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Video: 48/4 "Run"

While the name Dro Carey is one that has been increasingly bandied about in recent months, the Australian artist has been mostly recognized for his inventive musical production, not to mention his releases for the likes of labels such as Templar Sound, Hum + Buzz, and RAMP. As it turns out, the man possesses a multitude of talents, as he also put together this new clip for fellow Aussie 48/4. Read more » 

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  • 12/07/2011

Download: Trailer Trash Tracys "You Wish You Were Red (Ital's Remix)"

First Listen
Label: Double Six

The last time XLR8R mentioned indie darlings Trailer Trash Tracys (pictured above), its (very) long-awaited debut album was still lacking a due date. But after a period of false starts and delays, Domino offshoot Double Six has declared the album will see the light of day on January 16 of next year (February 7 here in the US). While a significant chunk of the album has already surfaced online during its long gestation period, we're positive this remix of the London foursome by Brooklyn oddball Ital (a.k.a. Daniel Martin-McCormick) isn't something you've heard before. The lo-fi pop of the original tune, initially a b-side to 2009's "Candy Girl," and then re-recorded for release as an a-side this past October 31, is almost completely omitted from Ital's compelling and subversive take. Frontgirl Susanne Aztoria's vocals remain, but instead of soaring over sugary shoegaze fuzz, they get torn, twisted, and thrown over rumbling bass and stuttering arrhythmia. The end result sounds good to our ears, but it's worth noting that Ital did manage to discard two of Trailer Trash Tracys' most talked-about traits: lyrics inspired by Sufi poetry, and the use of "solfeggio harmonics," a new agey approach to music that focuses on using specific frequencies that are said to have corresponding spiritual effects (for example, what a more traditional musician would call a slightly sharp Middle G is something that instead "liberates guilt and fear" for the practicing solfeggist). [Editor's note: Yes, we made up the word "solfeggist."]  

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XLR8R's Top 20 Downloads of November

With the close of another month comes another list of the most popular downloads available on XLR8R over the past 30 days. Read more » 

XLR8R x Beatport: Girl Unit

Over the past few months, XLR8R has been curating a special set of charts for Beatport. London's Girl Unit is a key member of the Night Slugs family, and also the artist responsible for the label's biggest tune, the anthemic "Wut." While 2011 has been a relatively quiet year for the R&B- and hip-hop-indebted producer, with only a handful of new remixes seeing the light of day, anticipation remains high for his next musical salvo. Before it arrives, we asked him to put together a chart listing some of his favorite tunes of the moment. Read more » 

Download: Mux Mool "Raw Gore"

Label: Ghostly

Brooklyn-based producer Mux Mool (a.k.a. Brian Lindgren) has dropped a second track from his soon-to-be-released full-length album, and has announced his December tour dates, including his plans for 2011's end-of-the-year festivities. "Raw Gore" is taken from Planet High School, which comes out on February 7 via Ghostly International, and sees Mux Mool showing off his fluid, bass-centric brand of instrumental hip-hop. Another track from the album, "Palace Chalice," was previously made available for download. In addition to the tour dates listed after the jump, Mux Mool will also be touring the country more thoroughly in the spring. (via Stereogum)  Read more » 

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Review: Floating Points Shadows EP

Label: Eglo

Shadows is hardly an EP. Comprised of five tracks (the most on any solo Floating Points release to date) that total just under 40 minutes, Shadows has the feeling of a fully realized piece of music, and despite the two letters thrown at the end of the title, could really be considered the Ph.D student/UK wunderkind's first full-length. To his credit, Floating Points (a.k.a. Sam Shepherd) does not need more than five outings to fill an album-length release, as the songs here are immensely dense and show the artist's methodical ability to construct and tear down his own creations, which is, at times, simply awe-inspiring. Read more » 

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  • 12/07/2011

Gerry Read and Kevin McPhee Team Up for Limited-Edition 12"

Both Gerry Read and Kevin McPhee are young, house-minded producers that caught our attention in 2011, and now the pair has come together on a limited-edition, collaborative single. Read more » 

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  • 12/07/2011

Download: Ensemble Economique "To Feel the Night As It Really Is"

Label: Dekorder

Evoking a mix of Four Tet's jazzy inclinations and Mogwai's pensive drone, "To Feel the Night As It Really Is" is a cut from the Crossing the Path, By Torch Light LP by American artist Ensemble Economique (a.k.a. Brian Pyle). Pyle layers on melancholic organ melodies, shuddering electronics, and refried white noise over his rolling drum loop to make for a hypnotic and engrossing track. You can watch a video for the song after the jump, and grab the rest of Ensemble Economique's album here.  Read more » 

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Nite Jewel Readies New Album, Stream the Title Track Now

Los Angeles songstress Ramona Gonzales (a.k.a. Nite Jewel, pictured above) has announced a new album to be released via Secretly Canadian, titled One Second of Love. The album, due out on March 6 of next year, is her first full-length since her 2008 debut, Good Evening. Listen to the title track from the forthcoming album and check out the tracklisting and artwork after the jump. Read more » 

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  • 12/06/2011

Download: Taz "She Makes Me"

Label: Rwina

This particular MP3 has us thinking there must be some scientific explanation as to why arpeggios are so alluring, right? And although we couldn't say whether or not Scottish producer Taz Buckfaster (or simply just Taz) knows the exact science behind an arpeggiator's appeal, "She Makes Me" has left us pretty confident that the man knows a good pattern when he hears it. Manipulating and transforming one of those vibrant, descending patterns throughout the course of the tune, Buckfaster enlists a huge, growling bassline and drum line-reminscent kicks, snares, and whistles to supply the dancefloor heat. Although this particular track will not be featured on his forthcoming EP for the Rwina imprint, Neurotica (artwork above), we'll be interested to hear what else the up-and-coming producer has in store when his latest outing drops on December 12. 

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