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Gear: From Studio to Stage: Mount Kimbie

It's been well over two years since Mount Kimbie's debut LP, Crooks and Lovers, landed and—in the process—helped define the UK's then-nascent "post-dubstep" sound. Partially because of its status as a genre-defining album, Crooks and Lovers also launched the duo of Dominic Maker and Kai Campos into the midst of a constant touring schedule. The London-based pair travelled around the world multiple times over since the release of its first full-length, a rather unprecedented feat for a pair of bedroom producers tinkering with a considerably understated strain of underground electronic music. Now, with the impending release of Mount Kimbie's sophomore LP, Cold Spring Fault Less Youth, Maker and Campos have been busy preparing a fresh live set focused on their new material, incorporating for the first time a third live member in drummer, percussionist, and jack-of-all-trades Tony Koos. Because the pair's production studio is currently in a state of limbo, Maker and Campos invited XLR8R out to its East London rehearsal space to take a look at the pieces which make up their current touring rig, and gave us some insight into how they translate their studio creations into a live performance. Read more » 

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  • 05/20/2013

Gear: This Week in Music Tech: Reason 7 MIDI, Beatsurfing Update, Animoog for BlackBerry, Arpeggionome App, and More

The latest edition of XLR8R's weekly gear and music production roundup includes a look at Reason 7's new MIDI functions, the Animoog for BlackBerry, Beatsurfing updates, iZotope's new sound libraries, the newly released Arpeggionome app, and a free collection of FX racks for Live 9. Read more » 

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  • 05/17/2013

Gear: This Week in Music Tech: Korg Volca Mini-Synths, Herb Deutsch on Moog, Troy Pierce's Tutorial, MacBeth Nexus, and More

The internet was ripe with new videos and articles aimed at the production and gear connoisseur this week—from demo videos of MacBeth's new synth to synthesizer innovator Herb Deutsch walking us through the evolution of the MiniMoog, all the way to an in-depth look at Korg's forthcoming Volca series of mini-analog units. There was also an Ableton Live remix tutorial with techno veteran Troy Pierce, a new guide to building DIY analog synths, and a free found-sound sample pack, all of which will catch us up with the latest edition of This Week in Music Tech. Read more » 

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  • 05/10/2013

Gear: Review: Elektron Analog Four

Swedish company Elektron has built up a cult following over the years with boutique instruments like the Machinedrum and Octatrack, and its innovative parameter locks and exacting controls have been ripped off by loads of plug-ins. However, Elektron's latest offering, the Analog Four, is unlikely to be ripped off anytime soon, at least not by software developers. The Analog Four uses an analog signal path with digital controls, similar to a few classic Roland synths from the '80s. It also crams together a surprising amount of CV outs, integrated effects, and performance-oriented knobs and buttons that tend to make hardware instantly fun. As such, the Analog Four attempts to capitalizes on all the things that software (still) isn't very good at, while maintaining the sequencing and control that Elektron is famous for. Read more » 

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  • 05/07/2013

Gear: This Week in Music Tech: Reason 7, Traktor DJ App, Moog's Ladder Filter, Free Ableton Sample Pack, and More

This past week, Reason 7 and the Traktor DJ app for iPhone saw a release, a video investigated the history of Bob Moog's original ladder filter design, Attack Magazine shared some tips on programming shaker rhythms, and Ableton teamed up with a Polish sound-design firm to give away a comprehensive sample pack. It's all inside the latest edition of This Week in Music Tech. Read more » 

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  • 05/03/2013

Gear: Traktor DJ Now Available for iPhone

Following just a few months after its release on the iPad, Native Instruments have unveiled a version of the Traktor DJ app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Read more » 

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  • 05/02/2013

Gear: Watch Flying Lotus Talk Ableton, Production, Live Performance, and More

SoCal beatmaking impresario Flying Lotus (a.k.a. Steven Ellison) is undoubtedly a wizard when it comes to computer production and working with DAWs of all kind, so it's no wonder that NYC production school Dubspot tapped him for a video interview about producing at home, live performance, and more. Read more » 

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  • 04/26/2013

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