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  • 03/08/2013

This Week in Music Tech: Lindstrøm's Home Studio, a Masterclass with Shadowchild, Don Buchla's Documentary, Live 9, and more

With the release of Ableton's long-awaited Live 9 software, new product announcements were a little quiet this week. Still, that gave us plenty of time to envy the mouth-watering synth collection found inside Linstrøm's home studio, learn production techniques from Shadow Child, contemplate the legacy of pioneering electronic instrument designer Don Buchla, and take a long look at an intriguing, piano-inspired controller from new company Roli.

A tour of Lindstrøm's studio and production tips from Shadowchild:

- This week, Future Music Magazine caught up with Norwegian disco auteur Lindstrøm and had him give a brief tour of his home studio. Filled to the brim with various keyboards and organs, the veteran producer walks viewers through some of his favorite synths and even divulges a few helpful hints as to how he gets such rich synth tones.

- London's Point Blank production school shared a video of highlights from a recent Masterclass session featuring UK producer Shadow Child. The almost 10-minute video finds the seasoned artist explaining how he approaches layering drum sounds and crafts basslines while operating in both Reason and Logic.

Ableton officially releases Live 9 and makes Push available for pre-order:

- In case you somehow hadn't heard yet, Ableton at last unleashed Live 9 this week and began accepting pre-orders for the company's first hardware controller, Push (which it says will ship in the next two to four weeks). One of the program's many new features is the Convolution Reverb, which comes with the Live 9 Suite and is shown off—alongside some cringe-worthy "dubstep"—in the new video above.

A documentary in the works for synth pioneer Don Buchla and Roli puts an interesting twist on the concept of a keyboard controller:

- A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to help fund a feature-length documentary focused on the life and contributions of pioneering synthesizer creator and electronic instrument designer Don Buchla. Although Buchla began creating various synths and instruments around the same time as fellow pioneering engineer Bob Moog, Buchla's contributions to the electronic-music world have received a somewhat quieter acclaim over the years, something this film no doubt aims to fix. A preview for the film made out of existing footage can be seen above. Those who wish to help the filmmakers reach their goal of raising $25,000 by April 15 should head here for more details.

- A new "design-led technology start-up" by the name of Roli turned some heads this week with a controller it's deemed the Seaboard. From the bits of limited information and the introductory video found above, we can only surmise that the Seaboard is a sleek and slim keyboard-inspired controller, possibly using a foam-like surface to enhance translations of expression between performers and technology. Hopefully more specific details are on the way, but for now, all we really know is that the company will begin accepting pre-orders starting in April. Who knows if this will actually lead to much of anything, but, hey, it looks pretty damn cool anyway.

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