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Gear: The Black Dog Launches New Music-Tech Company

Longstanding British electronic outfit The Black Dog has announced the launch of Machinewerks, a music-tech company that is currently raising funds for its first product, the CS X51 USB/MIDI controller. Read more » 

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  • 09/03/2013

Gear: This Week in Music Tech: Roska Builds a Beat, Pioneer's WeGo2, MTRX-8 Hardware Sequencer, KRK's G3 Speakers, and More

In the latest edition of our weekly round-up, we watch London mainstay Roska make a beat in his home studio, check out updated products from Pioneer and KRK, dig into the unique MTRX-8 hardware sequencer, and check in on the long-developing Bitwig DAW. From boutique gear nerds to beginners in the world of DJing and production, we've got something for everyone in the latest This Week in Music Tech. Read more » 

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  • 08/30/2013

Gear: Watch Roska Build a Beat in 10 Minutes

After sharing news of his forthcoming EP for Rinse just last week, London mainstay Roska has stepped up as the latest producer to take on FACT TV's Against the Clock challenge, building a beat in under 10 minutes for the ongoing video series. Read more » 

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  • 08/27/2013

Gear: This Week in Music Tech: Shigeto's Studio, Production Tips from Untold and Gavin Russom, TouchAble2 for iPad, and More

The time has come to again gather up the most relevant bits of gear and production news for the week. Today, we peer into the production techniques of Ghostly beatmaker Shigeto, forward-thinking UK producer Untold, and NYC analog wizard Gavin Russom. We also take time to check out TouchAble2, an update to the popular iPad control app for Ableton which is on its way soon. Read more » 

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  • 08/23/2013

Gear: Watch Untold Talk Production with Dubspot

Hemlock label boss and consistently forward-moving producer Jack Dunning (a.k.a. Untold) recently stopped by the Dubspot production school's NYC campus to highlight the digital tools and creative processes which have yielded the man's impressive discography. Read more » 

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  • 08/20/2013

Gear: Watch Gavin Russom Breakdown His Creative Process

NYC synth wizard and DFA stalwart Gavin Russom recently took part in a Brian Eno-inspired EP commissioned by Self-Titled Magazine, for which producers could only use Moog gear to create a brand-new track. Along with Laurel Halo and Brenmar, Russom was given one of Eno's famed Oblique Strategy cards and set loose in his studio. Now, video has surfaced of Russom detailing his creative process, including how he used Moog's analog gear to build his driving track "In Our Streets." Read more » 

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  • 08/19/2013

Gear: In the Studio: Shigeto

In three short years, Michigan native Zach Saginaw (a.k.a. Shigeto) has made grand steps to evolve his craft as both a producer and a live performer. On his forthcoming third full-length, No Better Time Than Now, Saginaw has graciously expanded the sound palette heard in his earlier bedroom-born beats, offering a much more organic sonic landscape in the process. His newest compositions find interlocking layers of real-world percussion meeting rich, bluesy keys and entrancing flashes of Shigeto himself behind the drumkit—a place, as anyone who has seen him live knows, where Saginaw's talent really shines. With our aural curiosity piqued, XLR8R made the trek to the man's window-filled loft studio in the Rivertown neighborhood of Detroit to discuss his production methods; during our chat, we also learned about the two-week period that yielded the core of Shigeto's new record and his initial apprehension about using real drums in his electronic productions. Read more » 

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  • 08/19/2013

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