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Gear: Watch KiNK Show Off the Hardware Used to Make His 'Under Destruction' Album

With Bulgarian producer Strahil Velchev's new album as KiNK, Under Destruction, set to drop in May via Macro, the seasoned artist has shared a new video which shows off the various pieces of hardware he used during the live jam sessions which yielded the forthcoming LP. Read more » 

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  • 03/19/2014

Gear: Native Instruments Releases New Compact Audio Interface

Deemed "the world's smallest premium DJ audio interface," the Traktor Audio 2 is Native Instruments' new audio interface which boasts 24-Bit/48-kHz sound in a package about the size of a deck of cards. Read more » 

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  • 03/18/2014

Gear: Allen & Heath Introduces Xone:23C DJ Mixer

Allen & Heath have unveiled the Xone:23C, the newest addition to the company's well-regarded line of hybrid digital/analog DJ mixers. Read more » 

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  • 03/11/2014

Gear: AKAI Unveils APC40 MkII and Rhythm Wolf Drum Machine and Bass Synth

In anticipation of the Musikmesse conference in Frankfurt later this week, AKAI has unveiled a slew of new products—including a revamped version of its classic APC40 controller and the Rhythm Wolf, "an analog drum machine and bass synthesizer module with built-in sequencing." Read more » 

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  • 03/10/2014

Gear: Artist Tips - Max Cooper Details Five Ways to Focus Your Artistic Vision and Tighten Up Your Productions

Max Cooper is a quiet artist. While some producers garner acclaim that's based as much on their personas as their tunes, Cooper has been content to hone his craft and steadily build a following by issuing a stream of cinematic, glitch-infused creations. In recent years, his output has occasionally been lumped in with that of the "bass music" crowd, but the UK producer's reach extends much further than that, and his freshly released debut LP, Human, is even prompting comparisons to the likes of Jon Hopkins and Pantha du Prince. Of course, some of these similarities can be traced to the fact that, much like those revered artists, Cooper is someone who more or less lives in the studio. His productions are precise, mutilayered, and full of nuance, which makes him an excellent candidate for our Artist Tips series. When asked to share a bit of his knowledge, he chose to focus on maintaining clarity, both of artistic vision and sound itself. Read more » 

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  • 03/10/2014

Gear: Watch Goth-Trad Make a Beat with Ableton Live

In a new video from Dubspot, Japanese dubstep specialist Goth-Trad builds a new track piece-by-piece in Ableton Live, and we get to watch it all happen in real time. Read more » 

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  • 03/07/2014

Gear: Untold Shares Five Essential Modular Synth Components

Although we here at XLR8R generally like to keep our focus on the music, it's also become clear that our readers have a genuine interest in how exactly that music gets made. Our In the Studio and From Studio to Stage features regularly take in-depth looks at artists' production lairs and live set-ups, but we figured that it might also be helpful if some of our favorite beatmakers simply compiled a list of their favorite pieces of gear. Our first subject is none of than UK producer Untold (a.k.a. Jack Dunning), whose excellent Black Light Spiral LP just dropped via his own Hemlock label. Dunning's move toward an increasingly techno-oriented sound has been well documented in recent years, but a significant part of that process has stemmed from his embrace of modular synths. Now that his new album has found its way into the world, he'll be spending much of 2014 on the road with a new, gear-centric audio-visual set. In the midst of preparing for that, we asked Untold to detail the most critical pieces of his on-stage rig. Read more » 

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  • 03/05/2014

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