Last month, word came down that UK producers Benjamin Damage and Doc Daneeka were teaming up for a collaborative single. The record doesn't actually drop until this Friday, March 11, but we've got both songs streaming right now on XLR8R.com. Read more » 

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  • 03/07/2011

Watch Mike Slott Talk Music, Play Live

One of the handful of talented producers that calls Scotland's LuckyMe label home, Mike Slott recently sat down with director Adam Saewitz in his Brooklyn apartment to wax philosophical about making music and how it affects our lives. Read more » 

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  • 03/07/2011

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