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Gear: Watch Addison Groove Build a Beat in 10 Minutes

Not so long ago, FACT TV caught up with Addison Groove as the UK producer showed off the various pieces of hardware in his studio, using them to build a beat live on the spot. Now, the man has taken part in the Against the Clock challenge, putting together a new tune in just 10 minutes. Read more » 

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  • 07/02/2013

Gear: From Studio to Stage: Matias Aguayo

Though our conversation with Matias Aguayo has been officially filed into our From Studio to Stage series of interviews, it might more accurately fall under the title "From Stage to Studio and Back." As the seasoned producer/DJ explains, his creative process is very much tied into his DJ sets and live performances, during which he experiments and develops his songs in an improvisatory manner, testing and twisting them in front of audiences many times before ever recording a note. Now, with the Chilean-born artist gearing up for a newly reimagined live show—which enlists the help of Alejandro Paz, a regular on his Cómeme label—we paid a visit to Aguayo's Berlin studio to find out how he manages to fluidly move his productions between both the performance and studio spheres. The space—which features a view of a graveyard from its windows—is located in the back of an old warehouse and has been dubbed "District Union" by Aguayo and his Cómeme compatriots. In the process of showing us around the place, the producer also touches on the collaborative and improvisatory spirit which fed his new album, The Visitor, and discusses how he and Paz have found ways to continue developing the music together as performers. Read more » 

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  • 07/01/2013

Gear: This Week in Music Tech: Jon Hopkins' Studio, Beat-Making with Artifact, Korg Volcas, Max's Mira App, and More

It's no real surprise that longstanding UK producer Jon Hopkins has a magical studio, one which he just so happened to give XLR8R a tour of earlier this week. We check in with Hopkins at his lab, watch Bristol's Artifact make a beat live, peep detailed videos for Korg's Volca series of analog groveboxes, check out the Mira iPad controller for Max/MSP, and gather other useful bits of gear-related news in the latest This Week in Music Tech. Read more » 

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  • 06/28/2013

Gear: Watch Artifact Build a Beat Live

The latest producer to step up to FACT TV's Against the Clock challenge is burgeoning Bristolian Artifact, who manages to build a sleek, bottom-heavy house cut in under 10 minutes. Read more » 

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  • 06/26/2013

Gear: Korg Volca Grooveboxes Detailed in New Videos

Back in April, Korg unveiled its Volca series of mini-grooveboxes. Now, with the release of the Volca Beats, Bass, and Keys on the way next month, a new video series has surfaced in which hardware designer and chief engineer Tatsuya Takahashi highlights the features of Korg's newest sound toys. Read more » 

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  • 06/25/2013

Gear: In the Studio: Jon Hopkins

We weren't exaggerating in the least bit when we reviewed Jon Hopkins' XLR8R Pick'd Immunity album and said that the UK artist is "from a school of production that values craftsmanship over most everything else." The fact is emblazoned across Immunity's eight hyper-detailed tracks, as each handcrafted layer of sound design and momentary nuance is as important to the music's staying power as its equally well-crafted beats and melodies. Ever since we heard the new LP, we've been absolutely curious to find out what kind of machines, software, and production work Hopkins put into his new album during the four years since he released the similarly excellent Insides, so we tracked him down at his studio in Hackney, East London to peek around a bit. We also talked with the talented producer about his love for vintage software, his favorite studio tricks, his connections with Brian Eno, his aversion to the more technical aspects of music production, and why he'll never record over 16-bit, among other illuminating topics. Read more » 

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  • 06/24/2013

Gear: Check Out Laurel Halo's Home Studio

Hyperdub affiliate and constantly evolving sound sculptor Laurel Halo has opened the door to her home studio, showing off the array of sonic toys in her arsenal while discussing her production process. Read more » 

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  • 06/20/2013

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