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Download: Fybe:one "Irenidae"


Hailing from Southwest London, Fybe:one (a.k.a. Greg Haynes) is apparently a man of many talents. In addition to crafting understated-yet-infectious tunes, such as the lush "Irenidae," he's also an accomplished illustrator (that's a bit of his work up top), graphic designer, DJ, and co-head of the Shades of Grey imprint. He's recently teamed up with the Raised By Records label, who plan on dropping his tunes via 12" singles and compilations throughout 2012. In the meantime, make sure to nab this track, and check out a little Q&A Fybe:one did with RBR, here

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Download: Shigeto "Lineage"

Label: Ghostly

Ghostly's resident jazzy beatsmith Shigeto has announced plans to drop a new mini-LP, Lineage (artwork above), which will serve as the first batch of original material to surface from the Brooklyn-by-way-of-Ann Arbor producer since his 2010 debut LP, Full Circle. Here, we have the title track off the forthcoming release, a cut which finds Shigeto existing in the familiar territory of contemplative beats with layers of detailed percussion, swirling pads, and some solid, soulful low end. But it is really the jazzy keys which allow "Lineage" to drift along so pleasantly, as a number of dusty electric piano chords and laid-back melodies make their way to the forefront, only to fade back into the steady current thanks to a liberal dose of stoney delay. Lineage doesn't officially drop until January 31, but in the meantime, you can peep the full tracklist after the jump. (via Pitchfork)  Read more » 

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Download Nguzunguzu's Remix of Gang Gang Dance

We probably couldn't think of a better pairing: LA's world-bass duo Nguzunguzu remixing "Chinese High" by NYC world-psych band Gang Gang Dance (pictured above). Read more » 

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  • 12/02/2011

Download: MikeQ "Faster Master Blaster (5kinAndBone5 G-Mix)"

The half-SF, half-LA duo operating as 5kinAndBone5 (pictured above) has taken a turn at reworking the opening track from MikeQ's recent—and, might we add, excellent—Let It All Out EP. 5kinAndBone5 has decided to pull out much of the original tune's modern ballroom/vogue house roots in order to toss "Master Blaster" into space-age dubstep territory, complete with futuristic drum sounds, rumbling bass, and a touch of ghostly atmosphere. But don't let the "Faster" portion added to the beginning of track's title fool you, there's certainly nothing sped up about this mix. This is a stark, spacious rework that fully reimagines "Master Blaster" outside the sweaty New York ballrooms MikeQ reigns over in exchange for the dark basement clubs of the bass-hungry masses. 

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Video Premiere: Blackbird Blackbird "Tear"

It's not often that we post something from the prolific bedroom popster known as Blackbird Blackbird. Usually, his tunes lean a bit too heavily on the guitars for our taste, but "Tear" just happened to hit the perfect balance for our palate. It didn't hurt that it came packaged with this lovely video, too. Read more » 

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  • 12/02/2011

Download: Citizen "Love Is a Human Topic"

Label: Templar

The freshly-minted Australian label Templar is set to follow up its earlier releases from Dro Carey and Grown Folk with Vanity (artwork above), the debut EP from London resident Laurence Matthew Blake (a.k.a. Citizen), which is set to drop on December 12. Here, we have "Love Is a Human Topic," a cut which is not found on the EP, but serves as a fine example of Blake's darker dancefloor leanings, finding him burying a number of ravey stabs and FX beneath a demonically gliding bassline and crunchy drums, which have been heavily compressed well beyond the point of distortion. After giving the tune a listen below, you can stream all five tracks of the Vanity EP (including remixes from Helix and Darling Farah) after the jump.  Read more » 

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Check Out Nguzunguzu's 'Transmusicales' Mix

French web-mag Wow recently commissioned a mixtape from globetrotting bass duo Nguzunguzu in anticipation of its appearance at the Rencontres Tran Musicales de Rennes festival on December 3. Read more » 

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  • 12/02/2011

Five Minutes with Hyetal at Primavera Club

After our visit to Madrid for this year's Red Bull Music Academy, we decided to kick around Spain for a few more days and stop in Barcelona for the annual Primavera Club. Designed as an autumn counterpart to the massive Primavera Sound festival, Primavera Club features an array of acts—most of whom are not Spanish—scattered throughout smaller, more intimate venues in both Barcelona and Madrid. While many acts were only in Barcelona for a matter of hours, we managed to pin down a couple of them for a quick chat, including Bristol-based producer and twinkling synth maestro Hyetal. Read more » 

Download: Glimpse "Rock Pool"

Jazzy rhythms, touching piano melodies, and smooth house vibes coalesce into "Rock Pool," a classy one-off production from London's Glimpse. We're treated to this tune following the artist's recent collaborative single, "Wildlife" (out now via Leftroom), which finds him working with Berliner Martin Dawson. This cut is far less propulsive than the pair's brand-new single, and instead reveals the tender side of a multi-faceted lover of dance music. 

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Review: Lazer Sword "Sounds Sane" b/w "Klock"

Label: Monkeytown

XLR8R has a long history with Lazer Sword. In the interest of full disclosure, both of the duo's members, Low Limit (a.k.a. Bryant Rutledge) and Lando Kal (a.k.a. Antaeus Roy), used to work for XLR8R in some capacity. That said, several years have gone by since then, years that have seen both fellows abandon their San Francisco home base for the greener pastures of Los Angeles and Berlin, respectively. And although the pair continued to periodically join forces to tour after Rutledge's and Roy's relocations, the mixed response to the group's self-titled debut album—not to mention Lando Kal's recent surge as a solo producer (check his latest singles on Rush Hour and Hotflush for proof)—had left the future of Lazer Sword somewhat clouded. Then came word that the duo inked with Modeselektor's Monkeytown imprint, prompting two major questions. What exactly would new Lazer Sword material sound like? More importantly, would it be any good? Read more » 

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  • 12/02/2011

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