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Download: Cubenx "Adrift at Sea"

First Listen
Label: InFiné

After years of cutting demos, dropping EPs, and jetsetting from Mexico to Berlin and back again, Cubenx (a.k.a. César Urbina) is ready to release his debut LP, On Your Own Again, next month via InFiné. Although Cubenx's earlier work was squarely in the realm of dancefloor-centric techno, his music has always been emotional, and the moments of shimmering post-rock and shoegaze that populate his first full-length don't seem at all out of place—even when the kick drums enter the mix. "Adrift at Sea" offers a blend of both the pulsating rhythms and floating spaciness found on the album. On Your Own Again—named after a ballad by the once-popular singer-songwriter Scott Walker—comes out next month on InFiné, a label that has previously released works by like-minded artist Apparat, who will be touring Europe with Cubenx in December.  

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Terror Danjah to Release New Single

UK grime veteran Terror Danjah has just announced he'll soon release a new single via Hyperdub, which is said to find him "veering uncharacteristically towards featherlight lushness" while also remaining "dark and vertiginous." Read more » 

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  • 10/21/2011

B2B: Martyn and Modeselektor, Part 5

After a whole week of back-and-forth between Martyn and Modeselektor, the final chapter of their in-depth conversation has finally arrived. Read more » 

Download: F "Mind the Gap"

Label: 7even

The Tokyo-based 7even imprint is one of only a handful of Japanese imprints devoted to bass music, having previously released remixes by the likes of Ramadanman and Untold. Now, 7even has just offered up a free "mini-compilation" of exclusive tunes from select members of its roster, including this glistening dancefloor burner from French artist F. The talented bass wrangler matches punchy, high-octane dubstep riddims with swirls of squelching synths, percussive sound effects, and thick sub tones on "Mind the Gap." Cop F's jam here, and check out the rest of the free offering over on 7even's Bandcamp, here

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Review: Fatima Al Qadiri Genre-Specific Xperience

Label: UNO

It's all true, but the backstory for Fatima Al Qadiri undeniably reads like a music journalist's wet dream. Born in Senegal and raised by Russian-educated parents in Kuwait (although she summered in the UK), Al Qadiri eventually wound up in Brooklyn, where she's been involved in New York City's art world for several years as a photographer and visual artist. In her free time, she pens the Global. WAV blog for DIS magazine, highlighting a variety of obscure sounds from around the planet. Oh, yeah, Al Qadiri also happens to make music, both under her own name and as Ayshay, her more experimental project that's signed to Tri Angle, utilizes nothing but manipulations of her own voice, and takes inspiration from traditional Muslim worship songs. Now, she's offering up the Genre-Specific Xperience EP, an effort that "showcases five new pieces of music that each reinterpret five sub-genres of dance music: juke, hip hop, dubstep, electro-tropicalia, and '90s Gregorian trance." If that's not enough, the EP's release party is happening today at New York's New Museum. When it comes to musical resumes, this one certainly sounds pretty amazing, but it also begs the question: Is the music actually any good? Read more » 

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  • 10/21/2011

Grab a Free Album from Tiger & Woods

The elusive duo known as Tiger & Woods, who have built a name for themselves on the strength of their edit-intensive take on disco, house, funk, and soul—not to mention their debut full-length, Through the Green, which came out earlier this year—offered up a free album yesterday, entitled Wiki & Leaks. Read more » 

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  • 10/21/2011

Download: Pedestrian "Midsummer's Common"

Label: Push & Run

We first learned about British tunesmith Pedestrian just the other week, when he delivered a lengthy take on Ghost Colours' "Dance Around the Subject." Now, we get one of the artist's original productions, a whispy and effervescent tune that brings together elements of Four Tet with Mount Kimbie's penchant for field recordings and negative space. "Midsummer's Common" is lifted from Pedestrian's forthcoming Hei Poa EP (pictured above), which will surface on October 31 via UK imprint Push & Run. You can check out the lighthearted video for this cut after the jump.  Read more » 

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Zomby to Release New EP in November

One of the UK's more baffling electronic artists, the elusive producer known only as Zomby, will soon follow up this year's XLR8R Pick'ed Dedication LP with an EP called Nothing. Read more » 

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  • 10/20/2011

Download: Lloyd "Lay It Down (Dubbel Dutch Remix)"

As far as kitschy trends in electronic music go, the wave of R&B and R&B-inspired tracks percolating through house and bass music lately has certainly spawned its share of cringe-worthy moments. That said, when Austin-based DJ and producer Dubbel Dutch (pictured above) is the one giving contemporary R&B the remix treatment, we're pretty much happy to let this fad continue ad infinitum. This rework of last year's "Lay It Down" from pop star Lloyd slams some bass-filled reggaeton behind the sensual crooning, releasing the restrained foreplay of the original into an all-out bump and grind. Look out for a new Dubbel Dutch EP, Hymn, which is set to drop soon on Mixpak, the Dre Skull-helmed label to which he recently signed. Ahead of that, Europeans can catch him in the flesh over the next week or so, as he's currently on tour across the pond. The tour dates can be found after the jump. (via FADER)  Read more » 

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Video Premiere: Ryan York "Sea Water"

LA visual artist Strangeloop, a mainstay of Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder crew, has created a magical optical companion to an edit of "Sea Water" by fellow Angelino Ryan York (a.k.a. Asura), who recently spoke with us at Seattle's Decibel Festival. Read more » 

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  • 10/20/2011

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