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  • 07/06/2012

Watch Melé Breakdown His Remix of Disclosure

London's Point Blank production school managed to bring the burgeoning UK party-starter Melé into the studio to talk about his remix of Disclosure's recent tune "Tenderly." Over the course of 30-plus minutes, Melé gives a detailed overview of all the sounds and techniques he utilized for the rework by basically going through his entire Logic session piece by piece. The video proves to be rather informative, touching on some pretty nerdy/useful topics, such as EQing pianos, bussing elements to grouped tracks, compressor settings, and using Logic's sampler—basically all the technical aspects which are surprisingly interesting to see. Sometimes, the best way to learn production is to watch how someone else approaches it, and this video offers a lot of help in that way by illuminating some of Melé's tricks of the trade in high-quality, repeatable detail.

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