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Download: Savage Skulls "Caravan (Jacques Greene Remix)"

Just before the release of his forthcoming 12", we've gotten our hands on a new remix from Montreal's burgeoning producer Jacques Greene. This time around, Greene's superimposed his future-house style onto the a-side cut from Savage Skulls' (pictured above) recent "Caravan" b/w "Watching You" single. The Swedish duo's original glistening xylophone melody and chant-like vocals can be found glitched and manipulated alongside Greene's trademark pulsing stabs and rolling basslines. Not afraid to inject the track with a healthy amount of his own personality, Greene once again proves that he can assemble an assortment of shakers, claps, clicks, and pops into irresistible rhythmic whirlwinds that render his classic yet futuristic take on house uniquely dancefloor worthy. 

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Video: Nite Jewel "Am I Real?"

LA's electro-songstress Nite Jewel has unleashed this half-artsy, half-hilarious (we think intentionally) video for the track "Am I Real?" from her 2010 EP of the same name. Read more » 

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  • 03/10/2011

Help Javelin Make an "Epic Internet Western"

The obsessive dollar-bin diggers of lighthearted, sample-heavy dance jam duo Javelin have a brand-new project in the works. Following last year's highly enjoyable No Más LP, the Canyon Candy 10" is an offering of songs apparently inspired by American frontier life, which will also double as the soundtrack for an "epic internet western" that Javelin and director Mike Anderson need your help to create. Read more » 

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  • 03/10/2011

Download: JR Seaton "In Your Mask (Strip 4 Drumstix)"

Label: Relish

London-raised, now Berlin-based producer JR Seaton is set to release a trio of EPs for the Relish Recordings imprint this year, the first of which, entitled The Grey Flower (artwork above), is set to be released tomorrow. Here we've got a bonus edit of the EP's opening track, "In Your Mask I See a Better Person," on which we find Seaton stripping back the already minimal retro-house/nu-disco track to its essential elements. Perhaps the edit's title refers to the clattering, percussive drum sticks that drive the intro loop before being overtaken by a series of small, cascading toms and the customary kick-hat-snare pattern. Once the track is in motion, Seaton implements a host of vintage synth tones from lazery melodic blips to sweeping pads that all playfully interact with the rhythm of the programmed drums, popping and gliding with a confident ease. By the time the spaced-out, abstract vocal refrain makes its fourth appearance, you better have your best retro-futuristic dance moves ready because there's hardly a more appropriate time to show them off. 

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Zombie Disco Squad Ready New EP

The London duo of Lucas Hunter and Nat Self, better known as Zombie Disco Squad, have a new EP slated for release on Jesse Rose's Berlin-based Made To Play imprint. Read more » 

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  • 03/10/2011

Kingdom, Poirier, and Others on Forthcoming 'Hard Ass' Comp.

For the fifth installment of Portugal-based label Enchufada's ongoing Hard Ass series, in which artists are handpicked to create their own take on the kuduro sound, producers Poirier (pictured above), Kingdom (the artist behind this weeks' excellent podcast), Bert on Beats, and Pocz & Pocheko will deliver a tune each. Read more » 

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  • 03/10/2011

Watch Kenny Dope Talk New York, Music, and DJing

DJ/producer and house music aficionado Kenny Dope of the legendary Masters at Work production crew recently sat down with Spine TV before playing a gig at Plan B in Brixton. The veteran artist talked with the web show about the DJ and music scene in the early '90s, how much of contemporary music could be classified as house music, and how things have changed since he started his carreer. Read more » 

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  • 03/10/2011

Download: Ssaliva "Crayola"

Matthewdavid's consistently interesting Leaving Records label has just debuted a new producer from Belgium, named Ssaliva, via the cassette-only Thought Has Wings album (you can nab a copy of that here). A few of the artist's warbling, '80s-radio-sampling tracks have been floating around the blogs lately ("Teenage Brain" and "Best Lose the Dream," for starters), but "Crayola" is currently our favorite of the bunch. On this production, Ssaliva keeps things repetitious and psychedelic, but employs a thick and infectious bassline along with his melodious beatscapes to elevate the song into some kind of mutant house tune. Pair this one with your favorite Games track and maybe one of Hype Williams' more upbeat numbers, and you'll be on your way to a proper lo-fi dance music mix in no time. 

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James Blake to Tour Europe, North America This Spring

After watching the intimate live footage of bass music crooner James Blake performing "The Wilhelm Scream" on BBC, it was more than apparent that a tour was on its way, and now, those anticipated gigs have been announced. Read more » 

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  • 03/10/2011

Download: SFV Acid "New West Coast: …"

So Cal native SFV Acid will soon release a new six-song 12" record on LA's Post Present Medium label, which is closed out by this solid bit of funky, lo-fi electronics. "New West Coast: …" finds producer Zane Reynolds toying with old-school electro beats and proto-G-funk melodies that coalesce into a sound one might expect to hear bumping out of a tricked-out lowrider spaceship. But when the intensity is kicked up a notch, one can catch influences from an array of the IDM heroes in the Rephlex discography—including DMX Krew, Cylob, and The Tuss—who may as well be classified as alien gangstas themselves. SFV Acid seems to be in good company, to say the least, so consider us interested in what the rest of what his New West Coast record has to offer when it drops on March 29. (via Altered Zones

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