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Download: Ernest Gonzales "The Scattered Thoughts of Raindrops"

Next week, San Antonio producer Ernest Gonzales will be releasing a new album, Natural Traits (artwork above), a surprising effort which finds him dipping his creative toes into the world of house and techno. His past efforts under his own name (Gonzales also creates bass-heavy tunes as Mexicans with Guns) were more subdued and pastoral, yet his pensive tendencies haven't been completely abandoned. "The Scattered Thoughts of Raindrops" may be underpinned by a steady four-on-the-floor, but the slow swell of the song's plinky synths and airy melodies is what truly makes it stick. Natural Traits doesn't officially drop until January 17, but all of its thoughtful dancefloor numbers are streaming this week on the Hype Machine. To listen, follow the link or simply check the player embedded after the jump.  Read more » 

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Machinedrum to Release New EP

2011 was a big year for Travis Stewart, both as the man responsible for Machinedrum's Room(s) and also as half of the production duo behind Sepalcure's self-titled LP, one of our favorite albums of the year. The Brooklyn-based artist is apparently seeking to ride last year's magic into 2012 and will soon release a new Machinedrum EP, SXLND (artwork above). Read more » 

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  • 01/10/2012

Podcast 229: Santiago Salazar

Throughout its history as one of Detroit's most storied techno collectives, Underground Resistance has counted a lot of top-notch producers and DJs amongst its ranks. One of those acts is Los Angeles native Santiago Salazar, who years ago packed up and headed to Detroit for some first-hand schooling from Mike Banks and the rest of the UR crew. While Salazar has since returned to his hometown and is now focused on his own labels, Historia y Violencia and Ican (running the latter with Esteban Adame), traces of Detroit's distinctively deep and soulful sound undoubtedly remain in his music. Read more » 

Download: WOLS "Solo Walz"

Moscow duo WOLS brings us a strange excursion into the Russian Winter with "Solo Walz." Composed using vintage Soviet synths and atmospheric samples from Soviet films, the track comes together as a screeching, orchestrated three-minute march. WOLS's previous music has been focused on glitchy dubstep, but "Solo Walz" is a slow, epic, soundtrack-like piece for a lonely journey through the cold. Expect an EP from WOLS this spring on FUSElab

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Review: Lego Feet SKA001CD

Label: Skam

Years prior to their debut album and long before the seminal LP5 made its indelible mark on the electronic-music landscape, IDM demigods Sean Booth and Rob Brown (a.k.a. Autechre) released a lengthy record of experimental, acid-influenced tunes under the name Lego Feet. The self-titled 12" first appeared in 1991 as the inaugural release from UK imprint Skam, and has since been described as "the holy grail of electronica" after having gone out of print, with original pressings selling for around $300. Following its twentieth anniversary last year, Lego Feet has been re-issued on CD—a vinyl re-release is also on its way—with never-before-heard bonus tracks, the timing of which seems both advantageous and appropriate. The recent rise of acid's influence on contemporary club music is reason enough to revisit this classic "lost" album, so much so that being able to own a physical copy of Lego Feet's sole release—with extra tunes, no less—seems only like the icing on the cake. Read more » 

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  • 01/10/2012

Guido Launches New Label, 12", Preps Live Show

Bristol's Guido was responsible a lot of cool things in 2010, in particular Anidea, his debut album and one of our favorite LPs of the year, and his XLR8R podcast. Two years later, the young producer is planning to make some more noise by launching a new label, State of Joy, whose first offering will be a new single from Guido himself. Read more » 

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  • 01/10/2012

Download: Point B "Versus"

First Listen

Veteran London producer Point B (a.k.a. Richard Bultitude) will release his third full-length, The Veld, on January 30. Point B's shuffling, electro-tinged garage rhythms feel right at home at Frijsfo Beats, a UK imprint right in the thick of the recent bass-music explosion (artists such as Geiom, Submerse, and Cardopusher can all be counted among the label's ranks). "Versus," a track pulled from The Veld, combines atmospherics with dancefloor thrust, as Bultitude roots the song in mischievous bass while pushing it forward with pronounced percussion. After quietly amassing a catalog of dubstep and electro releases over the past decade, the complex "Versus" appears to indicate that Point B is expanding his sonic palette. 

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Shlohmo Readies New EP; Listen to "wen uuu"

Hot on the heels of 2011's Bad Vibes, NYC-via-LA beatsmith Shlohmo returns this February with a three-track digital EP on Friends of Friends, titled Vacation. Read more » 

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  • 01/09/2012

John Talabot Announces Debut LP; Listen to Its First Leak Now

Barcelonian DJ/producer John Talabot, a very talented artist whom we spoke with not too long ago at RBMA Madrid and who also gave us an excellent podcast last year, has announced the imminent arrival of his debut LP, an 11-track record called ƒIN. Read more » 

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  • 01/09/2012

Black Dice to Release New Album in April; Hear "Pigs" Now

The NYC-via-Providence, RI experimentalists of Black Dice have announced they will release their sixth full-length LP on April 9. Read more » 

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  • 01/09/2012

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