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  • 01/21/2014

Roland Looks Back at the TR-909 in New Teaser Video

After a flurry of leaked images and speculation about the Aira TR-08 followed last week's news of Roland's plans to take "the next step" in the lineage of the TR-808, the company has now shared a video which chronicles the making of the TR-909 and hints that the legendary rhythm box may be in line for a similar reboot.

The brief, newly surfaced video does not show any sort of new drum machine or really give any details to what exactly Roland has in the works, but it does provide an interesting bit of backstory on the 909; in particular, revealing the decision to make the original unit's cymbal and hi-hat sounds from digital samples rather than analog oscillators. While it is currently unclear if there is an Aira TR-09 in the works (or if the TR-08 will instead attempt to incorporate sounds from both of Roland's legendary drum machines), the company's new teaser video—which ends with the phrase "So the time has come to plant a new seed, and take the next step in music history"—can be watched below.

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