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Casual Fridays: Summer Essentials, Part Two

Summer Essentials, Part 2

Our resident stylist Andrew Porter waxes casual on men's and women's must-haves. (Click here to see last week's Summer Essentials, Part 1) Read more » 

Download: Milyoo "Lightbike"

First Listen

Lexington, Kentucky might be known as "The Horse Capital of the World," but it's not exactly renowned as a hotbed for cutting-edge electronic music. As such, we're not exactly sure how Milyoo managed to hone his beatmaking chops, but the boy has undoubtedly got skills. His next release is the "Colors" b/w "Games" single (artwork above) on Subeena's Opit label, which is scheduled to come out on July 28. Ahead of that, he's elected to share "Lightbike," a lurching, hip-hop flavored composition stuffed with sonic oddities and microsamples. The track showcases an inventive mentality not unlike that shown by the artists of LA's beat scene, yet the song's head-nodding slaps hint toward an artist who has also spent plenty of time taking notes on some of commercial radio's best jams. It's a winning formula, and one that has us excited to see what else Milyoo has on tap in the months ahead. 

Average: 7.2 (52 votes)

Review: The Chain Lostwithiel EP

Label: R&S

The storied R&S label has been on quite the roll since it rebooted last year, dropping a steady stream of heady, often bass-oriented releases from the likes of James Blake, Untold, Model 500, Lone, Space Dimension Controller, Pariah, and Blawan. UK duo The Chain doesn't sport the same sort of name recognition as of yet, but its debut EP, Lostwithiel, displays the same high level of quality. Read more » 

  • Filed under: review
  • 07/01/2011

Marcel Fengler to Be Featured on Next Installment of Berghain Mix Series

Non-residents of Berlin rejoice! Ostgut Ton, the label of German super-club Berghain, has just announced the release of Berghain 05, the fifth and latest installment of its quickly expanding mix series. Read more » 

  • Filed under: news
  • 07/01/2011

XLR8R to Curate Three Days of Incubate 2011 With Theo Parrish, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Julio Bashmore, Ben UFO, and More

XLR8R is pleased to announce that we will be curating three days of cutting-edge dance music for the annual Incubate festival in Tilburg, Netherlands. Read more » 

  • Filed under: news
  • 06/30/2011

Video Premiere: E*Rock "The Palace of Light (Revisited)"

Portland-based multimedia artist/producer E*Rock has tapped fellow multimedia artist Yoshi Sodeoka to craft a video for his latest record's opening track, "The Palace of Light (Revisted)." The results are a mix of videogame-style graphics, bit-reduced visuals, and digitally manipulated images, which, when combined, are absolutely enthralling. Read more » 

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  • 06/30/2011

Listen to Tracks From Terence Fixmer's Forthcoming EP

Montreal's Turbo imprint is set to continue building its extensive discography with a new EP due next week from progressive techno stalwart Terence Fixmer. Read more » 

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  • 06/30/2011

JTRP Readies New EP For Deep Teknologi

Almost a year since the pair's first contribution to T.Williams' and S.E.F.'s collective/label Deep Teknologi, the German duo JTRP is set to return to the imprint with a new EP entitled Hypnotise (artwork above). Read more » 

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  • 06/30/2011

Download: Bryn Thomas "Feel for Bumps Then Grind"

Label: Cut

It's only been a matter of months since we first got hip to the Cut imprint (thanks to this tune from Essáy, followed shortly thereafter by this one from Buck UK), and it appears that the burgeoning label is not keen to stop releasing free EPs from talented up-and-comers anytime soon. Cut's latest effort comes from Bristol resident Bryn Thomas, and as can be heard in the EP's title track, it falls a lot closer to the beat-oriented side of things than the label's previous outings. Not that this is striaght-up beat music, but rather an amalgamation of influences reaching as far as the instrumental beats of current LA all the way to the European tradition of finely-tuned dub techno. After checking out the MP3 below, you can head here to hear the rest of the EP for the nominal price of your email address or a tweet. 

Average: 8.3 (58 votes)

Planet E Announces New 12" Comp

Amidst all the activity Carl Craig's Planet E imprint has been undertaking this year in celebration of its 20 years in existence, the label has quietly been putting together a new four-track compilation EP from exclusively Detroit-based producers aptly titled Detroit Nu.Wav. Read more » 

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  • 06/30/2011

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