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  • 01/09/2013

Legowelt Offers Guided Tour of His Home Studio

Between dropping an impressive album for Clone, contributing an eclectic podcast to our ongoing series, and—just yesterday—announcing a new EP for the Unknown to the Unknown imprint, Legowelt has had a steady presence on XLR8R's pages during the past few months. Through it all, we had a sneaking suspicion that his synth-marinated arrangements and hardware-born beats were put together in some sort of strange room full to the brim with vintage keyboards, drum machines, and other knob-bearing devices—but we never could have guessed there was a fake fireplace there, too. Thanks to Attack, we can all now have a better idea of just where Legowelt's depth of sounds emanate from, as the online magazine asked the Dutch producer to put together a brief tour of his studio. You can read the full article, in which the producer shows off and points out a few of his favorite pieces of analog and digital hardware, here.

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